FUK EM – [SSGKobe] & [Lil Yachty]

There are so many different traits that can be appreciated throughout the diverse landscape that is hip-hop music, and some artists grab my attention much more than others. As for SSGKobe, he has been making music for a handful of years, but his patience is a quality that I think so many young artists can learn from. Sure, he’s still young himself, but the fact that he’s been grinding for years and has only recently begun to see success in his career should show up-and-comers that as long as you have the drive and desire to succeed and mold your sound into something that will appeal to the masses, you can make it in this cutthroat industry. Although his catalog of hits grows more extensive by the day, it seems, he always maintains that workhorse mentality, and this is what separates him from the rest. I’m not sure what the rest of 2021 holds for the young star, but I do know that just the other day he decided to team up with Lil Yachty to release another banger entitled “FUK EM”, and you need to hear this song to truly appreciate it. In the instrumental, some lively, electronic synths …

Yae Energy – [Lil Yachty]

Lil Yachty and Cole Bennett are two of the most influential creatives in their respective lanes that we’ve seen in the last ten years, and they just teamed up for a brand new music video for “Yae Energy”. This isn’t just any music video though, as this one was shot entirely on the new iPhone 13, yes you read that right! Surprisingly enough, this visual looks amazing, it’s fun + creative and it has the feel of an instant LL classic! This is one of the most creative and feel-good visuals that you will see in 2021, great job to everyone involved in making this happen. Take a few minutes below to watch this brand-new visual!

Pollari: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Pollari is one of the best individuals that I have ever met in the music industry, he’s a great person who just so happens to make excellent music. I brought Pollari through the LL office a couple of months ago for a new interview where we discussed many things such as growing up in Atlanta, the three music videos he has shot with Cole Bennett, his relationship with Rick Rubin, potentially A&Ring in the future, his friendship with Lil Yachty, his Loverboy project, his upcoming music releases, his days owning clothing brands and more. Pollari is such a wonderful individual and a talented artist, this is one of my favorite interviews yet, check it out for yourself below!

Damaged EP – [Rosey Theo]

Blending of genres is a common theme found in the music industry and the hip-hop industry primarily these days, with modern artists utilizing tools with audio engineering that transform tracks into interesting new sounds, keeping audiences refreshed and forcing other musicians to adapt. That certainly is the case with Rosey Theo, and the Belgium native meshes even more genre stereotypes with his international influence, as well. His latest EP, Damaged, is a three-track project that features 95 Kuston, Malik, and King Kev, with production coming from WizardBeats, who has seen his instrumentals used by the likes of Lil Yachty. The project includes catchy hooks influenced with well-utilized autotune, drawing listeners in with his melodies. Each individual has a different feel, however, and leaves the audience interested to hear more as he uses a variety of stylistic tendencies. Rosey sings messages of struggle and damage, and how if he removes his limits, he can overcome. The EP has received over 10,000 streams so far on Spotify, and is linked below!    

Pallbearers – [Kuttem Reese]

The Florida rap scene has been absolutely booming over the past year or two, but it seems like it’s taking a while for the rest of the country to catch on. It reminds me a lot of the Michigan scene as well because until Lil Yachty went up there to put the rest of the country on, it seemed like a very niche and close-knit community of fans that were ride or die, but everyone else was sleeping. This is what has happened in Florida as well, but the number of talented acts emerging is literally countless, and every single day a new artist rises from the shadows, it seems. While emcees like Kodak Black, Hotboii, and 9lokknine are some of the more notable names coming out of the southern region, Kuttem Reese is a talent who I’ve become very familiar with, and I feel like he just continues to get better with every new release he puts out. While Reese is still on the prowl to be the next big thing from Orlando, he’s making another strong case with his latest song “Pallbearers” which is undeniably a song you need to check out immediately as well as the Directed …

Breathe Deeper (Remix) – [Tame Impala] ft. [Lil Yachty]

One of my favorite parts about music comes when two artists or musicians come together and provide a different outlook on a song that you’d never expect. While Tame Impala might not be included in genres like hip-hop or rap, they’re clearly one of the biggest bands in the world, and they’ve attracted music fans of all different genres, myself included. As far as Lil Yachty is concerned, he is never one to avoid a challenge and has always tried to push the boundaries of hip-hop, blending different genres together and seeing what he can do on instrumentals that might not come to life in a studio as he’s used to. Most recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he decided to put his own spin on Tame Impala’s song “Breathe Deeper”, a cut off of their 12-song album The Slow Rush that came out early last year, and the results are as strangely appealing as you might expect. Obviously, whether you’re familiar with this song or not, you already know that Tame Impala has a very vibey, optimistic sound most of the time, at least from what I’ve heard, so Yachty’s contribution to this track seems to …

Rocc Climbing – [Remble] ft. [Lil Yachty]

Just a few days ago, AMD Visuals partnered with Remble and Lil Yachty to direct and release the video for, “Rocc Climbing,” and is gaining huge publicity for multiple reasons, including the premiere of a fascinating hair style for Lil Boat (Yachty), as well as the overnight internet fame Remble has achieved due to his incredibly unique, articulate delivery. “Remble raps in MLA format,” a recent viral tweet said. The two contributing artists, with catchy tune and rhythm laid over a bouncy instrumental, are responsible for this track and video gaining traction exponentially – with the video now ranked #21 on the YouTube top music chart, and countless meme conjurings and reposts across social media worldwide. Remble, a San Pedro, California product, is looking to be continuing his momentum from success with his astoundingly successful, “Gordon Ramsey Freestyle,” with this intriguing, comical video that portrays Remble and ‘Boat’ in different spots around the studio using multiple fun angles and other videographic styles to make the single-location video look a bit more stretched. Peep Remble and Yachty’s new video for, “Rocc Climbing,” shot by AMD Visuals, on YouTube below!

Know the Difference – [Icewear Vezzo] ft. [Lil Baby]

I’m so glad I got in on the booming Michigan rap scene as early as I did because it allowed me to follow along with all of these talented artists and see all the moves they made from very early on. While some artists have blown up more than others, Icewear Vezzo is no stranger to the spotlight, and I couldn’t be any happier for him. Still working with a plethora of Michigan artists to this day, he has secured features from artists like Future, Lil Durk, and Lil Yachty, amongst others, and while these might be some names to compete with on a song, he never lets them overshadow him even slightly, coming to the studio with his game face on and killing every verse he spits. Luckily, he’s back and better than ever on his song “Know the Difference”, a track that he recruits another huge name in Lil Baby for, and this duo is a tag team that I definitely need to hear more from moving forward. Produced by Celo Beatz and Bay G, things open up with a menacing piano melody that is eventually elevated through thumping 808s and piercing percussion that is an instrumental more …

Love Music – [Lil Yachty]

Just a couple of months ago, Lil Yachty released his hit song “Love Music” which was a blithe, easygoing, and carefree record that just allowed Yachty to send a little note to the woman he has his eye on to let her know just how much he thinks about her and all of the things that they could potentially be. While it might not be the greatest Lil boat song of all time, it definitely serves a great purpose and it’s not offensive whatsoever, so I can’t hate on it even slightly. In fact, I was even more excited to find out that late last week, he dropped a music video for the record that made me admire the track so much more than ever before. As things open up, we are introduced to a world full of colors and sweet treats like ice cream Sundays, fruit rollups, cotton candy, and more, with everything coming together for a scene that even Willy Wonka would salivate over. When he begins to sing, he is inside of a very bright, white room that is accented with little cotton candy clouds and life-sized pinwheels before a lovely lady who serves as his love …

Rude & Reno-[Xhulooo]

Up and coming artist, Xhulooo just dropped a fire project that NEEDS to be on everyone’s radar immediately. The 5 song collection called, “Rude & Reno” is the perfect introduction to anyone who may not be familiar with the Atlanta based talent. Pulling inspiration from the greats like Pharrell, Kanye West, Tyler, The Creator, Lil Wayne, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert as muses, he doesn’t neglect to mention his adoration for his friends like, OnlyBino!, Lil Keel, Smalls10K, SoFaygo & TrapGoKrazy. With a mixture of dope events in his sound, Xhulooo is operating in a great lane that is only going to get better. According to him, “The Rude & Reno project came about because i reached out to Iankon, a producer who’s beats i’ve adored for about a year or 2 prior to working with him, about working with each other, and the 5 songs on R&R is some of our only, but best music together, which pushed me to release the project. it’s also named after a boss duo from Final Fantasy, because Ian’s melodies always remind me of Final Fantasy soundtrack compositions.” Make sure you check this one out ASAP! I’ve attached the link below!