Austin, Texas native WHOOKILLEDKENNY makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with the release of his debut EP titled Pay The Fee. At the age of 22, WHOOKILLEDKENNY has built a brand around one of his most notable catch phrases “Pay The Fee” while performing throughout Texas and in other states across the country. In the past, Kenny has released notable singles with massive support from features such as Lil Baby, Sauce Walka, and Maxo Kream, all helping lead up to this release below. Throughout Pay The Fee, Kenny delivers hard-hitting bars within an atmosphere full of high energy and character; furthermore, transcending to his music videos and live shows as well. From top to bottom, all eight tracks that manufacture Pay The Fee showcase Kenny’s true talent and abilities, making him one of the most promising up and coming artists with what could be his biggest year ahead. To solidify his space in a very saturated market, Kenny has also crossed over into the EDM marketplace through collaborations and performances with Riot Ten. To say the least, his energy alone can convince even the most adamant skeptic that success is around the corner for him. Be sure to do yourself a favor …

Anger Management – [Rico Nasty] & [Kenny Beats]

After several listens, front to back, I can confidently say that Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats have blessed us with a classic album. Now more than ever, listeners gravitate to singles and curated playlists to discover music, this is why an album that is meant to be played in order is refreshing to see from a trailblazing artist like Rico. Everything in my criteria for a great album is hit on Anger Management. There is an overall narrative that builds as the album progresses, a diverse range of her musical abilities, distinct personality, the chemistry between producer and artist, and levels of energy that could only be replicated at a nuclear testing site. What makes this album so special is the fact that listening to it in order provides an experience that truly feels like dealing with an outburst of rage. Anger Management starts out gun blazing, with Rico at peak energy raging on the beat like she’s mad at it. Her intensity is felt immediately on “Cold” and it carries through to the frantic sequel “Cheat Code”, co-produced by Baauer. Kenny Beats caught me by complete surprise when the iconic “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” is sampled on “Hatin”, Rico takes it …

Watch Freddie Gibbs Freestyle on Kenny Beats’ “The Cave”

Kenny Beats and Freddie Gibbs are certainly no strangers to one another at this point, as the several collaborative efforts that we’ve heard between the two have shown a refreshing sense of chemistry that you simply can’t help but love. Today, fans of both Gibbs and Kenny are in luck, as the two are here with a brand new episode of Kenny Beats’ new series, “The Cave.” Bringing these two musical masterminds to the studio, this video features Kenny letting loose an ominous, cocaine-based instrumental as Gibbs drops off a slew of hard-nosed rhymes to match. The result, as you might have expected, is an incredibly exciting freestyle, and further, a video showing the fun that these two have in the studio together. Kenny Beats and Freddie Gibbs are a force to be reckoned with, so don’t sleep. Check out the latest episode of “The Cave” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Watch Rico Nasty’s New Freestyle With Kenny Beats on “The Cave”

On the verge of Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats’ forthcoming collaborative offering, Anger Management, it’s more than exciting to see that the latest episode of Kenny’s new series, “The Cave,” features none other than the dynamic duo, themselves. While drinking Yerba tea and relentlessly roasting one another, Kenny puts together a simplistic, haymaker-inducing instrumental, allowing Rico to hop in the studio and perform quite possibly the most entertaining freestyle I’ve seen all year long. Even more worthy of mention, however, is Kenny and Rico’s chemistry, as they constantly joke around with one another while nonchalantly creating a banger. That said, Kenny Beats and Rico Nasty is like if Michael Jordan and LeBron James were on the same team, so I wouldn’t sleep on the heat they have coming. If this episode of “The Cave” is any indicator, Anger Management is about to be one hell of a project.

Aloha – [10k.Caash] [G.U.N.]

10k.Caash, the legendary creator of my personal favorite internet-born dance right now, the Woah, is an entertainer at heart. Whether it be displayed through Triller videos posted on Instagram or in his music, 10k never ceases to have a good time, bringing up the spirits of everyone around him in the process. Today, the one-man party is here alongside G.U.N. with a brand new single, “Aloha.” Produced by Kenny Beats, “Aloha” has the firepower to take over any club in the world right now, and it’s been doing just that in 10k’s native Texas. Fueled with a supply of Earth-shattering bass and playful, yet hard-nosed deliveries, each of the two artists on this one create an endlessly fun release, turning things up with just under 90 seconds of music. Needless to say, the only option after “Aloha” ends is to run it back and continue dancing, packaging this one with just as much replay value as it has energy. Don’t sleep on one of the internet’s most captivating personalities right now — show some love to 10k.Caash and stream “Aloha” below!

Watch Smino and Monte Booker’s New Freestyle With Kenny Beats

Just recently, one of rap’s premier hit-making producers, Kenny Beats, started up a new series on YouTube where he puts together a beat in just 10 minutes and allows many of his highly-talented music friends throw together a freestyle. For the first episode, Kenny invited JPEGMAFIA to the studio, but this time, he switched things up and brought none other than Smino and Monte Booker. Giving fans some insight into just how spontaneous and seemingly fun the creative process can be for Kenny Beats and his friends, this video is a must-watch for any fans of either Kenny, Smino, or Monte. All three have been turning heads and making some truly timeless music for quite some time now, so seeing them come together in the studio and have some fun with it is certainly an incredible sight to see. Needless to say, the latest episode of The Cave is yet another fantastic release to add to the musical contributions that Kenny Beats has been blessing us with as of late, so don’t sleep. Watch this one below and prepare yourself to watch Smino lay down an absolutely brilliant freestyle!

Win – [Q Da Fool] [Kenny Beats]

After releasing their collaborative Bad Influence EP, it’s safe to say that Q Da Fool and Kenny Beats are making waves as one of the game’s most powerful pairings out right now. Between Q’s hard-nosed charisma and Kenny’s malleability as a producer, each song on the new EP was a banger, and today, the two talents are here to speak to this with a brand new set of visuals for “Win.” As one of my personal favorite cuts off of the project, I was certainly happy to hear that this song would be receiving some visual assistance, and now that the video is out, I must say it made me even more excited to throw this track on repeat today. Scenes of Q flexing his cash and women in a laundromat complement the carefree, high-energy feel of “Win,” and the result is a fantastic release, both in terms of the music and on the screen. That said, check this one out below and if you haven’t already, stream the Bad Influence EP here!

Puff Daddy – [JPEGMAFIA] X [Kenny Beats]

JPEGMAFIA and Kenny Beats deliver a psychedelic oozing video for their collaboration, “Puff Daddy.” Beginning at a diner, JPEGMAFIA is awaiting his food that is being prepared by the diner’s only cook, Kenny Beats. After adding a couple of drops of some unknown substance onto MAFIA’s stack of pancakes, Kenny serves him his meal. What ensues next, is a psychedelic rollercoaster ride reminiscent of the 1998 cult classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This is MAFIA’s first video release since his COLORS performance of his song, “Thug Tears” in December of 2018. We have our fingers crossed, hoping for more collaborations between the skilled MC and one of this year’s hottest producers. Remember to put your friends on and show the Baltimore-native some love on Twitter and Instagram.  

Square Up – [Zack Fox] [Kenny Beats]

Zack Fox may be known as a comedian, but it goes without saying that the first venture into his solo rap career, “Square Up,” was incredibly successful. Between a haymaker-inducing instrumental from Kenny Beats and a set of ridiculous yet wildly entertaining lyrics, Fox made one of the most entertaining songs that I heard throughout 2018, and today, he’s back once again to deliver the accompanying visuals. Just as one might have expected, the music video here follows the exact level of insanity that the song brings forth. Fox and Kenny oversee a storefront while knocking out seemingly every wrongdoer in sight, and energized by the havoc that ensues, the song acts as a perfect backing soundtrack, translating this offering to the screen in a truly beautiful way. As if “Square Up” couldn’t get any better, Fox, Kenny, and director Reggie made sure that they properly illustrated this banger, and for that, we all need to show some love. Click play on this one below and let us know what you think in the comments! Directed by Reggie

ITYB – [Jace]

Stretching all the way back into his Two-9 days, Jace has been one of Atlanta’s most consistent talents in recent years, never failing to impress with every new release he drops off. Today, years removed from his beginnings, the man himself is still upping the stakes and making sure to turn some heads as he drops off a brand new set of visuals for his Kenny Beats-produced offering, “ITYB”. Tackling the age-old question, “is that your b*tch?,” this highly-entertaining track allows Jace to flex his wide arsenal of flows while simultaneously displaying his personal style in the cinematic music video. From fur coats and cars all the way to the incarceration room, Atlanta’s own maintains the same charm that we know and love him for, and for that, “ITYB” deserves to be kept on repeat, one listen after another. That said, check out Jace’s latest release at the link below and be sure to appreciate the one-two punch of a duo that him and none other Kenny Beats were able to put together! Shot by @highdeas_prod