In my eyes, what has always made $ilkMoney such a special artist has been his ability to tell it like is without any fluff in between. So few lyricists are able to reach a conclusion and tell a story in such a direct manner, but with his hard-nosed charisma, acrobatic flows, and tireless deliveries, $ilkMoney has become the master of this, showcasing his skills with every new release. Today, he lets this abundant talent speak for itself with an unbelievable new project, IHMLAIRWPWSTMNT, or I Hate My Life and I Really Wish People Would Stop Telling Me Not To. 9 tracks long, the latest from $ilkMoney is a stubborn proclamation that the Virginia native is here, and he’s here to stay. Ethereal production courtesy of Tyler, The Creator, KahlilBlu, TomClancy, and DarthJoom sets up an ominous atmosphere for the tape to stand on, and $ilkMoney is sure to push this backdrop to the next level, letting out every ounce of energy he has left into his dense, chilling verses. The project’s only two features — both from Tyler, The Creator — fit this darkened mood, perfectly, and the result is a tape that will surely turn some heads in the direction of $ilkMoney. …


Peruvian-born trap cowboy, A.CHAL has found a way to marry two contrasting themes into one cohesive showcasing with his new video and song, “DÉJALO.” Released yesterday, the new video is a precursor to A.CHAL’s upcoming six-track EP, titled, EXOTIGAZ. With no release date on the horizon as of yet, the multitalented vocalist is clearly setting a tone in marrying his Peruvian roots with new-age trap sound that translates into mesmerizing visuals. The video opens on A.CHAL and crew turning a seemingly typical horse stable into a party of their own adding their signature neon aesthetic. This electric scenery captures various scenes of A.CHAL and friends as well as the very talented vaquero’s who hold mastery level discipline over their four-legged steeds. Needless to say, the latest from A.CHAL shows immense growth since his last album offering, ON GAZ, released in early June. Watch A.CHAL’s video for his new song, “DÉJALO” below and tell us what you think of the video in the comment section!

Rich Girl Mood – [Dounia & Kehlani]

Along with the release of her brand new project titled The Avant-Garden, rising star Dounia calls on Kehlani today to help complete their stunning new video for “Rich Girl Mood”. This video takes on a raw, authentic look that is accompanied by extraordinary and spirited vocals that promise to catch the attention of all who come across this masterpiece. Dounia captures the environment by stating that “this song and video has levels to it. I love the fact that it’s all natural bodies and cool ass women with amazing energy. I love the fact that it’s a boastful anthem about female bosses! I love inspiring the non-passive and powerful soul inside all of us.” Get used to seeing Dounia’s name and be sure to check out the new video below. Follow Dounia on Twitter and Instagram to find out more and be a part of her success!

Beautiful Smile – [Saba] ft. [IDK]

Following the release of “Stay Right Here” last week, Saba keeps the new music coming with yet another single. Titled “Beautiful Smile”, the Westside wordsmith takes us to the more dismal side of his discography, offering a bleak confrontation of certain aspects of his current place in life. Saba touches on how his life has changed in recent years, the shifting of relationships with people around him and the friends and family he’s lost with a level of vulnerability he’s proven masterful at time and again. His verses unfold like a screenplay, turning stories from his past and present into raps that spawn into vivid images in a listener’s mind. IDK, who dropped his exhilarating ‘IDK & Friends :)’ project just last week, absolutely demolishes his verse as well, making for a natural compliment to Saba. It’s no doubt been a big year for Saba, with the release of ‘Care For Me’ earlier this year bolstering the Chicago native’s status as one of the game’s current strongest lyricists. On “Beautiful Smile”, he keeps things unflinchingly real, making it clear he has no intentions of switching up anytime soon. Stream the new song below and catch Saba at the 2nd annual …

Exhale – [Kemba] ft. [Smino]

Bronx rapper Kemba has been blending thought-provoking lyricism with an uncanny knack for catchy flows for a minute now, and today, he makes his first appearance on our page with his latest song. “Exhale” marks the first single off Kemba’s forthcoming album and features Smino. With a level of lyrical consciousness derived from influences like Mos Def and an untouched confidence following in the footsteps of the Bronx’s hip-hop history, Kemba’s inspirations undoubtedly shine through in his music. With that said, he melds his flows with atmospheric melodies, spiraling in a way that makes each bar connect seamlessly. Smino seems to be riding the momentum of his already highly-acclaimed ‘NOIR’ album that dropped just last week, as he delivers a memorable feature verse that couldn’t be any more Smino-y. “Exhale” feels like a song borne out of a moment of reflection, and Kemba takes inspiration from the people in his life to craft a track that’s bound to stick with you long after it’s over. Listen below:

Oogie Mane: Staying the Course

Influence, popularity, and innovation are all central factors that spur the conversation of “mainstream” versus “underground” in music. It is with these metrics that fans deem their favorite artist an “underground legend” or a full-blown “star”, using popular perception and relative terms to grade an artist’s status of fame in a given ecosystem of music. But sometimes this metric just doesn’t fit. In the age of the internet, where social media paves unique pathways for artists of every imaginable kind, the barrier between the mainstream and the underground has become increasingly blurred. Notably, increased visibility of niche scenes is now allowing mainstream acts to dip their hands into the underground, utilizing the boundary-pushing, non-linear styles of smaller artists to predict innovative pushes in sound. This collaboration, or occasional lack thereof, can be demonstrated in a number of ways, sometimes crediting the smaller acts that influenced a mainstream shift and sometimes not. Here enters “I’m Upset” by Drake: a single released for his Scorpion album that arrived right in the midst of a hallmark rap beef against Pusha T, but even more importantly, a single that exemplifies this blurring line between underground and above. I can recall driving home from my …

In Partnership with Level: Get Featured by Lyrical Lemonade

While we were out at SXSW this past year we ran into a great group of people over at a company called Level and after spending a few days with them one thing was clear to us, they truly care about the artist. The way that they treated each of the artists that they invited to their facilities spoke volumes, they made it a point to go above and beyond to make sure that they were comfortable and had access to anything they needed, so after that trip to Austin I looked more & more into their company. If you are unfamiliar Level is a new music distribution platform for independent artists, with a focus on building community and tools for the next generation of musicians. With Level, you can easily release your music on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and more — for free with no fee or charges during their beta while keeping 100% of the rights to your music. From November 15th to December 12th, you can have an opportunity to get featured on an official Lyrical Lemonade x Level playlist curated by Lyrical Lemonade when you join Level and release an original and unreleased track or album via …

Sincerely – [$ean Wire]

By way of uncompromised execution of creative vision as well as an ample supply of natural talents, Massachusetts artist $ean Wire has been building up quite the reputation in his home state throughout recent years. Taking his work back into the spotlight today, he’s here to make his presence known with a heart-led new single, “Sincerely”, produced by Tropicana Bwoy. The production, swoozy and hypnotic in its slow-burning nature, matches perfectly with Wire’s infectious cadences, and the lyrics bring “Sincerely” to heightened levels of, well, sincerity that listeners can’t help but love. This track is proof that MA’s own is on a promising road to the top, so be sure to get hip by clicking play below and following $ean Wire on Twitter here!

Watch Lil Yachty’s brand new interview with Angie Martinez

Lil Yachty is becoming more and more of a star as the days pass, but he’s about to level up with his huge role in the new How High 2 movie, and he recently stopped by with Angie Martinez for a great conversation! You will find the two of them speaking about plenty of things such as the new movie, voting in Atlanta, dealing with negative people, his first time smoking in six years for the movie, the difference between music and acting, planning on becoming a actor & possible roles he would enjoy, his thoughts on social media, keeping his life private and more. Check out this awesome new interview below!

FM! – [Vince Staples]

It feels like it’s been forever since Vince Staples’ ‘Big Fish Theory’ dropped, even though it came out just last year. Don’t fret, though—the long beach native has been busy working on his next official album, and in the midst of that process, he’s cooked up an entirely separate project which comes to us today. Vince teased ‘FM!’ earlier this week on Instagram, touting it as a project dedicated to, well, himself: “He said he needed something that represented him and where he comes from so here it is.” All jokes aside, it becomes clear what Vince is referring to as soon as you hit play on ‘FM’. Delivering flows that echo his West Coast predecessors over beats that conjure up the heat of his home climate, he sounds undoubtedly in his bag. Vince makes sure to pack as much as he can in the 22-minute runtime, keeping things interesting with moments of volatility contrasted with his untouched levels of cool. He doesn’t go it alone, either, recruiting a circle of friends and collaborators including Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign, Earl Sweatshirt, and E-40. Peep ‘FM!’ and also check out the video for “FUN!” below: