UNLOCKED – [Kenny Beats] x [Denzel Curry]

Kenny Beats and Denzel Curry are two of the pioneers in this new age of hip-hop artists, they are two of the best at their crafts respectively and today they have teamed up to drop a super dope new animated short film titled “UNLOCKED” that you don’t’ want to miss out on. I am so impressed with what they have created here, it’s extremely unique & creative and this short film also showed the funny side of each of these guys, not to mention it’s an amazing way to get people to sit down & really pay attention to the songs provided. All in all, when you get one of the best producers in the game to connect with one of the best artists/lyricists out, greatness is the only thing that you can expect & sure enough, that’s exactly what we got. I cannot say enough good things about these two, congratulations on this release & thank you for thinking outside of the box here, I believe I speak for all the fans when I say that it’s truly refreshing.

How Will I Rest In Peace If I’m Buried By A Highway – [KennyHoopla]

KennyHoopla is someone who I have been writing about for at least three or four years now, he is a multitalented creative originally from Cleveland (now in Wisconsin) who creates some great music, and he is back today with his latest record titled “How Will I Rest In Peace If I’m Buried On A Highway”. KennyHoopla is such an interesting artist to me, I first knew him as a rapper but he has transcended that and has become an amazing all-around artist, his new material lately has been sounding like something you could hear on the radio. Kenny’s creative spirit doesn’t just show in the music though, you get an even better glimpse at it within his music videos, and this new visual is by far my favorite from here yet. KennyHoopla is a special talent, but don’t take my word for it though, check him out for yourself below! directed by Cody Laplant

Show Stop – [Reason]

TDE has to be one of the best collectives in the hip-hop industry. Their roster features the massive, household name in Kendrick Lamar, new-age gangsta rappers Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock, as well as the lyrical genius ab-soul. The label doesn’t end with the Black Hippy crew though, considering their lineup continues running deep with other multifaceted talents like Sza, Isaiah Rashad, SiR, and of course, Reason. Most recently, Reason decided to drop off a smooth new track called “Show Stop”. This track has some jazz-heavy undertones paired with some soothing xylophone hits and an ever so calm synth in the background of the instrumental. Fitting in perfectly, Reason spreads his lyrics out in the same fashion as the hook before speeding up his cadence a bit more. In the second verse, however, he begins to spit his lyrics quicker and with much more conviction than the first. If another voice on the track sounds familiar, that’s because Kung Fu Kenny himself makes his mark all over this cut, providing ad-libs strewn about the song’s duration. The hook is simplistic as Reason repeats the title of the track over and over again, but Kendrick’s background vocals add some hype and …

Loyal – [PARTYNEXTDOOR] ft. [Drake]

A few months back, Toronto singer PARTYNEXTDOOR mentioned via his Twitter that he has a new album called Club Atlantis on the way, and it’s coming out this very month. Although the date hasn’t been mentioned yet, he’s getting some buzz based around his most recent release, a video for his single “Loyal”, featuring fellow Canadian and international superstar Drake. Although the song has been out for a couple months at this point, it definitely still hits the same. The beat is simplistic and driven by crisp snare drums which puts the brunt of the melody on the singing voices of both PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake, who both kill it. The song is very meaningful, describing how the two artists are going to remain loyal to the people who they respect and vice versa. They’re going to stick to this mindset until someone gives them a reason to change their minds, which can be demonstrated in the video. Although this visual is a bit out of the box, it sets a scene that gets the point of the lyrics across. Set in a Claymation world, William Child who is the artist and director, paints a vivid and extremely wild picture. The …

time. – [Jazz Ingram] [DavidTheTragic] [Kenny Mason]

If there’s one thing characterizing Atlanta’s newest generation of star-bound talents, it’s that of collaboration. With notable frequency, listeners receive dream team-esque pairings between some of the city’s strongest young artists, just as is the case with “time.” — the latest 3-track release from Jazz Ingram, DavidTheTragic, and Kenny Mason. Looking back on 2019 for a moment, Ingram had “blue gatorade,” DavidTheTragic had Bender, and Mason had “Hit.” All three artists delivered some of their finest work to date, and now, heading into the new year, they’re ready to combine forces for three new songs, two of which feature yet another ATL native, the ever-promising Jelani Imani. The first track of the three is the DvDx-produced “New Jersey,” offering a high-octane, bass-heavy beat and a subsequent slew of bomb-dropping verses, one after another. Following this intense cut is “genre,” which takes a step back in regards to sonics, and floats around an idiosyncratic base of production from none other than Your Friend, Kami. Lastly, and tying the release together, Ingram, David, Mason, and Imani come together on “Hurt,” leaving things on a thoughtful note. If “time.” should say anything, it’s that Atlanta’s new school of artists isn’t just hyper-talented; they’re open …

King of the Hill – [Kenny B]

The Dallas/Ft. Worth area bosts a number of talented underground artists and one of my favorite of these up-and-comers is Fort Worth’s Kenny B who is certainly poised to make the leap from local notoriety to impressing himself on the more mainstream rap consciousness. He recently teamed up with Halfpint Filmz for his new “King of the Hill” visual that features a whole lot of energy from Kenny and his cohorts and in addition to that he puts on somewhat of a lyrical display, hitting witty punchline after punchline Kenny B is able to keep the listener engaged from start to finish. I really look forward to seeing what Kenny B can do in 2020 and I think that his future is quite bright.

A Conversation with DJ Premier: One Of The Best Yet

DJ Premier is a pioneer of hip-hop and an absolute living legend, he has accomplished an astonishing amount in his career and just about a month ago he released his latest masterpiece, a brand new Gang Starr album titled One Of The Best Yet. I grew up a huge fan of Gang Starr in my adolescent years as I am sure many of the people reading this did as well, so when I first head about this new album I was in complete shock, partially because their last album prior to this came out way back in 2003 and also because it has been nearly a decade since the passing of the legendary emcee Guru who made up of one half of the group. This was the first time in his career that DJ Premier had to piece together an album without Guru by his side helping him compose it, he had previously recorded verses that we anywhere from 10-20 years old and he somehow managed to craft it into a tremendous + memorable body of work. Needless to say, when I got the opportunity to interview one of my idols and someone who I have studied like DJ Premier, …

Angelic Hoodrat – [Kenny Mason]

More than streams, more than views, and more than impressions, Kenny Mason’s “Hit” created a moment. As the track’s anthemic stature birthed something bigger than a rap song, Mason sat back and plotted, only to capitalize on the moment with a strong set of visuals, or better yet, a chance to show listeners the world that this music was coming from. Featuring Mason and co. in their home territory in Atlanta, the “Hit” music video gave a face to the buzz, and perfectly set Mason up for his next move: a brand new single by the name of “Angelic Hoodrat.” Acting as the final jab of a momentous 2019 for Mason, “Angelic Hoodrat” delves further and further into the mentality that listeners were introduced to with “Hit.” Obsessed with the prospect of a finesse, the song’s feverish energy is streamlined by a gritty instrumental, and finds fuel in the form of Mason’s attacking deliveries. In regards to lyricism, the refusal to be anything but rich is remarkably potent, and extends even beyond Mason, all the way across his camp. One line goes so far as to tell us that “even when I’m rich, I finesse,” and with such erupting conviction, there’s …

Netflix and Deal- [03 Greedo] & [Kenny Beats]

Kenny Beats and 03 Greedo finally give us their long-awaited and highly anticipated dual project Netflix and Deal. This 13 song project is everything I had hoped it would be and more. With a mixture of testimonials over some more serious trap beats and a wide array of completely turnt anthems, Kenny Beats knows the incredible talent level Greedo possesses. With this knowledge, he tailors every single instrumental to not only fit Greedo’s typical flows and style, but challenges him to move out of his norm and perform on another level. The tape also features some of the best artists in the game right now including Freddie Gibbs, Vince Staples, Maxo Kream, and a few others. The thing that impressed me the most is that even with names of their size and magnitudes, 03 still kind of stole the show and didn’t let anyone overshadow him in the slightest. That’s not to say that they didn’t have impressive and memorable guest spots because that’d just be a flat out lie. Two of my favorite songs are “Disco Shit” featuring Freddie Gibbs who absolutely obliterates his verse as well as “Beg Your Pardon” with Maxo Kream, who sounds better than ever …

Maria – [03 Greedo]

Even from behind bars, West Coast Phenom 03 Greedo continues to bless fans with new music. His latest track called “Maria” is an absolute head-bobbing banger produced by Kenny Beats. It’s a single from the highly anticipated Netflix & Deal collaborative project between the two, which is set to come out in a week. The beat has an old-school vibe with wavy drums, and all around it just bounces. It’s definitely a bit different than what I’m used to hearing from Greedo considering I’ve gotten familiar with his effect-heavy singing, but I’m a huge fan. Considering he supposedly has over 10,000 songs recorded in the archives, this definitely isn’t the last music we’ll be hearing from the talented LA artist even while he’s doing his 20-year stint in prison. If “Maria” is any sort of indication of what Greedo and Kenny’s project is going to sound like, I’m all for it. Don’t sleep on this incredible new single and be on the lookout for Netflix & Deal when it drops on November 22. Words by Danny Adams