I WISH – [The Kid LAROI]

The Kid LAROI is a sixteen-year-old artist from Australia who is going to be a superstar in due time, no question about it. He is one of the most talented artists that I have had the pleasure of listening to over the last several years, he has the voice of an angel + he can be very descriptive of the pain he has felt in his life through his music. I believe that trait is a large reason as to why his fan base has resonated with him so much to this point, aside from the phenomenal music itself, but the wild part is I don’t think he has even scratched the surface of his potential yet. Check out this new release below and if you like what you see/hear, give LAROI a follow on Twitter here! Directed by Josh Jones

Tell Me Why – [The Kid Laroi]

The story of The Kid Laroi has been an inspiring one up until this point in his life, he was homeless in Australia just a few years ago just trying to make his dream come true of being a successful rapper in America, and now here he is, more successful than he (probably) ever imagined. Laroi is a wide renown artist who for my money, is the most talented + youngest artist in the game, seeing as he is still just barely legal to drive a vehicle at sixteen years of age. Today, The Kid Laroi is back on our platform with his brand new music video for “Tell Me Why”. Any Laroi or Lyrical Lemonade fan definitely understands the unique bond that Cole + The Kid Laroi have, they have created some classic visuals together in the past, but this new one takes the cake in my opinion. The Kid Laroi has really become a consistent artist who produces catchy + addicting records over and over again, I believe that as he continues to progress as an artist, he is going to become a massive artist not only here in the states, but worldwide. The Kid Laroi & Cole did …

Hate the Other Side – [Juice WRLD] ft. [Polo G] [The Kid Laroi] & [Marshmello]

Although Juice WRLD might not physically be here with us to enjoy how successful and just all-out wonderful his album Legends never Die is, he’s definitely looking down from the heavens smiling. His artistry and talent exceeded pretty much any other musician you can think of and he’s touched the lives of so many people, it’s kind of insane when you truly think about it. Considering new music videos are tough to create, Juice’s team has been thinking outside of the box and delivering some incredible visuals through archived clips, animations, and visualizers that do a fantastic job of contributing to his legacy. “Hate the Other Side” is the most recent song to receive a visualizer, and I was ecstatic to see this considering it’s possibly my favorite song off the album, although that’s a hard choice to definitively say because every single song is incredible. I’m positive that you’ve had to have heard it by now, but in case you haven’t, I’ll briefly touch on the different elements of the track. Marshmello created the beat with tender, sorrowful guitar riffs coupled with chattering percussion and pungent, sharp drums that give this track a gloomy yet energetic bounce. Although Juice …

Witness – [Phi11a] Ft. [Trippie Redd]

This afternoon we have an artist from Australia that goes by Phi11a who is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut this Monday with the release of his new music video for “Witness” featuring Trippie Redd. This music video finds the two emcees kicking it in the studio, where I assume is where they cooked this heat up, bouncing energy back + forth as they both spit their contributions to this track. An interesting aspect of Phi11a is how many dope artists have been coming to the United States and blowing up their careers such as The Kid Laroi, hopefully Phi11a will become that for Sydney, Australia. I wasn’t very familiar with Phi11a before getting approached with this music video, but I did enjoy his sound + I will be keeping an eye on him moving forward. Take some minutes out of your Monday to watch this brand new music video below, and if you like what you hear/see then be sure to share this visual with a friend!

Fade Away – [The Kid LAROI] ft. [Lil Tjay]

Although he still has a long way to go before truly becoming a star, The Kid LAROI has all the ingredients needed to become the next big thing in Hip-Hop. His voice is incredible, he can utilize multiple styles as necessary, and he just has an addicting sound that’s not something that can be learned, but he was rather just born with so much raw talent. Lil Tjay, on the other hand, has the music industry in the palm of his hand, working with some of the biggest names in Rap while holding his own on solo releases at the same time. Both of these artists have such a unique and individualistic sound within their music due to their incredible voices and rhythmic abilities, so it only makes sense that a song with both of them on it was a hit from its very inception. “Fade Away” is more along the lines of a Tjay song in my opinion because of the emotional piano keys, simplistic percussion, and delayed drums that don’t begin until about a minute in when the first hook is sung. Tjay also carries the brunt of the workload in this song, using this platform as a …

Addison Rae – [The Kid LAROI]

Every day it seems like younger and younger artists are making massive waves which is so impressive to me. They don’t let their age create a barrier and a lot of times, fans don’t even realize how old they are because the music they make is just so impressive, it’s hard to believe a teenager is the one bringing it to life. The Kid LAROI is a perfect example considering he’s a 16-year-old Australian rapper who has been absolutely blowing up in the last few months. It’s for good reason too, as his talent is abundantly dynamic and his knack for creating beyond catchy flows is just natural. Hearing him speak makes him sound much more mature and advanced than a typical teenager and he’s got a fantastically creative brain, so beyond the hits he has already made, he’s bound for greatness moving forward. With the major impact TikTok has had on the entertainment world recently, LAROI decided he was going to capitalize on this and make a song named after one of the biggest stars on the social media platform “Addison Rae”. His voice is really what makes the largest impact on this song, but some airy synths, echoing …

Diva – [The Kid LAROI] ft. [Lil Tecca]

The Kid LAROI’s takeover seems inevitable at this point. The buzzing Austrailian artist continues to build traction with his versatile mix of angsty pop melodies and addictive flows, and these highlights of his music come through loud and clear on his new track, “Diva”. Not to mention he adds fuel to the fire with a feature from Lil Tecca, a combo that meshes naturally over the song’s trappy, upbeat production by Dez Wright. Following up his work with Cole Bennett on the music video for “Let Her Go,” LAROI and Cole make it happen once again with another memorable and crisply edited visual for “Diva”. The video has fun with the song’s subject matter, showcasing Tecca and LAROI trying to get away from a neurotic diva personality. In between, the two young and already-certified hitmakers click on-camera and on the record, making for a collab that’ll soon find its way into your daily rotation.    

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Let Her Go – [The Kid LAROI]

The Kid LAROI is someone that my homie Lil Jake has been telling me about for some time now, so when he convinced me to check him out in the past I was impressed with the material, and today The Kid LAROI is making his way on our way with his brand new music video for “Let Her Go” directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett! One thing that you have to appreciate about Cole is that he works with who he wants no matter how well known they are, he has an uncanny ability to help artists kickstart their career + I predict that this is the first major step of the start of a successful + longlasting career for The Kid LAROI. This artist possess a ton of talent and potential that is displayed in this new visual, the sky is the limit for him and we are rooting for him, watch this brand new music video below + be sure to smash that like button.