Trust Fund – [Lil Wayne] x [Rich The Kid]

Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers to ever walk this planet, he’s in a class of his own and despite being at the top of the game for over two decades straight, he’s still rapping with the best of them. Just a few minutes ago, Lil Wayne dropped a new music video for “Trust Fund” featuring Rich The Kid, and it’s an impressive song/visual if you ask me. Lil Wayne and Rich The Kid have made some great records in the past, but on this new joint, they both absolutely floated, rhyming at each other back and forth to make for an ear-pleasing final product. I’d love to see these two artists make a collab project in the future, so hopefully, that happens, but for now, watch this new visual below! Directed by Mooch

Rude & Reno-[Xhulooo]

Up and coming artist, Xhulooo just dropped a fire project that NEEDS to be on everyone’s radar immediately. The 5 song collection called, “Rude & Reno” is the perfect introduction to anyone who may not be familiar with the Atlanta based talent. Pulling inspiration from the greats like Pharrell, Kanye West, Tyler, The Creator, Lil Wayne, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert as muses, he doesn’t neglect to mention his adoration for his friends like, OnlyBino!, Lil Keel, Smalls10K, SoFaygo & TrapGoKrazy. With a mixture of dope events in his sound, Xhulooo is operating in a great lane that is only going to get better. According to him, “The Rude & Reno project came about because i reached out to Iankon, a producer who’s beats i’ve adored for about a year or 2 prior to working with him, about working with each other, and the 5 songs on R&R is some of our only, but best music together, which pushed me to release the project. it’s also named after a boss duo from Final Fantasy, because Ian’s melodies always remind me of Final Fantasy soundtrack compositions.” Make sure you check this one out ASAP! I’ve attached the link below!

A Q&A with Chicago’s Speedyville Nardy

Chicago street music has been written about more perhaps than any other city’s scene in the past decade, focusing primarily on Chief Keef, Lil Reese, Lil Durk, and co. initially at first and eventually began to also encompass their “oops” into the fold of established Chicagoans who didn’t have to make overly-conscious or mosh-worthy music to take the city, and world, by storm, but unfortunately this one-sided angle that many on the outside looking in framed the Windy City with it greatly diminished the artistic contributions of many other artists purely because they had been left out of publicly-known beefs that have become a sick fascination to many Chicago outsiders who voyeuristically enjoy the violence and destruction of a proud community. One artist who hasn’t been able to quite grab the attention of the rest of the city despite his consistent musical output and unique perspective is Riverdale, Illinois rapper Speedyville Nardy who hails from “Speedyville” or the Paysetter Housing Projects that lie just beyond Chicago-proper’s boundary, but don’t you dare let that make you think shits sweet. Both Nardy and his neighborhood are named after his deceased brother Speedy who Nardy continues the legacy of through each song. Nardy’s …

Miseducation – [Calboy] x [Lil Wayne]

I hope people are appreciating the wave of Chicago talent that has been taking the music world by storm over the past couple of years, many different creatives within different avenues have been making a name for themselves out of the city, and in the hip-hip lane, Calboy has been one of the leaders. At the young age of just twenty-one years old, Calboy has accomplished more than most rappers will in their entire career. Yesterday was a huge day for Calboy, as he released the new music video for his song “Miseducation” featuring the GOAT Lil Wayne. Anyone within the age range of 18-35 grew up during the time where Lil Wayne with without a doubt the best rapper alive, so for someone like Calboy whose childhood was definitely spent listening to classic Wayne songs, this is a huge deal. These two emcees complemented each other perfectly on this joint, hopefully, we get to see them work together again in the future, but until then, press play below!

Money Dance – [LunchMoney Lewis]

Theres always a joy of mine being able to discover new artists that have been secretly killing the game on the low. The thing about songwriters, is that you may never come across them if you aren’t really looking at the song credits. Even then, the song credits may not always list every single artist, producer and songwriter on the song. The artists that are able to establish themselves as a songwriter first, and then transitioning into their own song-crafting is a flex in itself, and it shows a true arsenal of talent. Coming out of Miami, Florida, LunchMoney Lewis has been active amongst the veterans in the game and has written songs for many of the heavy-hitters of the game today. With artists such as Juicy J, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne receiving penmanship from Lewis, it was only a matter of time before he would venture into his own musical career. Today, he is making his premiere on the Lyrical Lemonade platform with a live rendition of his single “Money Dance”. For those who know me, I’m a sucker for a live rendition of just about anything. Hearing something be recorded live with real instruments just showcases another …

Grey Area – [2 Chainz]

Obviously, throughout the entire landscape of Rap music, there are a select handful of individuals who are simply legends at this point after everything they’ve accomplished in their careers. While 2 Chainz might not be revered as highly as he once was, there is no denying his contributions to the genre and the culture, and although his music might not be as sought after as it was even a few years ago after a boom of young stars rising through the ranks, that doesn’t make his songs any less impressive. In 2020, he dropped his album So Help Me God!, a 15 song effort featuring names like Lil Wayne, Kanye, Mulatto, Chief Keef, Lil Uzi, Rick Ross, and many others, and although I still have to spend some more time listening to truly give it the time of day, there are a few cuts off the album that are undeniable hits without a doubt in my mind. The project’s second track is called “Grey Area” and also happens to be one of my early favorites from the album, so when I saw that 2 Chainz decided to drop a music video directed by Tity Tarantino and Motion Family, I had …

Split – [Rich The Kid]

Rich The Kid has worked long and hard to truly become a mogul in the Rap world, but 2020 seemed to be the year where he took things to another level. While he might’ve made songs during previous years that topped charts and received countless streams, last year was a moment in time where he made some business moves that would further his career even more than ever before. He announced that he was a fully independent artist and owns his masters while also releasing music on his Rich Forever Music label. Last year, he dropped albums like Boss Man and his collaborative effort with YoungBoy Never Broke Again Nobody Safe while also contributing words to various other albums for artists like Lil Wayne, Trippie Redd, and Drakeo The Ruler. While things seem to never slow down even slightly for Rich, he decided to get this new year started off the right way with a brand-new single entitled “Split”. DY Krazy, one of the most talented producers in the entire scene, created this record with a combination of poignant strings or synths of some sort that are brought to new levels with some simplistic yet crisp percussion and quiet, background …

Whole Lotta Red – [Playboi Carti]

Suspense can make or break an album. There is truly no getting past the fact that the way one builds up anticipation for a particular project plays an integral role in how that same project ends up being received as once it finally sees a release. This idea has made such albums as Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo as incredibly momentous and gratifying as they were come their respective releases, but it has also made for quite the few underwhelming releases like Lil Wayne’s ever-divisive Tha Carter IV. Simply put, acts that repeatedly act on the idea of suspense are essentially betting on themselves for both critical and commercial acclaim. This scenario is one that Playboi Carti absolutely had to find himself in if his long – and it bears repeating – long-awaited album Whole Lotta Red were to ever come out. The speculation had grown to seemingly immeasurable levels by themselves; the hype was not just through the roof, but through the stratosphere. And yet, after 3-plus years of this unprecedented teasing game that Carti himself had played with his audience, it finally happened in 2020.  But as with any project that has this …

Wayne’s Story – [King Von]

Chicago’s own King Von is without a doubt one of the greatest talents to ever come from the city, what he was able to accomplish in his career in such a short amount of time is beyond belief. King Von is without a doubt the best storyteller that I’ve ever heard, his ability to vividly paint pictures & describe situations is unmatched, and that was on full display as his team released his latest music video for “Wayne’s Story” just about an hour ago. I won’t go into detail about the video and ruin the story for you, but let’s just say that Lil Wayne (his likeness) is one of the main characters of this one. Watch this new music video below, RIP King von.

Egregious – [Willie The Kid] x [Evidence]

Willie The Kid is one of my favorite rappers gravitating toward legendary status. I specifically became a fan of Willie in 2019 after hearing Pearls, which is a flawless twenty-track project containing his most prominent guest features to date. Like any other exceptional artist, the conclusion of Pearls prompted me to delve into Willie’s entire discography, which remains in daily rotation. The Grand Rapids, Michigan lyricist is also an entrepreneur with co-ownership in a clothing brand (GRUSA), a music discovery platform (radi8er), and a wine company (Motu Viget Spirits). He also impressively was an executive producer of a recent Langston Hughes documentary titled I Too Sing America: Langston Hughes Unfurled. Despite having worked with legends such as Nas, Lil Wayne, Alchemist, Roc Marciano, Royce Da 5’9, Ka, and more, Willie The Kid simply isn’t mentioned enough alongside his honored peers. However, Willie has never seemed concerned with his lack of praise, which could be a result of his larger ambition(s) in business. Nonetheless, it cannot be overstated that his rap ability is top tier, and deserves to be revered as such. Similar to the Nas’s and Roc Marciano’s, Willie The Kid exudes confidence with elements of signature slickness that cannot be replicated. Every …