Watch DJ Paul’s brand new interview with Berner

Berner has been creating a super dope platform with his new Berner’s Round Table, and the legendary DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia was the latest guest on his episode! They spoke about plenty of things such as how often he has to clear samples, being in the game for about three decades, influencing people through music, his catalog, crunk music, working with Pimp C & Bun B, tour stories, the artists he has signed, random celebrities he has partied with, when he first moved from Memphis to LA, his father teaching him out to be a businessman, working on movies and TV shows, Hustle & Flow, bringing the Oscar award to restaurants, producers now compared to back in the day and he even drops off some legendary stories. Take about an hour out of your day to watch this interview featuring one of hip-hop greats!

Cowboy Talk – [Donald Grunge]

With “Old Town Road” climbing up the charts and taking over the conversation on social media, the music world is beaming with Western-influence and trends right now. For Massachusetts native Donald Grunge, this trend is nothing new, however, as his cowboy-themed mixtape entitled, well, CowboyTalk, came out over 4 months ago. Even before then, Grunge had been headed this direction for quite some time throughout the project’s creation, and today, we see this vision come full circle as MA’s own hits our pages with the spectacular new visuals for CowboyTalk‘s title track. Dressed in a Toby Keith shirt, jeans, and his very best cowboy boots, this music video is a perfect representation of the off-the-wall, unapologetically true-to-self creativity that I’ve come to know and love Grunge for over the years. Yes, it’s an odd sight to see the rising artist dance around in this outfit on the top of a mountain and even ride a horse, but it’s as Grunge as it gets, eccentricities and all. The uncontainable energy of the song soars to new heights when translated onto the screen, and the Western theme, as a whole, finds new life thanks to this music video. Donald Grunge and his wild Western image …

SahBabii Just Wants To Have Fun

The world’s first major exposure to the name SahBabii arrived in the form of a bubbling street anthem entitled “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick”. Combining bright melodies and a lighthearted sound with threatening lyrics and all the appeal of a street-raised rapper, it combined two worlds of rap music into a refreshing blend of joyous and hardened charisma — an odd combination, but one that worked with a degree of unexpectedly seamless chemistry. SahBabii had arrived, and in an unconventional fashion, he had taken the spotlight in what many might have predicted would be a short run in the limelight. As is the case with many viral internet stars, the Atlanta bred artist had made way to the front of every blog with an eclectic sense of artistry as his support, but it was still unclear whether he would last or not. The truth is, especially in the run-and-gun age of streaming, not many viral hits offer any sense of longevity, and while “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” remained on repeat for the time being, the future was uncertain. It wouldn’t be long until another viral sensation came along and took the throne, consequently leaving SahBabii in the dust. Then …

CowboyTalk – [Donald Grunge]

While the worlds of hip-hop and country music may seem like polar opposites on the surface, it can be oddly magical when an artist attempts to find a fusion between the two. Here to take on the challenge is a Boston-based act by the name of Donald Grunge with his latest project, CowboyTalk. 7 tracks long, this tape is by far one of the most creative we’ve heard in recent memory, as Grunge’s otherworldly vocals take on a life of their own amidst such energetic production. Surely, CowboyTalk is creatively ambitious, but it’s also extremely well-executed, shedding a light on one of Boston’s finest rising talents at the moment. The tape’s two singles — “Guitar Grunge” and “Snake In My Boot” — set up a perfect alley-oop for the main entree, and just as we anticipated, Grunge released a slam dunk. Stream CowboyTalk below and stay updated on the latest from Grunge by following him on Twitter here! Art by @gregisonfire Produced by Mike Hector, David Walker, JORD4NEVERDIED, Chris Tophr, Jonny Doobs, Maka, & Humbeats

Reel It In (Remix) – [Aminé] [Gucci Mane]

Ever since the release of Aminé’s incredible new project, ONEPOINTFIVE, I’ve been keeping the Portland representative’s music in heavy rotation. In my eyes, he’s two for two on full-lengths at this point, and with more than enough buzz around his name to keep the success rolling in, Aminé is here today to revisit the standout track, “Reel It In“, blessing it with a feature from none other than the legend himself, Gucci Mane. Just as you may have expected, this remix is a huge moment for Aminé and his fans alike. Hearing Gucci slide over some of the smoothest production of the year courtesy of LDG Beats and Tee-WaTT is a beautiful sight to see as a fan, and it acts as a testament to all of the well-deserved success the ONEPOINTFIVE has seen all year long. Aminé is going to be around for quite a while, so get used to it. Click play on the Gucci Mane-assisted remix of “Reel It In” at the link below!

The Interlude – [A$AP Ant]

A$AP Ant is a remarkably consistent member of the A$AP Mob, and by always sticking to his guns and making the money-minded anthems that we know and love him for, the budding star never fails to turn some heads with his music. Today, Ant is back on our lemon-filled pages with a brand new, 17-song project entitled The Interlude. Luxurious and hypnotic in sound, this project certainly shows some growth in Ant’s sound. He determines his goals and shoots toward them with a clear mind and definite focus, offering up clever lyricism and an ample supply of his steal-the-room, charismatic personality. Also featuring appearances from LuLu P, Baby 9eno, Coldgame Slayter, Nbdys100, Soduh, Benji Blue, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Gabby, Dufflebag Boog, and MoneyMarr, this project is star-studded in every way, giving even more reason why you need to click play. The Interlude is a standout moment for A$AP Ant, so be sure to check out the DJ Nick-hosted album at the link provided below!

Replay Interlude – [SuperSmashBroz] ft. [Jefe Replay]

For those who have been following Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, you may remember a write up we did on Boston DJs the SuperSmashBroz and their Massachusetts-oriented compilation project, Family Cookout last summer. Well, today, the SmashBroz continue what has been an eventful summer of shows and new releases with a brand new set of visuals for the song “Replay Interlude” off of the project. Featuring none other than Jefe Replay, this music video finds the Boston rapper in a natural atmosphere of women and partying, unleashing a barrage of clever bars with the same effortless style that we know and love him for. The Snapchat-incorporating scenery shows off unforgettable nights of good times, and all in all, this is a dope visual companion to go alongside a hard-hitting song, The SuperSmashBroz aren’t playing around this summer, so check out their latest offering at the link provided below! Shot by M9 Visuals Produced by LDG Beats

All Adds Up – [Cousin Stizz]

In all honesty, Cousin Stizz is one of the best rappers we have right now in terms of communicating his truths and doing so with a combination of two things: a skillful pen and a charismatic personality. Once these elements come into contact with one another, the result is a never-ending supply of hits, and acting as a lead example is Stizz’s latest surprise release, the 3-track EP, All Adds Up. In many ways, this quick drop feels to be a direct reflection of Stizz’s sleepless nights in the studio. His to-the-point rhymes clash with ominous production to make for a mini project that shows us why all signs are pointing to the top for the Boston native, but not without the assistance of some serious hard work. That said, All Adds Up is determined as ever and focused as ever, so be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments! Artwork by @GoodwinWinsgood Production by @TeeWaTT,  @norfsidenesquik, @mikehector, @LDG_Beats & @prodxturtle

Codename: Girls Next Door – [Gin Mason] [CHI]

It comes as no surprise by now that Massachusetts is home to an incredible number of rising artists. Amidst the finest of these artists are Gin Mason and CHI: two remarkably gifted talents that are here today to present fans with a 6-track project, Codename: Girls Next Door alongside Boston DJ duo the SuperSmashBroz. For those who have been paying close attention to our pages recently, you may remember the first single from the project, “Girls Night“, released a few weeks back. We heard great promise on this loose release, but now that the final product is finally here, it goes without saying that Mason and CHI have blessed us all with a worthy soundtrack for the good times that arrive with the warm weather. Each song is immaculately placed in a way such that its full effect is felt, and the solo feature from fellow Boston native Michael Christmas only acts a cherry on top to the melodic track and my personal favorite off of the project, “Fronto”. Additionally, we need to acknowledge production credits from LDG, Maka, Tee-WaTT, the SuperSmashBroz, and KorHef, all of which absolutely snapped in their respective roles. The latest collaborative offering from Gin Mason and CHI deserves …

Guitar Grunge – [Donald Grunge]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today is an artist by the name of Donald Grunge with a brand new, sun-soaked offering, “Guitar Grunge”. Hailing from Massachusetts, this rising talent has been making waves in his home city for quite some time now by way of relentless authenticity and an unforgettable, unique style. Grunge’s passionate deliveries never fail to impress, and with his latest, Maka-produced single, we see the full potential of this incredibly talented individual take the spotlight. The warm-weathered energy that radiates throughout “Guitar Grunge” is truly second to none in terms of engaging listeners, and as such, this track demands to be kept on repeat all summer long. That being said, be sure to keep this one in heavy rotation by clicking play at the link below and follow Donald Grunge on Twitter here!