Watch Key!’s New Documentary With The FADER

KEY!, otherwise known as FatManKey, is one of the most influential figures in rap right now. For a decade and counting, he’s remained prolific in the hip-hop conversation not only as one of the genre’s best A&Rs (Post Malone, 21 Savage, and Playboi Carti are amongst the discoveries on his resume), but also as an originator of just about every popular style you’ve heard over the past 10 years or so. Somehow and some way, the rap world always traces back to KEY!, and today, The FADER has done a noble job of championing this influence with their latest mini-doc, KEY! – Spectacular, Immaculate. Nodding to a line off of “It Gets Better” — my personal favorite cut off of the acclaimed project 777 — the title of the video is a perfect reflection of KEY!’s effortlessly cool demeanor. Even if he’s not the one running up the charts and dominating the spotlight, KEY! always seems to gravitate toward the best, if not most important, events going on in rap, and it all stems back to his endless creativity and easily-lovable personality. No one does it quite like Atlanta’s own, and tracking KEY!’s 2018 journey from Atlanta all the way to NYC for …

Hard Soft – [KEY!]

Just as it’s been for the past decade, at this point, no one is quite like Key!, and for this reason and more, it becomes obvious why he’s become such an influential mainstay in a game known for its high turnover rate. From hilarious, relatable scenarios to true, heartfelt emotions, Key! always knows what strings to tug and where to fling his energetic deliveries, just as we saw in his latest project, So Emotional. Today, the Atlanta native himself is here to revisit the project with a brand new video for my personal favorite cut, “Hard Soft.” Constantly blurring the line between reality and animation, this visual offering has to be in consideration for one of the best of the year. The director, Lonewolf, is always sure to come through with some magic, but in the case of “Hard Soft,” he’s simply outdone himself, including incredible finishing touches from the Matt Ox cameo to the unbelievable editing on the gunshot scene. Key! made a great song and an even better full project, and now, Lonewolf has honored this with an unreal music video to match. Be sure to watch “Hard Soft” below and let us know what you think in the …


Fresh off the release of his new album, ‘SO EMOTIONAL,’ KEY! is teasing new visuals for an exciting record called ‘Hard Soft’. The song is a conglomeration of the two sides of KEY!: the more aggressive side of the artist that makes bangers like “Remember Me“ featuring Rico Nasty; and the softer, more emotional side that spawns records like, ‘Love On Ice,’ the remix of which features 6LACK. On, ‘Hard Soft,’ KEY! raps in third person, questioning how he’s able to remain both tough and sentimental at the same time, noting that he’s, ‘Hard, soft in the middle.’ The production, courtesy of 14GOLDS, is spacey and woozy, with a reverberating flute, hard hitting 808, and classic trap drums creating the a perfect platform for KEY! to flex over. Throughout the new song he boasts his wealth, while his flows are somewhat reminiscent of fellow Atlanta legend Gucci Mane, but still remain distinctly unique. Check out this song below and the new album, ‘SO EMOTIONAL,’ and be on the lookout for visuals to this song:

Fall Hard – [Key!]

If you’re anything like me, Key’s heartbreakingly hilarious single, “Miami Too Much,” has been on repeat ever since its release. From the overdramatic croons to the slippery deliveries, “emotional Key!” is one of my favorite forms of the Atlanta legend, and today, he’s back in full form yet again with a fantastic new record, “Fall Hard.” Not only does this song follow along with the emotional blueprint of some of Key’s recent music, but the production is also handled by none other than Oogie Mane of Working On Dying — a must-watch name from Philly whose gone from underground legend to a producer for Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, and several others in the past year or so. Needless to say, this one-two punch of talent is sure to impress, and “Fall Hard” obliges, soundtracking Key’s natural tendency to “fall haaaaaaaaard” whenever he falls in love. That said, I’m sure that many of our readers out there won’t just love the song in all of its sugary, energetic glory, but will also connect on a personal level with Key’s confessional rhymes, so don’t sleep on this one. Stream “Fall Hard” below and let us know what you think in the …

Ignorance is Bliss – [Skepta]

It’s been a few years now since we first heard Konnichiwa, the last full-length project from Skepta. With the exception of 2017’s Vicious EP, the UK emcee has mainly stuck to singles over these past few years, but today, the wait is finally over as we receive Skepta’s brand new album, Ignorance Is Bliss. Watching the various interviews that were released throughout the rollout for this project, it immediately became apparent to me just how focused Skepta has become over the past few years. Amongst worlds of success, a hit song in “Praise The Lord” with A$AP Rocky, and plenty of memorable wins in recent times, the Top Boy himself has reached a new level in his career, and the new album reflects this change in both circumstance and mindset. 13 tracks long, Ignorance Is Bliss is as to-the-point as it gets, allowing Skepta to paint vivid pictures of the life he lives and the mindset that he takes toward his career, devoid of any fluff along the way. He’s seen the bright lights and the fame, but he’s also seen the unwanted energies that come with this success and learned countless lessons along the way. Naturally, the project feels incredibly polished and refined, …

Miami Too Much – [KEY!]

Atlanta icon KEY! dropped his first single of the year and it is the perfect anthem to bring in summer. “Miami Too Much” shows Keyonce channeling his inner soulful side, pairing a smooth hook with his witty lyrics that always have me running his songs back to make sure there wasn’t a single line missed. After dropping one of my favorite projects of 2018, 777 with Kenny Beats, I have been anticipating new music from one of the most creative rappers out. As the seasons change and the weather gets warmer, Key is setting up the pieces for his upcoming project SO EMOTIONAL which is sure to feature the SoundCloud Veteran opening up into his inner R&B superstar and making the music he has always wanted to make. The visuals for this single take the whole song to another level to know surprise as Key’s visuals have been on the cinematic side for each of his last visual releases. Key has been working heavily with Kenny Beats over the past few years, on this track he is branching out and working with another of this generation’s most talented producers Working On Dying’s Oogie Mane. The romantic single is all about Key’s girl …

Dig It – [KEY!]

Propelled by the unparalleled greatness of 777 and its subsequent deluxe edition, KEY! was one of the main headline-grabbers of 2018 in the rap world. Even after the release of each project, he’s been able to stay at the top of our minds with several notable singles and videos, and today, the Atlanta representative is back with yet another video, this time venturing into the claymation world with the new visuals for 777-standout, “Dig It”. Produced by none other than his partner in crime, Kenny Beats, the unique, hard-nosed nature of this song demands a set of visuals that yield the same amount of energy, and surely enough, that’s just what we receive here. “Dig It” finds our hero taking on a day-to-day life while coexisting with some alien gangsters; not what you may have expected, but certainly entertaining in its own right. The claymation is done with great thought and care (as well as a weird, yet compelling storyline), and with this, I have to say that the visual companion for “Dig It” impressed me and then some. KEY! is on pace to have yet another huge year in 2019, so show him some love and watch the new video at …

Love On Ice – [KEY!] [Kenny Beats] ft. [6LACK]

KEY! can’t seem to stay out of headlines lately. From 777  and its subsequent deluxe version to various freestyles and the republication of all of his old music, the Atlanta native has been quite active lately, and today, he’s here to make his biggest move of 2019 so far. Revisiting the 777 deluxe edition, KEY! is back on LL with brand new visuals for the ever-so-smooth “Love On Ice” remix featuring 6LACK. Skating over the energetic instrumental (courtesy of Kenny Beats), this song brings together two of Atlanta’s premiere crooners, and the visuals follow this seamless chemistry up with icy scenery that’s simply perfect for the occasion. From the song to the screen, “Love On Ice” is a stellar release, so be sure to appreciate this one in full by checking out the illustrative new visuals at the link provided below! By the looks of it, this video is just the start of what will be a prosperous year for KEY! and co. Directed by David Wept

Peppermint – [KEY!]

Just last week, fulfilling all of my New Years wishes and then some, KEY! made all of his old mixtapes and singles public on SoundCloud once again. Needless to say, I’ve been listening, almost exclusively, to KEY! all week long, and just in time, today, he’s here to keep the full court press coming with a fresh new single by the name of “Peppermint”. Best characterized by its simplistic yet hard-hitting melody, this track provides a refreshing atmosphere of sound for KEY! to black out over. Per usual, he obliges, and the result is a perfect display of the out-of-the-box deliveries that the Atlanta native is capable of, as he finds himself scattered all over the instrumental throughout this highly-entertaining release. That said, “Peppermint” is a must-listen, so be sure to check this one out at the link below and let us know what you think in the comment section! Produced by TreezLowkey

Never Been Freestyle – [KEY!]

Atlanta’s own, KEY!, has been on an absolute tear lately, blessing us just last week with the star-studded deluxe edition of his acclaimed album, 777. Today, he refuses to take a rest, dropping off new music once again in the form of a brilliant new loose offering, “Never Been Freestyle”. Produced by @JGramm, this track uses the same melody as Wiz Khalifa’s original “Never Been“, providing the song with a rejuvenated energy in the form of KEY!’s addictive croons. His flows roam without reign, and the creativity that goes into every new release from KEY! is truly second to none. Atlanta is in good hands as long as KEY! continues this year-long win streak, so be sure not to sleep. Check out “Never Been Freestyle” below and let us know what you think in the comments!