Infrared – [Lord Felix]

In the 2 years that I’ve been paying attention to Lord Felix, one element of his catalog has remained constant: that of progression. If not anything else, each new release from the Massachusetts talent has always been a step forward, and whether or not it clicked with fans, Felix has never paused his growth, even for a moment. This resilience has left the budding talent hungrier than ever in more recent releases, clearly displayed in his growing creative ambition as of late (he even turned an Elton John classic into a song of his own — and it worked). Today, bringing all of this progression to an apex of sorts, Lord Felix is here to cement his spot with an impenetrable new release, Infrared. At the very core of the new EP, 4 tracks in length, is the reflection of a clear turning point happening in Massachusetts right now. Felix — along with his ever-exciting collective, Van Buren — is slowly but surely beginning to take over the state’s blossoming local hip-hop scene, refusing anything less than the top with a thrilling sense of artistry. Manifested into the almost-rebellious fuel of songs like “Hunnid Dollar Socks,” this clear vision for the future …

Ciscero’s Summer EP – [Ciscero]

It’s been a hot minute since we have heard from DMV emcee Ciscero. Yet another talented voice from the DMV, it’s only a matter of time until he pops so I’ve been anxious to see him getting back to dropping music. Though we are still awaiting the album, Ciscero recently dropped off a two-track EP entitled Cisecero’s Summer, which serves as a nice reminder of what he is capable of. Squeezing those last little bits of summer, “Swing” has a breezy, warm feel established by thmwy’s drum-engined boardwork. Fellow DMV-native Foggieraw, with his croaking flow, is a great change of pace to Rocket’s inviting hook and Cisecero’s upbeat, magnetic approach. “RNS” shares a similar vibe with a crisp, breezy beat from Latrell James. Here, Cisecero takes solo-duty finessing the beat, squeezing some loaded bars into the beat, while maintaining the cooler-than-the other-side-of-the-pillow charisma. With the release, the emcee pleads, “Don’t sit on your music,” and the off the cuff release method only echo the emcee’s natural, easy-going appeal.

Still – [Latrell James]

Boston native Latrell James is a one-of-a-kind type of talent. Prideful as can be in the integrity of his artistic output, James never rushes his releases and refuses to compromise the quality of his art, which, over the years, has let to a notably limited output and a remarkably high standard for new releases. You’ll never catch Latrell James with anything less than stellar, and furthermore, you’ll never catch him dropping a song or project that doesn’t accurately reflect his mindset or current position in life. Unlike such a large portion of artists in the age of the internet, Latrell James really, truly cares, and this thoughtful vision couldn’t come together better than in his brand new EP, Still. Taking the place of his once long-awaited album (which was two years in the making), this EP is the result of James scrapping the project and turning toward a smaller body of work to better represent his current state. Just 5 tracks in length, Still certainly keeps things concise, but packed with insightful commentary on racism, ambition, finding oneself and one’s voice, the effects of success, and so much more, James is able to make the most of each and every second of the project. …

One Call – [Latrell James]

From Mac Miller to Nipsey Hussle and several others, the rap world as of late has suffered several monumental losses. Every time one of these tragedies occurs, the conversation becomes all about giving people their flowers and appreciating those around you before they’re gone, but rarely do we actually take the time to put these ideas into practice. Here to remind listeners of just how real mortality truly is, Latrell James is back on our pages with a thoughtful new single, “One Call.” Per usual, this track provides an inspired, thought-provoking example of James’ artistry. His music is purposeful by nature, and because James has something to say as an artist, it’s always refreshing to hear the MA native return to the spotlight with a new release. With this in mind, in the case of “One Call,” this purposeful artistry takes toward appreciating and being there for our loved ones, especially when life isn’t guaranteed. Needless to say, this is exactly the kind of song that I’m sure we could all use right now. Whether or not we actively take time out of our busy lives to show appreciation to others, I’m sure we can all get better and realize that …

Tracphone – [Latrell James]

In all the time I’ve been listening to his music, I’ve always found great reverence in the way that Latrell James is able to turn life into song in such a seamless manner. Without losing any energy or meaning in the process, James always knows how to find the art in the world around him, just as listeners can see in his brand new single, “Trachpone.” Taking listeners on a journey through the success and progress that the rising talent has experienced so far, this offering smiles at the role that growth plays in our lives and professional careers, using it as a vehicle for the Boston native’s proudly future-minded lyricism. Backed by a lively instrumental and a colorful palette of cadences, “Tracphone” finds replay value in its ability to resonate, making this a must-listen for anyone out there working toward their dreams. That said, even while Latrell James chooses to focus on how far he’s come with this release, he certainly doesn’t shy away from the fact that to grow is to see both ups and downs. This honesty is sure to connect to a wide audience, so listen to “Tracphone” at the link below and let us know what you think …

Okay – [Latrell James]

As many of our readers should know at this point, Boston is currently home to one of the most exciting budding music scenes in the U.S. right now. It’s a hotbed for rising talent, and few artists embody this refreshing wave of sound better than Boston native Latrell James, who’s here today to unveil his new music video for the energetic single, “Okay”. As a rulebook for staying sane in 2018, this track masters the art of reflection simply by bringing forth the most honest version of Latrell James possible. His vocals are crisp and compact, and as a result, this sonic atmosphere allows for the visuals to come in and bring the anthemic nature of “Okay” to an entirely new level, illustrating the thematic sequencing of the song in an artistic, thoughtful way. Deservedly from winning “Song of the Year” at the Boston Music Awards, “Okay” is a song that needs to take hold of your speakers heading into 2019, so use this opportunity to get right and check out the video at the link below! Directed by Dylan Fout Edited/Colored by Dylan Fout Produced by Loman

Nothing. – [Lord Felix]

Lord Felix is a name that we’ve covered several times here on Lyrical Lemonade, and quite frankly, with each successive release, the Brockton, MA native has been providing ample reason as to why he’s about to be the next big thing out of his buzzing home state. Today, listeners are blessed with yet another reason in the form of Felix’s latest single, “Nothing.” Acting as the lead track off of his forthcoming project, this Donato-produced offering finds our hero in a dreaming of state of pure love and undiluted affection. It brings to fruition a beautiful depiction of running away with the one you love, and by embracing an energetic, rhythmic beat to fit the theme, we receive a cohesive, gorgeous offering that deserves to be kept on repeat for the weeks to come. That said, show Lord Felix some love en route to his new project and listen to “Nothing.” at the link below! Additional vocals from Notebook P Written by Lord Felix Recorded and mixed by Latrell James Mastered by Leo The Kind

Today – [Latrell James]

Inspiration within music comes from a variety of sources, but if you ask Latrell James, he’ll tell you that it’s all a product of having someone believe in you. No matter how big or how small, this belief is what inspires us all, and such is the case in James’ newest single, “Today”. Produced by Tedd Boyd, this infectious offering takes to a soulful sound to connect the dots and bring its message full circle. Lyrically, we hear about how the best of times and worst of times have each contributed to the man that Latrell James is today, and the production follows, offering its own echo with hard-hitting drums and groovy melodies to match. That being said, “Today” marks the second incredible new track that we have received from James in 2018 alongside his last offering, “Okay“. The stocks are rising for this highly-talented artist and the music is backing it up, so listen to his latest effort at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Okay – [Latrell James]

It’s been a minute since Boston rapper Latrell James last dropped new music but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been keeping busy. Since releasing his debut project “Twelve” in 2016, James has garnered attention in other ways, penning a ridiculously catchy jingle for a Cheerios commercial and landing major production credits with the likes of Cousin Stizz. But today, James gets back behind the mic for his new single “Okay”.  He wastes no time on this one, immediately finding his flow and letting listener’s know what’s been weighing on his mind throughout his hiatus. Producer Billy Loman supplies the fuel to James’ flows, emphasizing his bars with a mesmerizing beat. Stream the track below and keep an eye out for more from Latrell James soon:

Basic Cable – [James Guild]

By way of refined artistry and a knack for consistently heightening his already-high threshold of quality for new music, Massachusetts native James Guild is one of those artists that hit me right off the bat as a name to look out for. Showcasing his standout execution of creative vision with his newest release, “Basic Cable”, Guild is here to let us know that it is officially time to begin the rollout of his forthcoming debut, PHNX. Utilizing disorganized imagery and a visually-represented mental state of confusion as it dives deep into the crevices of Guild’s mental state, this track achieves a perfect duality between the subject matter of discovering inner demons and enthusiastic production via Latrell James. The Lord Felix-directed visuals paint this image both carefully and descriptively, making for an all-around fantastic video and audio release to let fans know who James Guild is as we approach his debut project. With that being said, be sure to check out “Basic Cable” below and let us know what you think in the comments.