Behind the Boards: IGot20OnMyBeat “Double D’s” Beat Deconstruction

One of the many unsung heroes of the music industry is the producers. I decided to sit down with Charlotte, North Carolina’s own IGot20OnMyBeat — the producer of hit songs such as DaBaby’s “Walker Texas Ranger” — to talk about his origins and most recent rise with DaBaby and Stunna4Vegas. Above, I got to see 20 conduct a Genius-style beat deconstruction of Stunna4Vegas’s hit song, “Double D’s.” Check out the video and the short Q&A that derived from our sit-down. – – – – – – – First of all, I appreciate that you had me over here. When did you start producing? I started about 20 years ago, back when my brother was working with Rico Wade from the Dungeon Family. I was pretty much just being a brother and supporting. After a while, though, I started to take it seriously with my friend Joseph Fields, going to the crib after school and making beats on Fruity Loops. From there, I just stuck with it. So what were you listening to back then? Who inspired you coming up? Oh, man. I was listening to Timbaland, Missy Elliott, a lot of Ginuwine. Also, since Rico Wade was in my ear …

Pusha T Deserves The World

Photo Credit: Matt Berg (Instagram) (Twitter) Attending school in Western Massachusetts is pretty much what it sounds like. For those unfamiliar with the area, it consists mostly of farmland, and while the vast space can make for some beautiful scenery, it is far from an urban environment. The densest areas population-wise are colleges and surrounding towns, the largest of which being the University of Massachusetts in Amherst (UMass), with a student enrollment of over twenty thousand. The school is the centerpiece of the area, and as a result, has been able to land performances from big names in the past. Rap music fans like myself eagerly await the announcement of these school-wide concerts, due to the general concert drought we tend to find ourselves in. Live music is abundant in Western Massachusetts. One can catch an indie rock band in a basement somewhere on pretty much any weekend, but rap shows are rare. This past March, the school secured Future to headline a show at UMass, and it was without a doubt a highlight of the year. So, when a poster appeared on a bathroom door outside of my information systems class declaring that the legendary Pusha T, alongside Lyrical-Lemonade …

Jack Harlow’s ‘Confetti’ Validates He’s a Jack of All Trades

Post by Lee Mcintosh When it comes to hip hop, regional dominance plays a major factor in the overall impact and imprint that a region leaves on the culture. New York, LA, Chicago and Atlanta being the most recent, all have had numerous instances where artists seemingly sprouted all at once. However, it isn’t everyday that we hear an artist come out of Kentucky (the last being Bryson Tiller) and claim the throne as one of the best new artists to come out in this generation. All that being said, Louisville native Jack Harlow is here with his latest project, Confetti, and he’s ready to let the game know that he’s here and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. — The Backstory Although many people are just now getting hip to Jack’s music, he is far from a “new” artist, per se. His career began as early as 2015, when he would release projects under the Private Garden indie label that he co-founded. Years of playing the independent game finally paid off for Jack when he was introduced to the legendary DJ Drama. The pure talent impressed Drama enough to sign Jack to his Generation Now label under Atlantic Records — the …

PREMIERE: Houdini – [WavesOnGianni]

Today, Harlem native WavesOnGianni is premiering the music video for his single “Houdini” on our platform. Showcasing the rising talent’s viral energy as he flexes around his hometown, “Houdini” not only offers an introduction to Gianni’s music but the high school senior’s rapidly growing career as well. In between school and baseball practice, Gianni found some time to do a Q&A with me about the making of “Houdini”, his experience modeling in New York Fashion Week, and how his Harlem upbringing has influenced his vision as an artist. Read our conversation and watch the Goldie Harris-directed video for “Houdini” below! — MDR: How has growing up in an area with so much cultural influence and hip-hop history influenced you? WG: In Harlem, we’re really flashy and into fashion. Every time you step outside, you gotta’ put your best outfit on. We’re always trying to outdo everyone else and I look it at as the city’s red carpet. The Harlem culture is a part of my DNA. The influence is undeniable. For example, seeing other artist like ASAP Rocky, combine music, style and culture motivates me to do the same for East Harlem. — MDR: Who are some of your other …

Watch Lucki’s brand new interview with Montreality

Montreality is a fantastic platform that offers a wide variety of interviews from plenty of talented creatives around the globe, and their latest interview features someone that LL fans are very familiar with, Chicago’s own Lucki! You will find the Chicago legend speaking over several subjects including his loyal fan base, loving SpongeBob as a kid, being in a transitioning period, being the king of the underground, considering his song “Lowlife” the realest shit he ever wrote, punk rap, the impact that Lil Uzi Vert had, XXXTentacion, love, why he doesn’t do psychedelics, Alternative Trap and he left us with some wise words dedicated to the youth! I have loved a lot of Montreality’s interview’s over the years but this one is by far my favorite, great job all around, check it out below!

Behind the Music: Highlighting the Producers of Today’s Sound

By: Lee Mcintosh When it comes to creating great music, the artists are the ones who receive most of the recognition for the creation of the song. Their name is what’s attached to the song, their flows, their likeness, and even the features that the artist may have. However, the song making process all begins with one entity… the producer/s. No matter how creative the lyrics may be, how great the artist’s cadence sounds, the beat behind it all is a huge factor behind the overall appeal of the song, and that is what moves people and captures their attention as soon as they hit play. We are in a different era of music now. Technology has advanced to a point where producers and artists don’t have to be in the studio together anymore. This can be a gift and a curse at the same time. Often so, producers may send over a beat pack to an artist and then they select the songs they want and don’t want. From there, the studio session may be recorded or put on Instagram live, and the producer may be nowhere in sight. This may create confusion as to who actually made the …

Sweet Life – [CamilosGarden]

Up and coming Queens-based rapper CamilosGarden is not taking the summer for granted. Releasing numerous songs over the last couple months, the rapper has shown his followers that he’s devoted to staying in the studio for hours on end. The 17-year-old rapper’s most recent offering, “SWEET LIFE,” articulates life post-breakup. Instead of viewing the negative side of breaking up with someone he thought he loved, Garden takes the route and goes with the M.O.E. (Money Over Everything) mentality. His perfectly smooth auto-tune and flow allow listeners to glide along with the singer. With production from jflex, the song possesses the hard-hitting 808’s we’ve come to grow and love over the past couple of years. Drawing similarities to major acts such as Nav and Lil Uzi Vert, CamilosGarden is an artist to pay attention too. Don’t sleep. Listen to, “SWEET LIFE,” here:   Words by Barry R

Slayerr – [TM88] ft. [Lil Uzi Vert]

New Lil Uzi! So we should be happy right?… Right? Although the rapper promised that his highly anticipated album, Eternal Atake, will indeed be released in the near future, can we really be sure? No. Are we happy with his mysterious feature on, “Slayerr”? Absolutely. Uzi’s appearance on familiar collaborator and producer TM88’s new single is a statement he is making loud and clear: He will rule the charts and our hearts this summer. The Philly rapper delivers his vocals with the same energy and emotion that gave all of his fans reason to follow him throughout his career. Per usual, TM88 does not hold back with his strong production and vicious 808’s that are able to literally shatter glass. Just the thought of a new Lil Uzi album has had the internet buzzing for the last two years. For now, the world is at peace as we all enjoy a lil bit of Lil Uzi. Words by Barry R

Watch Young Nudy’s New Interview With Complex

Young Nudy has risen to stardom over the past year or so with his wildly distinct voice and rare flows, and has found himself working with legends like Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, 21 Savage, and J. Cole, just to name a few. His latest project Sli’merre is a joint project with legendary ATL producer Pi’erre Bourne. This interview with Complex becomes quite interesting, because though usually, Nudy is not one of many words, they’re able to get him comfortable in front of the camera and touch on some well-thought and intriguing questions that let the viewer know the hilarious and genuine Young Nudy a little more on his trek to the top. Some interesting questions asked include how he goes about creating concepts in his songs, does he write songs, how he came to work with Pi’erre, why a lot of his songs have food in the title, and what music inspires him to create. Nudy then finishes out the interview talking about his viral leak, “Pissy Pamper/Kid Cudi” that he collaborated with Playboi Carti on. Be sure to watch the interview below!

A Conversation with HappyBirthdayCalvin • One Of Chicago’s Brightest Young Acts

HappyBirthdayCalvin is a kid out of Chicago who has been making some major noise in the music community, but especially here in the city, so of course I had to bring him through the office for a brand new interview for the site! HappyBirthdayCalvin will end up being one of the leaders in the Chicago music scene within the next few years, and I know that’s a bold statement for someone who just graduated high school, but trust me when I say he is a good person to the core but even more importantly he is musically inclined. Calvin’s record “No Friends” has been going crazy for a minute now, playing on radios all over the country, and not to mention that he just got Chicago legend G-Herbo on the remix of the track. Learn a thing or two about Calvin by reading this brand new interview below and don’t forget to stream his record below while you read, & also keep an eye out for his upcoming music releases! Follow Calvin on Twitter here!   — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself. Calvin: …