Soul Trainn – [Liltrxptendo] feat. [KESHORE]

It’s hard to remember the last time I heard a 17 year old sound so confident on a track. Liltrxptendo‘s most recent release, ‘Soul Trainn,’ begins with a wavy sample and a booming, unexpected energy from the young rapper. Let me tell you, this dude is no run of the mill SoundCloud rapper – he has bars, flow, and an incredible voice for Hip-Hop. The song features fellow rapper KESHORE, a fitting collaboration for the the dynamic rapper. The Maryland rapper articulates his emotions regarding the hate he received prior to success. ‘They just want my clout, they don’t really want my life doe.’ Produced by Sauron, the song screams summer with the lead sample and good vibes. Far from finished, the Liltrxptendo has new tunes coming soon. Stream, ‘Soul Trainn,’ here:

Impulsive – [Keshore]

In all the time that Keshore has been on my radar, I’ve always found it fascinating to see exactly what sonic direction the budding talent will take next, as the versatility in his artistry reflects true talent just as much as it does unpredictability. Today, we finally get to see where Keshore is headed with his brand new single, “Impulsive.” Best identifiable by its dusty, lo-fi instrumentation and soul-stricken brass runs, this offering takes the energy down a notch for Keshore, keeping things relaxed yet deeply impassioned. The vocals seemingly push their back against the wall of instrumentation that holds the song up, and as a result, the authenticity bleeds out of this release in a way that perfectly illustrates a key reason why Keshore is such a promising artist in the first place. That said, “Impulsive” is a captivating reflection of its title, so be sure to check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by Swum

Orange Juice – [Keshore]

Sonically, Keshore is an artist who follows no linear direction. His sound is all over the place, and as a result, the versatility and malleability of his skills hold true as two of his defining abilities as a rising talent. Today, these features are on full display as Keshore sets his sights on a bubbly new offering entitled “Orange Juice”. Mixing the trunk-rattling world of 808s with a sparkling, almost jingle-like melody, this track thrives in a world of contrast that listeners can’t help but nod their heads to. Keshore’s energetic style is the perfect fit for such a hard-hitting release, and needless to say, “Orange Juice” is one of my favorite offerings from the budding talent to date. The truth is, the only ceiling that confines Keshore’s style is his own, and for this reason, I can’t wait to watch the man himself continue to make prosperous strides all throughout 2019. Stream “Orange Juice” for yourself at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by Cairo

I Get Sad When I’m Cold – [KESHORE]

KESHORE has appeared on our pages in the past, but if you’re not familiar, then today is the perfect occasion to get hip as he’s back on our pages with a new project entitled I Get Sad When I’m Cold. 7 tracks long, this release slows things down and shows us another side of the budding star’s artistry. His versatility is seemingly unmatched, and by finding a sonic sweet spot of dreamy, heart-led beats and gorgeous instrumentation, the rising talent gets lost in a world of his own creation. This project is remarkably cohesive in this way, so much so that each song flows into the next without ever losing sight of the talent and direction that KESHORE seems to thrive in. I Get Sad When I’m Cold is the perfect soundtrack to the changing of seasons, so be sure to embrace it and show some love to an act of such potential. Click play at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments! Production via QLSH, Pelican, Masked Man, Widegod, Sayso, Gene, Arbour

KIKI – [Keshore]

After blessing the world with the warm-weathered energy of the Pretty Boy Tape, Keshore is back on our pages today to keep the heat coming with a brand new single entitled “KIKI”. Produced by K.Kun, this melodic offering hits the ground running from the very first second with an electrifying supply of excitement. Keshore’s unforgettable personality rides right alongside the bubbling sounds, and he never seems to lose grip of the rapidly-moving instrumental no matter how wild the song gets. This display of pure control and alluring charisma is what makes the young talent such a promising act in the first place, and songs like these provide ample reason as to why Keshore is on such a quick ascent towards the top right now. The arsenal of bangers clearly never runs short, so be sure to listen to “KIKI” at the link below and follow Keshore on Twitter here!

The Pretty Boy Tape – [Keshore]

Scrolling through my SoundCloud feed earlier today, I was greeted by The Pretty Boy Tape – the latest EP from an artist going by the name Keshore. 11 tracks long, the reason that this project stuck out to me as such an infectious work was greatly due to its unapologetic, unwavering energy. A variety of unique, sun-soaked sounds are explored on the tape, and even while holding such an emphasis on versatility, Keshore is still able to make sure he maintains an incredibly high threshold of energy no matter what style he takes on. This is also highlighted by the exuberant personality that the rising talent emits, as his colorful personality is best described by the bright coloring and eclectic details of the cover art. That being said, The Pretty Boy Tape tells us that Keshore is definitely an artist to look out for in the future, so click play below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Redbull SoundSelect Presents: Smokepurpp, Cdot Honcho, and VALEE

Redbull SoundSelect and Fakeshoredrive just announced a crazy new show with performances from Smokepurpp, Cdot Honcho, and VALEE. Headlined by some of the hottest new names in rap music, Andrew Barber and RBSS never fail to put amazing shows on for Chicago. With RSVP pricing starting at just $5 per person, you’d be crazy to not attend this one. RSVP now here and check out the flyer for this one up top!

2016’s Top 5 Chicago rappers (so far)

This year has proven to be another great year in Chicago music and it’s only June! Many big named Chicago artists, such as Chance the Rapper and Kanye West have been releasing top notch music. Chicago music has always been known to shake the industry up, and this era is no different. In this list, we didn’t name the obvious juggernauts from Chicago. This list consists of rappers from Chicago that are releasing great music, gaining tangible and social fan base, and representing the city in their own way. This was voted on by our staff and trust me it was not taken lightly. And of course we attached a playlist with the artists recent sounds and hits. Make sure you check these artists out and stay tuned for live show details.   5. G – Herbo   G Herbo is one of Chicago’s most well known rappers outside of the city. He also has a loyal fan base here at home. I see longevity in his career because his subject matter isn’t strictly drill with violence. He proves that he has a conscious side and that he is human. This allows his fans to connect to him on a …

XXL – [Lil Herb]

Lil Herb continues on his path to domination in the rap game with his latest single XXL. This fiery new track, gives a sample of Herb’s sick flow, and deadly lyricist skills. XXL definitely slept on one of the gifted pioneers of Chicago drill music. Listen to the newness as Herb annihilates another spine chilling beat with a signature style verse. [audiomack src=””]  

Jealous – [Lil Durk]

Lil Durk is here to inform everyone that he is definitely one to be “Jealous” of, it is a bit of a flex track, but what is wrong with that? Nothing – confidence is a good thing. Produced by Cash Money AP [audiomack src=”″]