Mama’s House – [My Favorite Color]

My Favorite Color has been crafting some of the most imaginative releases that I have ever witnessed throughout the past few years and considering they’re always over the top and executed so incredibly well, I am past questioning if he will ever run out of ideas because that’s just impossible at this point. Whether it’s his diverse songs, mesmerizing music videos, or simply his compelling persona, MFC checks all the boxes for what it means to be an artist, and I really wish that other rising musicians would take note. His songs are always a spectacle in and of themselves, but his music videos are things that I can never pass up no matter how late to the party I may end up being. Today, I realized that I missed out on a music video for his ZAYALLCAPS and KEEM THE CIPHER-produced song “Mama’s House” that dropped just about a week ago, but I didn’t let my self-disappointment or self-reproach prevent me from enjoying every single second of this release that takes us through what I would imagine is the worst nightmare for anyone bringing their significant other to meet their parents. After knocking on the door and being greeted …

Get Refreshed: February ‘22

“Get Refreshed” is a monthly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yung lean tik tok Okay so, usually (usually) I try and stay out of discourse like this. I did write a pretty lengthy piece nearly a year ago now on the topic of “gatekeeping” for Gum’s Halcyon.txt zine – which should be out sometime soon believe it or not. It sums up my thoughts about the matter pretty abstractly, but I wanted the article to highlight why gatekeeping occurs in the first place, which circumstances its occurrences are valid in, and most centrally here, the ways we can navigate around it. I’m only bringing this up now to say that… honestly… that’s as O P I N I O N A T E D as you’re gonna see me get for a while. And that was a year ago, even; I’ve become even more jaded towards the idea of participating in these types of discussions in any public sphere since then.  That being said, when it comes to the most formative artist of my life, I feel like I HAVE to say something. I recently tweeted out a response to the crowd …

Pseudoscience – [Keem The Cipher]

Keem The Cipher is bringing magnificent and elegant new sounds to the world with his latest instrumental project, Pseudoscience. The young Hip-Hop producer does not play by the rules, incorporating elements of jazz, electronic-funk, soul, and more into music. In short, this man is capable of creating a vibe for nearly any setting imaginable. A long drive home? Perfect, go listen to “Trial and Error.” Chilling at the beach with the homies? Amazing, turn on, “Gone Too Long!” Coming from Tennessee, Keem has been releasing music for quite some time. With several other instrumental projects released throughout the last couple years, it should come as no surprise to anyone as to why the producer has such a profoundly distinct and one of a kind sound. Throughout the project, Keem transitions from songs with wavy beautifully wavy synths to songs with off-beat drum patterns with the bat of an eye. The eclectic Pseudoscience is a true testament of Keem’s hard work and dedication to the craft of tailoring completely original music. Recently receiving a major head nod from TDE rapper, Isaiah Rashad, Keem The Cipher is truly up next. Listen to Pseudoscience here: Words by Barry R