Secrets – [Midwxst]

One of the most telling signs of prolonged superstardom as a rising act in any given music scene is when that very artist successfully comes through with a full-length project that exemplifies all that they have worked towards leading up to said project in itself. It is a true moment of self-fulfillment — one that practically any iconic artist can say they have experienced at a single point in their career.  Accomplishing that feat is certainly one thing on its own, but we’re talking about something of a different story when that very project exudes nothing else but pure passion and creative integrity as a result of all of this work put in. Not only does this sentiment work to elevate the aforementioned concept, but it also makes the sheer quality of whatever project being discussed that much greater in the process. While it is quite clear that 17-year-old pop prodigy Midwxst infuses this exact sense of passion into literally every single track he comes through with, he has successfully gone above and beyond to achieve all that these previous descriptions have to offer in such graceful fashion with his debut album Secrets.  Over the length of 9 exceptional tracks, …

Little Glass (Live Performance)-[Jessie DeFranco]

Jessie DeFranco is an artist who I’ve had the pleasure of watching ever since she made her debut back in 2019. “Little Glass” was the song that completely changed everything for the Chicago-based singer/songwriter as it was the perfect introduction to this well packaged gift of talent. Since releasing last year, the titular track has amassed over 350,000 streams on Spotify alone; all due to the genius songwriting, beautiful vocal tone and masterful production. “Little Glass” will continue to be a timeless track that’s played for years and years to come. With a song this good, it’d be unwise to not celebrate it for as long as you can. This is a fact that Jessie and her team know so well, which is why today, on Jessie’s birthday, her and her team have decided to drop a live video performance of “Little Glass” that is just as stunning as the song itself. Accompanied by a mini-ensemble, Jessie sings with the same conviction and power as the original recording while being able to gently sooty us with her angelic like vocal talents. If you’re looking for something to indulge in on this fine Sunday afternoon, make sure to take time and …

Peach – [Aaron Childs]

There are artists you catch wind of early. A quick single that establishes an unwavering fact, “this right here is special.” This moment happened to me in 2018 when I first came across Aaron Childs after falling in love with his single, “Easy.” Since first discovering his music years ago, Aaron Childs has done nothing but grow, develop, and blossom into an artist that will soundtrack our lives for years to come. His newly released single, “Peach,” is an exceptional display of timeless sounding groove soaked R&B. Aaron Childs’ vocals are crisp and intoxicating as it glides over the Mars Today produced soundbed that perfectly swells and subsides alongside Aaron’s vocal performance. As we head into the weekend, be sure to add “Peach” to your favorite playlist and prepare for the good times to ensue. Listen to “Peach” by Aaron Childs below.

Range – [Kaixan] x [Crusifye]

In a grander online music scene that is seeing more and more divergences from what used to be the norm of intense, in-your-face, and convincingly grimey stylistics from a purely hip-hop perspective, those who are still embodying that spirit with a nuanced tone and style are truly standing out among the rest of the pack from both angles. On one end, there are artists who have completely ditched the sounds of yesterday and have moved on with what can be considered “today’s sound” — but on the other end, there are those who are still stuck in the realms of the past and have not adapted as they most likely should have by now.   But to say that an artist like Kaixan has both moved forward with a relevant tone while also keeping those once-standard facets still near and dear to their heart and corresponding artistry all the same would be nothing short of an understatement. The Graveem1nd founder has been laying down tried and true hip-hop offerings that are equal parts boundary-pushing and forward-thinking as they are reminiscent of those who came before them in the process.    Their most recent single “Range” is a brilliant example of …

Codeine Dreams – [Nigo Chanel] x [Angelus]

In any pop landscape – past or present – the idea of making your artistry nothing short of infectious at all times is arguably one of the most defining facets that an act in this light could and should incorporate into their sound. This essentially comes down to how one makes their mark on a song through a variety of ways, whether that’s their sheer entertaining presence on the track itself, or even just how catchy and/or memorable that very performance is. To say that Nigo Chanel has practically mastered the art of infectiousness would even be selling someone like him short. Time after time, this rising act has proven to drill his inescapably resounding style into the heads of any and all listeners that have come to experience his music, and in taking in all that he has to offer on the mic from a pure and utter entertainment standpoint, it stands to reason why this is the case through his sound alone.  With his newest single “Codeine Dreams” — he has yet again proven this fact in an incredibly vivid fashion. Nearly every single angle that this song takes results in nothing short of a brilliantly addicting and …

El Cielo – [Xiuhtezcatl]

The incredibly potent and powerful style of rapper, activist, and artist Xiuhtezcatl, pronounced shoe-tez-caht, delivers his brand new music video for his recently released song, “El Cielo.” Combining his passion for social activism into an artistic performance, Xiuhtezcatl merges two clear and present passions into a viable outlet. Weaving in and out of Spanish and English, Xiuhtezcatl delivers a multi-layered performance that showcases his skill as a rapper alongside his impassioned social activism through a perceived crossing of the border. The sonic and visual combination is a poignant breakdown of the emotional weight held by his ancestor’ and the persecution felt by current immigrant families seeking new lives. With an overwhelming conviction and fortitude, Xiuhtezcatl not only speaks on pressing social issues but amplifies them by weaving them effortlessly into his music. Music has always been a definitive transcription of the sign of the times, and Xiuhtezcatl’s new visual paints that picture vividly. Watch the powerful new visual for “El Cielo” by Xiuhtezcatl below.

Duress – [8485]

In a music landscape that is essentially attempting to move closer and closer to defining what the “ideal pop star” might look like in the future – and what that mold may come to be – it is almost a crime not to see the writing on the wall when it comes to how this figure will inevitably come to light. The most obvious place to look for this concept in motion is the underground pop scene as it stands, and considering that this scene is just about on the precipice of superstardom, there are plenty of acts to look at as fitting this idea tenfold.    But no other act truly embodies the spirit of tried and true pop music than Candian standout 8485 — and to go even further than that, no other act manifests the future of pop than her in the process. She has proven this fact time and time again throughout this breakout year for her in the underground via her consistent, yet ever-dynamic cast of singles leading towards what will eventually be an eternally successful career due simply to her unmatched and unprecedented vocal talents and overall presence as a musical artist.   She …

Yao Twin – [Veeze]

It’s no secret if you’re into Rap music that sports have always heavily played a role in the culture. Whether that means an athlete co-signs an artist, wears their merch, or listens to them before games, or the artist references an athlete’s talents, their number, or their success in their respective sports, the crossover is never far off. When it comes to Detroit’s very own Veeze, his songs include a slew of different sports references that are included in intriguing wordplays, and the way he incorporates these themes is something all up and comers should take note of. As for his latest sports reference, he talks about the legendary Yao Ming and even names his latest song after the towering center. Of course, I’m talking about his track “Yao Twin”, and although he might not necessarily be referring to the basketball player’s skills, his lyrics are comical yet creative and capture your attention from the moment he begins spitting. Mystifying, tiptoeing synths, mischievous percussion, and succinct drums pave the way for a simplistic instrumental that gives Veeze the opportunity to show off his abundant skills and individuality. As he begins to spit the hook, the tone of his voice is …

Watch femdot’s live performance on Audiotree Live

femdot has been a favorite here at Lyrical Lemonade for some years now, he’s one of the best lyricists that the city of Chicago has to offer, and he’s also one of the top live performers for my money. Earlier today, femdot released a live performance with the good people over at Audiotree and it turned out AMAZING. It’s a twenty-five minute set from fem that includes plenty of his most notable records, all while being next to some of the other great talents from the city, so be prepared to see some familiar faces if you’re in tune with Chicago music. Take some time out of your day to get more familiar with femdot by pressing play below!

Pink and Purple – [Rook Monroe]

Rook Monroe follows up his breakout indie-pop single, “Jolie,” with a stadium rock ballad that showcases the Los Angeles based artist’s capacity for creating a sound that excels at exploring the subtle and connected layers within the pop genre. His newly released single, “Pink and Purple,” swells with an anxious build that is conducted by Rook Monroe’s optimistically soulful vocal performance over bright piano keys that are undoubtedly the soul of this record. The inspiring foundation of this record is provided by the production duo Trackside. Their ability to match Rook Monroe’s honest delivery, beautifully exemplifies each line, while simultaneously connecting to the bare-all style of the record. “It’s human to feel… but I feel and it scares me – just as much as it the next person, but no less scary. Too much emotion, too little emotion. It’s a balance we long for, and rarely achieve. One we reflect on our whole lives and never fully understand. Whether everything seems to be going right or wrong, sometimes we feel the need to cry out… even if we’re unsure who we’re crying out to.” Listen to “Pink and Purple” by Rook Monroe below.