Shaping the Sound of COA

There is no single album that quite matches the level of influence at a forward-thinking level in the realms of pop music this year than ericdoa’s COA. Being the most prominent instance of this coming paradigm shift for the genre, the all-encompassing impact that this album has as it stands today will ring true for the months and years to come as we enter this brand new era. Of course this status mostly results from the album’s star figure in Eric himself; not a single soul could possibly ignore the masterwork that he put in throughout each and every track without a single miss in sight. His energy was enigmatic; his delivery was entrancing; and his overall musicianship was exuberant and ever-so-perfected as he truly came into his own element as the tried and true pop phenom he was destined to be. But even Eric could only do so much on his end as a singular presence on the mic. The setting that surrounded him – both physically and inside the music as it came to be – played integral roles in crafting what would end up being this impactful and momentous musical experience. Simply put, if Eric was not …

SLiiDE – [SEBii] x [ericdoa]

Music stands out in such a tellingly unique manner when a perceived sense of chemistry between two or more artists can be identified. Not only is the working relationship on the song itself as strong as ever in the process, but this fact becomes that much more abundantly clear when the given artists build off of each other on the track throughout its entirety — creating an atmosphere only reserved for occasions like these.    In saying this, the bond shared by the 5 individuals who come together on pop music phenom SEBii’s latest single “SLiiDE” is unmatched in its vivid sense of comradery and comfort between each other, as SEBii himself is joined by fellow pop standout ericdoa on the mic here, with the duo’s frequent collaborators Glasear, Kimj, and vvspipes all on production collectively.    The song certainly has an incredibly distinct aura about it as a result of these 5 close friends all joining together to make a resounding and simply momentous experience with their ever-so-apparent talents shining through as they do here. Put simply, each and every individual’s most defining attributes are on their fullest display here, and in the process, a magnificent pop offering comes …

Til I Die – [6o]

With limited posts on socials, none of which include a picture of himself, 6o is keeping things under lock and key. He may not be active on socials (which actually is quite refreshing) but 6o is staying active where it counts, the music. In under a month, he’s dropped off three stellar cuts with the most recent, “Til I Die,” arguably the strongest of the bunch. Vocally 6o showcases his silky, melodic vocals, doing a great job of maintaining the light, atmospheric feel, while still carrying some real emotion. It’s that emotion, and the way it both blends with and contrasts the string-driven boardwalk from Kimj and Relik, that, in my opinion, makes this the best of 6o’s January releases (but, honestly, you can’t really go wrong). No word on a larger project from 6o, but if January was any indication, we should be hearing from him again soon.