Not Another Love Song – [LoveAylin]

Chicago artists have all the soul and heart that is required to get you in your feels, especially when it comes to R&B. Chicago singer LoveAylin recently released a gorgeous R&B ballad ironically titled, “Not Another Love Song.” She sings about a lover who has scorned her in the past, but continues to use the iffiness of the relationship as a muse to keep the flame lit. She passionately belts, “Just lay me down, love me slow / just show me you want me more,” in the slow 6/8 meter that makes the song sound like a grooving waltz. The reverb on the vocal sample gives the production an aesthetic similar to a NWTS-era Drake beat, but the song as a whole definitely puts her in a similar hemisphere as H.E.R. and Kehlani. LoveAylin has all the potential in the world. She is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. Stream the song here and keep an eye out for more:

Empathy – [Jean Deaux]

From singing smooth RnB vocals to rapping some of the coldest verses to directing cinematic music videos, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything Jean Deaux can’t do. And now the multi-faceted artist has returned with a new 7-track project. Empathy is the follow-up to Deaux’s 2018 release KRASH and features some of her most polished and cohesive work to date. The Chicago hometown favorite lets her voice drive this project, coming through with raspy, soulful vocals that soften the punch of the cutthroat raps that are scattered in between. Listeners might recognize Deaux’s name from her features with longtime collaborators like Smino and Saba, but she fully takes the spotlight for herself on Empathy. Deaux thrives off being an anomaly, singing out lullaby-like melodies one moment and delivering straight bars the next. The breadth of her talents is on full display on the song “Anytime”, one of the EP’s standout tracks; just when you’ve caught up with her flow, she calls in Kehlani to take the song to a new level. Deaux crafts memorable moments like these all throughout Empathy, keeping listeners hooked in all as she creates magic without breaking a sweat. Be sure to click play on this …

Anytime – [Jean Deaux]

Chicago’s own Jean Deaux released a new record late last night titled “Anytime” featuring Kehlani and ROMderful, and it’s the best song you will hear all day. Jean Deaux has been one of my favorite artists over the past five years or so, she is the key component on plenty of my favorite records and she has built a stellar catalog of her own, but in my opinion this new joint is her best release to date. The way that these three creatives bounced off of each other was remarkable to say the least, hopefully we get to see them work together more in the future. This record is off of Jean Deaux’s forthcoming EP titled EMPATHY that is set to drop later this more, keep an eye out for that! Listen to this amazing new joint below and if you like it be sure to visit Jean’s here for more information about her tour dates & buy some of her merchandise! Produced by ROMderful

Nunya – [Kehlani] ft. [Dom Kennedy]

Kehlani has had a huge year both on and off of the stage, most importantly is that she is going to be a mother very soon! Just a couple days ago she blessed her fan base with a brand new record titled “Nunya”. Kehlani has been releasing nothing but good music for her entire career, but especially as of late, and this new joint is certainly no disappointment. I was interested to see what a Kehlani record featuring Dom Kennedy would sound like, and I was pleasantly surprised with the final product. Listen to this brand new record below and if you enjoy it be sure to give it a like + repost on Soundcloud!

Butterfly – [Kehlani]

It’s been awesome to watch the journey of Kehlani over the past several years, and today she is back with her brand new single titled “Butterfly”. The minimal yet ear pleasing production on this song really caught my attention from the beginning, and Kehlani swept me off of my feet with her angelic vocal performance, switching up her flow half way through the beat to give this song a fresh new feel toward the back end. Stream this brand new offering via Sondcloud below and if you like it go ahead and pre-order Kehlani forthcoming mixtape “While We Wait”!

Nights Like This – [Kehlani] x [Ty Dolla $ign]

A couple of hours ago Kehlani blessed her massive fan base with a brand new offering titled “Nights Like This” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. 2019 is looking to be a huge year for Kehlani because many of us are expecting her to release her first album since her debut project SweetSexySavage that dropped back in 2017, and this new single is a promising start for the fans! I don’t think it’s possible for Kehlani to make a bad record, she’s constantly whipping up solid jams one after another and this new joint is certainly no disappointment! Check out her brand new single below via Soundcloud and if you like it be sure to share it with a friend.

Rich Girl Mood – [Dounia & Kehlani]

Along with the release of her brand new project titled The Avant-Garden, rising star Dounia calls on Kehlani today to help complete their stunning new video for “Rich Girl Mood”. This video takes on a raw, authentic look that is accompanied by extraordinary and spirited vocals that promise to catch the attention of all who come across this masterpiece. Dounia captures the environment by stating that “this song and video has levels to it. I love the fact that it’s all natural bodies and cool ass women with amazing energy. I love the fact that it’s a boastful anthem about female bosses! I love inspiring the non-passive and powerful soul inside all of us.” Get used to seeing Dounia’s name and be sure to check out the new video below. Follow Dounia on Twitter and Instagram to find out more and be a part of her success!

Watch Ella Mai’s brand new interview on BigBoyTV

Ella Mai has been blossoming into one of the biggest names in music over the past year or so, and she recently stopped by the neighborhood to chop it up with Big Boy and his team. You will find them discussing plenty of interesting topics such as the success of “Boo’d Up”, working with Dj Mustard, her accent, her touring schedule, her live performance and staying healthy, what she learned from being around Kehlani, BET awards, getting along with artists, R&B, working with Chris Brown, social media, Halle Berry liking her music, her conversations with Mary J Blige and Stevie Wonder, working in retail at one point, her family and much more. Take a few minutes of your time to check out this brand new interview below!

FM! – [Vince Staples]

It feels like it’s been forever since Vince Staples’ ‘Big Fish Theory’ dropped, even though it came out just last year. Don’t fret, though—the long beach native has been busy working on his next official album, and in the midst of that process, he’s cooked up an entirely separate project which comes to us today. Vince teased ‘FM!’ earlier this week on Instagram, touting it as a project dedicated to, well, himself: “He said he needed something that represented him and where he comes from so here it is.” All jokes aside, it becomes clear what Vince is referring to as soon as you hit play on ‘FM’. Delivering flows that echo his West Coast predecessors over beats that conjure up the heat of his home climate, he sounds undoubtedly in his bag. Vince makes sure to pack as much as he can in the 22-minute runtime, keeping things interesting with moments of volatility contrasted with his untouched levels of cool. He doesn’t go it alone, either, recruiting a circle of friends and collaborators including Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign, Earl Sweatshirt, and E-40. Peep ‘FM!’ and also check out the video for “FUN!” below:

Bounce – [Next Town Down]

Today we bring to the Lyrical Lemonade community a new group of talented vocalist that go by Next Town Down. The quintet met through social media and gained a mass audience for their covers and “evolution” series of famed singers and rappers. A clear chemistry and shared talent among the five members has us already thinking about their future dominance as one of the next big R&B groups. The quintet is on course to take over the bubbling R&B market, already making fans out of Chris Brown, Kehlani, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men and Normani. Their newest single, “Bounce” maintains an up-beat cadence that is contrasted by the songs melancholy understanding of misplaced love. This is the groups second single from their upcoming EP debut, set to release October 26. Listen to the quintet’s new song, “Bounce” below and tell us what you think in the comment section!