No Honorable Mention – [Trippie Redd] ft. [Quavo] x [Lil Mosey]

Trippie Redd has been able to grow a huge fanbase from his days on Soundcloud. Over the last couple of years with the release of his highly successful albums, ! and A Love Letter to You 4, Trippie has proven himself to be an influential figure in the hip-hop world. He’s back with his newest offering, Pegasus that really shows Trippie go back to his roots, with very melodic sounds and a very punk-like sound. “No Honorable Mention” featuring Lil Mosey and Quavo delivers a strong pop sound accompanied by a catchy Quavo verse. The track delivers a smooth flow that entices listeners into the record. The outro is nothing short of angelic delivering a calm and peaceful feeling inside, stream or watch the new offering below. Produced by Chop Squad DJ

Before the War – [Diablo] ft. [Lil Xan] & [Lil Wop]

Diablo has always been one of my favorite producers for good reason. His adaptability is uncanny considering he has provided countless beats for an entire plethora of different artists. He doesn’t box himself into one style or sound but rather spreads himself thin enough to give listeners a taste of all his aptitudes without compromising his talent and skills. Due to this dexterity, he has produced hit after hit for so many different rappers it’s unbelievable, and the number of different sounds he has brought to life throughout the years is enough to make your head spin. For his latest loosie, he took to SoundCloud to deliver a brand-new record entitled “Before the War” featuring Lil Xan and Lil Wop. It has been so long since I last tuned into a Lil Xan song, not because I hate on him by any means and I respect his work unbelievably, I just got away from him in recent years. I knew my abandonment had to come to an end in order to hear him on the Diablo-produced track, but I got even more excited to hear what he would sound like next to Lil Wop because he’s one of the most …

Without You – [Hukspidey]

Hukspidey is a melodic and rhythmic tweener between a pop and rap act with a sound that’s still raw but with some work can be a hidden gem in the near future. As I get older I feel like I’m becoming softer, more accepting, and less critical of music made by younger people. Instead, I try to look for flashes of potential, things young artists can do well, and what they can build on to improve for the future. Hukspidey is a 19-year-old who is from Seattle, Washington, and happened to go to the same high school as rap star Lil Mosey. Artists such as Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke inspired him to start making music with his father at a very young age. One thing about Hukspidey is that he wants to make it cool to be vulnerable and get people hip to expressing strong emotions in making meaningful music again. In his new single “Without You” this song is about falling in love for the first time and experiencing the joy that love brings and then it ultimately being taken away. Stream Hukspidey’s new single “Without You” for yourself below.

Wrong – [The Kid Laroi] ft. [Lil Mosey]

It’s no secret at all that The Kid Laroi, although he comes from a much different background than most Hip-Hop artists, is one of the most incredible young talents in the game right now. His voice is distinct and incredible, his flows are natural and inventive, and his charisma is simply at the forefront of every single song he creates. Add Lil Mosey, a natural hitmaker in his own right, to the mix, and you already know magic is going to be made. That’s why, when I saw these two talents team up for the song “Wrong” off of Laroi’s debut studio album F*ck Love, I was beyond anticipatory of the results. Well, this project has been in our laps for a decent amount of time now, and although I like re-listening to it a couple of times a week typically, a day rarely goes by where I don’t at least give “Wrong” a spin. Luckily, late last week, this banger was given new life in the form of a music video, and it surely doesn’t disappoint. I was surprised to find out that the infamous YouTuber Logan Paul directed this visual, but I have to give him props after …

Rich Bitch – [Bankrol Hayden]

I’ve only had a few different recollections of Bankrol Hayden’s music, but every single one has seemingly been better than its predecessor. There seem to be only a few specific people in the music industry who can simply hop on a song and make an instant hit, and Hayden is undeniably one of these artists. He just has a knack for creating some addictive melodies, effective flows, and feel good bangers that deserve to be played at any and all parties all across the country. Although he draws comparisons to his friend and fellow hitmaker Lil Mosey, Hayden has been able to differentiate himself with not only his demonstration of various different sounds but also his very detailed and traumatic story that he has taken and made the most of, using it as inspiration rather than any sort of discouragement. His project Pain is Temporary dropped a couple of months ago and he’s steadily been releasing videos to support this effort ever since, the most recent being a visual for “Rich Bitch”. The beat for this hit begins with bubbly, resounding synths that almost sound like a xylophone being played underwater. Eventually, intricate percussive sounds and banging drums enter the …

The Story Behind The “Blueberry Faygo” Video With Cole Bennett

In the latest episode of our “Behind The Video” segment on the Lyrical Lemonade 2 YouTube, we talked about the story behind the “Blueberry Faygo” music video by Lil Mosey, enjoy!

Banana – [28AV] ft. [Lil Mosey] & [Souf Souf]

Prior to a few days ago, I was completely unaware of 28AV, but I’m glad I was tipped off and introduced to his music. What caught my attention, in all honesty, was the fact that he got Lil Mosey on a track as well as an accompanying music video. It definitely helps that they’re both from Seattle, so they have that connection, but it’s definitely a noteworthy relationship to have regardless. Clearly, Mosey has created a reputation for being an absolute hitmaker, so their latest track “Banana”, which also features a local Seattle duo known as Souf Souf, was a must-listen for me. On this hit, the beat begins with appealing, meaningful strings being plucked before soon being met by some crisp, consistent percussion and booming drums that truly pave the way for a summer anthem. Mosey takes the leadoff spot, which is probably a smart move considering he’ll draw people in right off the bat and make sure this song gets started off on a high note, even though I think any of the talents on this song would have done just as well. His bubbly delivery is steady and catchy as his voice takes us up and down …

Back at It – [Lil Mosey] ft. [Lil Baby]

It seems like not too long ago, Lil Baby was an up and comer just like Lil Mosey. Although it has been a couple of years and Lil baby has done some absolutely remarkable things throughout his career, he’s still only getting started which is truly a thought that’s just really tough to even fathom. Watching Lil Mosey’s career blossom has been a spectacle as well, as he has taken the industry by storm in ways that not many artists are able to. He has gained a huge fan base in a fairly short amount of time partially due to his addicting personality, his dynamic approaches to different deliveries, and his overall aesthetic that has honestly stuck out to everyone, whether you eventually became a fan or not. At the end of the day, there’s really no way you can actually hate on anything that either Lil Baby or Lil Mosey do, because they’re talented, fun to pay attention to, and just have an aura about themselves that you pretty much have no choice but to take note of. Although it’s obvious that Lil Baby has been known to be featured on a bunch of different songs regardless of how …

Chopstix – [Smokepurpp]

Okay, I know I have pretty much been writing about every single Smokepurpp release that has come out, but that’s because his rollout for Florida Jit was somewhat lengthy and very eventful. Smokepurpp has always piqued my interest with his projects because he typically covers a wide range of sonic sounds and styles, and the aforementioned project is no different. I was thoroughly impressed with most of the tracks on the album, whether they contained features from artists like Yung Nudy, Denzel Curry, Rick Ross, or Jack Harlow, but I also enjoyed his solo efforts as well. I think Smokepurpp’s ability to put together quality projects is honestly underrated, and it should definitely be praised much more than it currently is. In order to continue the hype behind the album, Purpp decided to drop a short visual for the project’s closing track “Chopstix”. While this song isn’t necessarily one of my go-to tracks off of the album, it made me rethink my stance after watching the video. The beat is made up of eerie, creeping synths, crashing percussion, and, as with the majority of the album, 808s that can and will bust your speakers if you turn the volume up …

Only The Team [Lil Tjay] x [Lil Mosey] x [Rvssian]

As no surprise, Lil Tjay released yet another flawless verse and hook, this time partnering with featured Lyrical Lemonade artist and rising superstar Lil Mosey and another promising producer in Rvssian. The trio created a masterpiece in their latest track, “Only The Team,” in which Lil Tjay provides one of the more creative and fluid flows I’ve heard in recent memory. He pairs ridiculous opening bars with an even more elegant and catchy hook. Mosey is not to go unheard – as his earworm vocals seemingly can fit any piece of production. “Only The Team” is also accompanied by a visually-pleasing visual matching the intensity and energy of the song. The video takes place in an abandoned tropical setting, with serious and vigorous themes being portrayed both by the environment and the faces of the artists. This motif is present throughout and further amplifies the energy of the piece. See and hear for yourself just how good these young artists can be. Watch Rvssian, Lil Mosey & Lil Tjay – Only The Team (Official Music Video) on YouTube below!