Banana – [28AV] ft. [Lil Mosey] & [Souf Souf]

Prior to a few days ago, I was completely unaware of 28AV, but I’m glad I was tipped off and introduced to his music. What caught my attention, in all honesty, was the fact that he got Lil Mosey on a track as well as an accompanying music video. It definitely helps that they’re both from Seattle, so they have that connection, but it’s definitely a noteworthy relationship to have regardless. Clearly, Mosey has created a reputation for being an absolute hitmaker, so their latest track “Banana”, which also features a local Seattle duo known as Souf Souf, was a must-listen for me. On this hit, the beat begins with appealing, meaningful strings being plucked before soon being met by some crisp, consistent percussion and booming drums that truly pave the way for a summer anthem. Mosey takes the leadoff spot, which is probably a smart move considering he’ll draw people in right off the bat and make sure this song gets started off on a high note, even though I think any of the talents on this song would have done just as well. His bubbly delivery is steady and catchy as his voice takes us up and down …

Back at It – [Lil Mosey] ft. [Lil Baby]

It seems like not too long ago, Lil Baby was an up and comer just like Lil Mosey. Although it has been a couple of years and Lil baby has done some absolutely remarkable things throughout his career, he’s still only getting started which is truly a thought that’s just really tough to even fathom. Watching Lil Mosey’s career blossom has been a spectacle as well, as he has taken the industry by storm in ways that not many artists are able to. He has gained a huge fan base in a fairly short amount of time partially due to his addicting personality, his dynamic approaches to different deliveries, and his overall aesthetic that has honestly stuck out to everyone, whether you eventually became a fan or not. At the end of the day, there’s really no way you can actually hate on anything that either Lil Baby or Lil Mosey do, because they’re talented, fun to pay attention to, and just have an aura about themselves that you pretty much have no choice but to take note of. Although it’s obvious that Lil Baby has been known to be featured on a bunch of different songs regardless of how …

Chopstix – [Smokepurpp]

Okay, I know I have pretty much been writing about every single Smokepurpp release that has come out, but that’s because his rollout for Florida Jit was somewhat lengthy and very eventful. Smokepurpp has always piqued my interest with his projects because he typically covers a wide range of sonic sounds and styles, and the aforementioned project is no different. I was thoroughly impressed with most of the tracks on the album, whether they contained features from artists like Yung Nudy, Denzel Curry, Rick Ross, or Jack Harlow, but I also enjoyed his solo efforts as well. I think Smokepurpp’s ability to put together quality projects is honestly underrated, and it should definitely be praised much more than it currently is. In order to continue the hype behind the album, Purpp decided to drop a short visual for the project’s closing track “Chopstix”. While this song isn’t necessarily one of my go-to tracks off of the album, it made me rethink my stance after watching the video. The beat is made up of eerie, creeping synths, crashing percussion, and, as with the majority of the album, 808s that can and will bust your speakers if you turn the volume up …

Only The Team [Lil Tjay] x [Lil Mosey] x [Rvssian]

As no surprise, Lil Tjay released yet another flawless verse and hook, this time partnering with featured Lyrical Lemonade artist and rising superstar Lil Mosey and another promising producer in Rvssian. The trio created a masterpiece in their latest track, “Only The Team,” in which Lil Tjay provides one of the more creative and fluid flows I’ve heard in recent memory. He pairs ridiculous opening bars with an even more elegant and catchy hook. Mosey is not to go unheard – as his earworm vocals seemingly can fit any piece of production. “Only The Team” is also accompanied by a visually-pleasing visual matching the intensity and energy of the song. The video takes place in an abandoned tropical setting, with serious and vigorous themes being portrayed both by the environment and the faces of the artists. This motif is present throughout and further amplifies the energy of the piece. See and hear for yourself just how good these young artists can be. Watch Rvssian, Lil Mosey & Lil Tjay – Only The Team (Official Music Video) on YouTube below!  

Blueberry Faygo – [Lil Mosey]

Watching the growth of Seattle native Lil Mosey over the past couple of years has been an honor to witness, he has worked his way into becoming one of the hottest young artists in the game, and this year he dropped one of the hottest song of 2020 so far with “Blueberry Faygo”. It’s kind of crazy to think that this song has already racked up well over 110,000,000 views just on Spotify in just over a month, and today he’s about to take it to the next level, as he is back with a Cole Bennett directed music video for the smash hit! Lil Mosey and Cole are certainly no strangers to each other, in the past, they have accumulated two hundred fifteen million views combined on their prior visuals, but I have a feeling that this new music video is going to add at least another 100 or 200 million to that all-time total. Lil Mosey is a certified hitmaker and LL’s Cole Bennett is the go-to guy for the hits these days, so you already know that this one is about to be special. I won’t take up any more of your time talking about it though, …

Friends – [Lil Shock]

Lil Shock comes through with his first drop of 2020 and doesn’t miss with his tropical trap ballad “Friends.” We have so much time on our hands now with the world pandemic going on with the coronavirus. That’s great news for streaming platforms and content creators as everyone should be salivating for new material. Lil Shock is a rapper who hails from a small town in Roxboro, North Carolina, but nothing about Shock’s music or fanbase is small. Last year his song “Rockstar” took off amongst the gaming community and has bolstered the single to over 5 million plays on Spotify alone. With “Friends” Shock lays down an infectious and catchy hook overproduction by Squibs. Shock is an artist who falls in the same lane as rappers like Lil Tecca and Lil Mosey. While the focus isn’t on their lyrical wordplay but more so the vibe of the song, how memorable the hook is, combined with a few lyrics you can hang your hat on. 2020 looks to be a great year for Lil Shock if he’s able to keep delivering on singles like this. Stream Lil Shock’s latest single “Friends” after the break.

Watch Lil Mosey’s brand new interview on In The Trap

Lil Mosey is someone who we are obviously big fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade, he doesn’t do too many interviews but while he was recently overseas he stopped by ‘In The Trap’ to chop it up with Sarah Harrison. The two of them talked about tons of topics including creating his own app, the rise of TikTok, his new music & latest album, being very internet savvy, clout culture, his situation with Interscope Records, DaBaby + Gunna, other artists that he listens to, sampling older songs, being a fan of Soulja Boy as a kid + working with him, being from Seattle + what it was like growing up there, some of his love songs, sports he played, why he considers himself a certified hitmaker, his top five favorite songs he has created, R&B music, looking up with Meek Mill and much more. Take some time out of your Monday to watch this new conversation below!

Bust Down Cartier – [Lil Mosey]

Earlier today we received a brand new visual from Seattle emcee Lil Mosey and Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett, and it’s easily the best music video you will see all day. This song has been going up over the past couple of months so it felt good to see it finally get the proper visual it deserved, and once you saw the artist/director combo you just knew it was going to be special because these two have blessed us with a handful of stellar videos in the past. Of course they came through yet again with a great final product, the feel good tune got complimented with a sunny & momentous visual to match! Take a few minutes of your time to watch this video below and like you like it then don’t forget to keep up with Lil Mosey by giving him a follow on Twitter here. Produced by Lil Mosey  

Kill Tek Piece – [] Ft. [Lil Mosey]

Earlier this week both Warhol & Lyrical Lemonade leader Cole Bennett hinted on social media that they would be teaming up to drop their first video together in over two years, and just a few minutes ago we were blessed with the final product, a stellar new visual for his brand new record titled “Kill Tek Piece” featuring Lil Mosey! is a Chicago legend and is one of the first artists that Lyrical developed a close relationship with way back toward the start, so this release feels special & nostalgic, but more importantly it’s the perfect embodiment of his level up. Warhol doesn’t get enough credit for being one of if not the best new artists of out Chicago, for real man we all have to take a step back and look at just how far he has come, he is no longer teenager rocking shows in Wicker Park every weekend, he is now on the verge of stardom and has been touring all around the nation for years now! I have loved Warhol’s music for a few years now and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this is arguably his best song to date, the …

iLoveJustinBieber – [Jack Bruno]

Jack Bruno is becoming quite the road warrior in the early stages of 2019. Just last month, he capped off a European run with Smokepurrp before heading back to hit the road opening for Lil Mosey on his nationwide tour. Once that wraps up in April, he’ll join the Lil Pump and Lil Skies’ tour. Even with a grueling tour schedule, Bruno has found the time to release some new music, dropping “iLoveJustinBieber” last month and, now, returning with a video for the genre-bending cut that captures the eccentric vibe of the effort. Surrounded by a group of his biggest (and oldest) fans, the Los Angeles-based rapper spits some braggadocious bars that, while they may have a tongue-in-cheek, almost satirical feel, still make for a potent offering; the video may be a little goofy, but there’s nothing funny about the off-kilter hook, that will be embedded in your brain. No word on if “iLoveJustinBieber” is part of a larger project, but if you are in need of more, be sure to check out his 0001 project that dropped last month.