Gaia – [Kevin Kazi]

Ever since I first got heavily involved and invested in the underground music scene, there are a few artists that I credit for truly opening my mind and helping me realize that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it, and boundaries are only boundaries if you let them restrict you. Out of all the artists that flood my mind when thinking back to my early days in hip-hop, one name seems to shine brighter than the rest, and that is Kevin Kazi. After making music for about a half-decade, Kevin has become a talent that has run the gamut of different sounds, styles, and innovative creations, and this only seems to get more and more impressive as he progresses throughout his career. Over the years, Kevin has worked with some of my other favorite artists including the late 6 Dogs, Tommy Ice, Keshore, $NOT, and so many others, yet he always brings his own unique flair to the party and never lets any verse fall flat for even a moment. While it seems like he has become a bit more elusive as the years have gone on, this year has been a fruitful one for the Atlanta …

Fall From Grace – [Kevin Kazi]

After a long wait we finally have a new Kevin Kazi project which he has been teasing for well over a year now and is by far the most comprehensive and creatively mature release we have been treated to by Kazi yet. Fall From Grace is comprised of a variety of sounds and melodies that are all very much within Kevin’s wheelhouse and he proves to be one of the most versatile artists in the underground from start to finish. He has tracks like “Nun of Dem!” that are raucous cuts sure to ignite moshpits to “Iridescent” which is a spellbinding and goosebump inducing song that has been glued in my head since he first previewed the song. Kevin’s songwriting is another impressive aspect of the release and I am taken aback by his vocabulary and effortless manner that he blends his lines together. I am very, very glad that this project is out and truly believe that it will go down as one of the most underrated releasees of 2021 and I can’t wait to see what visuals Kevin has paired with the release.

babydraco – [babydraco]

Last year Big Draco, not to be confused with Soulja Boy despite having used the moniker for almost five years, made his debut in our pages with his unforgettable new underground staple Road Runner that exhibited all of Draco’s flows and songwriting skills, making very catchy and relatable songs over a variety of production. This versatility has served Draco well thus far in his career, taking his sound in all sorts of different directions and still never sounding like he is forcing it. He recently switched up his name to babydraco and this past week unveiled a self-title project to affirm the switch, on which he pushes his sound in almost more of a rage direction, pivoting from the more easy-going, breezy melodies that we have become accustomed to. He is joined by his friend Kevin Kazi for the lone guest verse and also received a sizable amount of production support from FISH, as well as Stam who produced the bulk of Road Runner. I enjoyed this EP and still can not wait for his Human Blunt mixtape that he has been teasing for some time now.

Road Runner – [Big Draco]

Big Draco is one of the most exciting new artists out currently to me and his project Road Runner is certain to be an incredible introduction to the multi-faceted talent who flexes his versatility over a host of different cutting-edge production styles on the nine-track EP that takes cues from many of the styles that compose the forefront of experimentation in a hybrid sound that effortlessly blends pop and rap. The New Jersey native opens the project with an up-tempo but melancholic and regretful intro track titled “Ya Dig” where Draco floats over the glittery beat from up-and-comer Stam. He is joined by rising star BIGBABYGUCCI on the second track “Pendulum” where Draco begins to reveal more of his vocal range over a distorted and turnt-up instrumental from none other than frequent Gucci collaborator FISH that matches the carefree and drugged-out, party-like atmosphere that could not have been more perfect for BIGBABYGUCCI to glide over and assist. CHASETHEMONEY gifts Draco another top-notch instrumental with the inspirational and personal cut “Jiu Jitsu” which’s title aptly fits the violence that CHASETHEMONEY’s drums strike with and that at this point has me very impressed with Draco’s beat selection at such an early stage in his …

Kite: A Platinum End For Bright Beginnings

Each and every artist that makes up the current-day online music landscape is defined by nothing more than their own sense of individuality. These acts stand out so vividly amongst each other due to how they embrace their individual nature by themselves through their music and image alike, but what makes this scene so fascinating is how they do so collectively in such large numbers at the same time ever-so-constantly.  That is where an artist like 18-year-old phenom Kite comes into play. The Atlanta, Georgia native is essentially one of the most ideal reflections of what these ideas represent towards this entire scene as a whole. This magnificent talent has made an already-experienced career flourish on years end with their one-of-a-kind vocal inflection, superb pop prowess, and an all-around spotless approach to their craft that has made them one of the most defining long-lasting figures out of this burgeoning scene.  Being a member of Goonncity, Helix Tears, and Graveem1nd simultaneously, they have brought with them a dynamic outlook to their artistic presence that seems to find its place in a variety of collectives and other collaborations alike. Though their sound is absolutely untapped, they still find ways to spread it …

Zaza – [Kevin Kazi]

For me, Kevin Kazi is a bit of a household name in my personal world of music. I’ve been listening to him legitimately for years at this point and I’ve never grown sick or tired of the music he has produced. Speaking of which, he has been one of the most consistent but also dexterous rappers in the entire industry, yet he still seems to not get the respect he so desperately deserves. He has been on a steady grind and his rise into the spotlight isn’t one that he has grown impatient for because he believes in the quality of his work and knows that eventually, it’ll all pay off. He’s not one of those artists who are willing to change themselves or their sound and compromise their integrity just to become an overnight sensation which is an extremely notable part of his work if I do say so myself. He ultimately experiments with so many different sounds and remains in my head as one of the most unique artists I can think of, and this is going to yield incredible results in the long run. Most recently, he has been somewhat quiet, but being a fan of his …

Uki – [Kevin Kazi]

Kevin Kazi is continuing to prove himself in a league of his own with his latest Loesoe produced single “Uki” that sincerely sounds like nothing else right now. Kazi’s vocals are impressive independently of other factors but this paired with his top-notch beat selection skills makes for continually impressive releases that always verge on the side of experimental but never does it seem that Kevin comes out of pocket, which is an incredibly difficult thing to maintain. “Uki” is just another example of how Kevin Kazi is one of the most talented and important figures on Soundcloud currently. Keep an eye on Kevin Kazi for the rest of the year and I am extremely excited to see what else he has in store for us.

Poison – [Kevin Kazi]

Kevin Kazi recently teamed up with Skress and Mochila for a track simultaneously up-tempo and somber in its subject matter titled “Poison.” Kazi has been making noise for a while now amongst the SoundCloud community that saw its ranks diminish greatly after many artists either sold out or fell-off, but Kevin is standing firm and refusing to compromise stylistically and aesthetically, and this dedication to making the art he is passionate about is beginning to pay large dividends. His vocals are slightly autotuned and his flows are advanced and unique and his songwriting improves with each track he releases. Keep an eye on Kevin Kazi, as at the tender age of nineteen he has already begun to find his voice, and that is the apex of creativity.

Lying – [ATL Smook]

ATL Smook is back with a brand new banger titled “Lying” and I’d be lying if i said it wasn’t the hottest thing I’ve heard today. This might be my favorite track from him up to date but that’s hard to say when he makes hits like this in his sleep. He’s bound to blow up so we should probably get used to seeing his name more often. Don’t take my word for it though, just dive into this new ATL Smook and let this song do the rest of the talking. Produced by: Hurtboi & Kevin Kazi [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]