Watch Wale’s brand new interview with Genius

Wale has been red hot all year long and right now he is in a very good place, so when I saw he sat down with the big homie Rob Markman for a brand new interview I stopped what I was doing & gave it my utmost attention. These two legends spoke about plenty of things such as the positive reception from his brand new album Wow… That’s Crazy, his sensational catalog, being a Virgo, how he came up for the title of his album, his friendship with J. Cole, Kid Cudi, his time with Interscope Records, being a storyteller, some of his favorite material he has created, Rick Ross, advice he would give to younger artists, self-love and he broke down some of the songs off of his new album in-depth. Watch this new conversation below!

Honest – [Baby Keem]

Las Vegas rapper Baby Keem continues to apply pressure and releases psychedelic and euphoric visuals for his single “Honest.” Director James R. Weneta and Keem do a masterful job in piecing together the shots and different scenes for this video. The video kicks off with Keem resting peacefully before we venture into his mind to explore what’s going on in the teenage rappers subconscious. They keep the video interesting with the panning of the camera from scene to scene to capture different moments in the song as Baby Keem melodically glides over Honest’s instrumental. Even though it has been a couple of weeks since its release Baby Keem’s album ‘Die For My Bitch’ has been one of the albums I’ve been going back to daily because of songs like this. With “Honest” you hear vulnerable bars from Keem as he explains the constant tug of war he deals with from women, fame and himself. “Honest” sounds like if Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi had a baby and spat out a track that embodies an eerie but serene vibe. Watch Baby Keem’s video for “Honest” after the break.

Highlights of Bonnaroo 2019

I have attended Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee three times now in the past five years and it has quickly grown into one of my favorite festival experiences! The first time that I attended Bonnaroo (2014) I had just turned eighteen years old and took the trip down with my brother to see Chance The Rapper the first time he graced the stage there (at 3am if I’m not mistaken) and we also got to see Kanye West perform in front of nearly 90,000 attendees. The second time I got the opportunity to go to Bonnaroo was in 2017 when Chance performed in front of 80,000 people, I took the trip last minute and took a car full of his merchandise down there with my roommate & co-worker at the time (we worked in his merch department at the time for more context). The experience I had that year was just as wonderful as my first time, I was a little bit more experienced with my surroundings and was able to soak in the environment a little bit more. As the event went on I got to see first hand how diverse the festival was with their crowd, …

Tobi Lou: Chicago’s Rising Superhero

Tobi Lou is a lot of things: he is a unbelievably talented artist, a trend setter, a Chicagoan, a unique individual and a self proclaimed superhero. I don’t believe that’s far fetched either: the way that Tobi has built his career to this point, the positive + contagious energy he puts out, his extraordinary charisma, it’s something like a superhero. About a month or so ago I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview Tobi Lou after his sensational set at Governors Ball in New York, and after being a huge fan & rooting for Tobi over the past couple of years, I had a bunch of questions I wanted to ask him! I have spoke to hundreds of artists in the past but this conversation that I had with Tobi Lou is one of my favorites for sure, he has a great energy & aura around him, he is undeniably himself and it’s only a matter of time before he is one of the biggest artists in the world. Take some time out of your day to learn about Tobi Lou below, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter & Instagram! Visit Tobi Lou’s website here!   EM: …

Maxo Kream: Unparalleled Integrity

It’s 8:30 PM on Wednesday night, just two days before the release of Maxo Kream’s major-label debut, Brandon Banks. Piling into a dim, luxurious room at Manhattan’s 40/40 club, fans and peers alike await Kream’s arrival. Conversation is light, but the overarching meaning of the moment makes the air feel dense. Now years in the making, Maxo Kream’s slow-burning ascent is reaching a new apex, and this small room of listeners is fortunate enough to become witness just days before the album’s official release. A few moments later, a thunderous presence makes his way down the hallway. Turning left, he enters the room, 4 glossy chains on neck and followed by a posse of friends. It’s Maxo Kream, the man of the night. With each step, his presence grows stronger as the heads begin to turn toward his direction. Kream’s face lights up to see the welcoming crowd of listeners, but his eyes maintain a focused glare under the soft lights. The closer and closer he moves to the center of attention, the more the moment begins to set in. Here, just minutes away from clicking play on his long-awaited new album, time seems to slow down. The message becomes …

Kid Cudi (Remix) – [Xavier Wulf] x [Playboi Carti] x [Young Nudy]

At this point in the summer, if you’re any sort of rap listener – whether it’s casual or you’re an aficionado – you’ve likely heard “Kid Cudi,” (AKA Pissy Pamper) by Playboi Carti and Young Nudy. This track was leaked in late spring, and caught fire on both Soundcloud and YouTube, with Carti even performing it live at multiple shows. Many have attempted remixes of the brilliant track, but none have done so like Xavier Wulf in his latest release just a few days ago. Xavier comes in hot with his signature flow and energy, making anyone from your best friend to your grandma want to get up and move. ”At first I told her no, but now I think I’ll have a sip – ever since I got my money right I’m smiling like the Grinch.” I found myself cheesing to this head-banging line just like many of the Memphis native’s tracks have done in times past. The joint has already reached a staggering 280k streams in just three days on Soundcloud. Listen to “Kid Cudi (Remix)” below!

Our 50 Favorite Kid Cudi Songs

Bravery in vulnerability. Honesty in the face of pain. Effortless trend-setting. Undying authenticity. Inimitable talent. Astonishing hooks, soaring highs, and heartfelt lows. Creative ambition. The list goes on. These attributes and so many more are what makes Kid Cudi a living legend. From his stature as one of the most sonically and aesthetically influential artists alive to an entire catalog of classic albums, mixtapes, features, and chart-topping singles, there’s no denying the sheer impact and importance of the Cleveland-bred artist. His contributions not only to music, but to mental health awareness, fashion, and even acting range over a broad palette of interests and ventures, all of which bring fans back to the one and only Scott Mescudi — a multi-talented star in every right and the kind of artist and human that only comes around once in a lifetime. For our team at Lyrical Lemonade and for countless others, Kid Cudi has soundtracked some of our best moments in life just as much as he’s saved and helped us in our worst. With this in mind, to say that Kid Cudi is an artist for all occasions is an understatement, and furthermore, to say that he’s touched countless lives is …

Dangerous – [ScHoolboy Q] ft. [Kid Cudi]

Looking at 2019 as a whole so far, ScHoolboy Q’s Crash Talk remains one of the premiere releases of the year. Few, if any, albums have brought forth such fascinating, well-executed storytelling, and even further, beyond the music, few albums have seen such advanced and vivid creative direction. With this, Q is back once again to add yet another dimension to the album in the brand new video for “Dangerous.” While this song may be one of the slower and shorter cuts on the album — almost taking on the form of an interlude — there’s no doubt that it’s sun-soaked, ominous aesthetic acts as the perfect backdrop for Q’s chilling lyricism. Cudi’s vocals seep into the fabric of the song in a way that can’t help but give you the chills, and the instrumental effortlessly paints a snapshot of Q’s world with each successive note. As one might be able to tell, I absolutely love this song, and the complementary visuals certainly didn’t disappoint. Featuring a quick shootout scene and a subsequent drive-by, this striking music video brings listeners in on the true impact of the “kill or be killed” mentality. Just like that, lives are lost, and Q and Cudi …

Dangerous – [ScHoolboy Q] x [Kid Cudi]

ScHoolboy Q took a commanding surge back into the rap game with his most recent album CrasH Talk, with the album itself and several of the tracks inside soaring to the top of hip-hop charts on multiple different sites. One of the most popular tracks among the album was “Dangerous,” which features the larger-than-life figure Kid Cudi. Though the song was one of my favorites of the album, the visual to go along with it that released earlier today is one of the more prominent and lasting ones I’ve seen yet this year. It features Schoolboy and a fellow actor laying low in their Chevy sedan, waiting to pull up on an enemy. It’s unclear why they’re pulling up, but nevertheless the two leave the car, pistols on their side and execute a man walking down the alley with his back turned to them. As ScHoolboy and the accomplice jump back in the getaway car following the execution and speed off, a title page appears saying, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Immediately following the title page comes a scene with Chevy speeding off from an aerial view, and another black sedan pulling up next to them …

Watch Young Nudy’s New Interview With Complex

Young Nudy has risen to stardom over the past year or so with his wildly distinct voice and rare flows, and has found himself working with legends like Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, 21 Savage, and J. Cole, just to name a few. His latest project Sli’merre is a joint project with legendary ATL producer Pi’erre Bourne. This interview with Complex becomes quite interesting, because though usually, Nudy is not one of many words, they’re able to get him comfortable in front of the camera and touch on some well-thought and intriguing questions that let the viewer know the hilarious and genuine Young Nudy a little more on his trek to the top. Some interesting questions asked include how he goes about creating concepts in his songs, does he write songs, how he came to work with Pi’erre, why a lot of his songs have food in the title, and what music inspires him to create. Nudy then finishes out the interview talking about his viral leak, “Pissy Pamper/Kid Cudi” that he collaborated with Playboi Carti on. Be sure to watch the interview below!