KOTA – [Pouya] & [South Strip]

There are plenty of unforgettable moments throughout my time with Lyrical that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Some include my first time in the office, attending shows with some of my closest friends in the industry, and meeting some extraordinary characters, but I could write a book about how detailed some of those moments were, so I won’t get into too much detail. One of my favorite moments, though, occurred at this year’s Summer Smash when I got to meet Pouya and Fat Nick after watching their collaborative set on the side of the stage. Considering I have been listening to them since probably at least 2015 if not earlier, when we finally got to link up, I found out that they both really are genuinely great people who put their all into music. When they showed me their appreciation for simply writing these articles on my laptop in my bedroom at home, the fact that they seemed sincerely thankful for my words meant way more to me than I could ever explain with words. I had been writing about their releases every chance I could before this encounter, but now, I have a newfound desire …

Jams TFC: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Jams TFC is an artist out of Chicago who I first met a couple of years ago at a concert, and I have been a supporter of his ever since! I recently brought Jams by the office for an interview where we spoke about plenty of subjects such as his latest album Made With Love, growing up in Chicago, the breakfast themes within his project, working with the legendary producer Jerm, touring with KOTA The Friend, his musical inspirations, his passion for comic books, the impact his mother + father had on him, Chicago’s music scene, and much more.

Made With Love – [JAMS The Flava Child]

In my line of work, I’m beyond lucky to have an entire group of friends and industry acquaintances who put me on to some unbelievably talented up-and-coming artists that I might not have known about had I not searched for them myself. Most recently, the homie connected me with a promising young rapper who goes by the name of JAMS the Flava Child. An interesting name, to say the least, he lives up to the soulful, smooth, jazzy sound you might expect from someone with a moniker like this, and that’s obvious as soon as you press play on any single one of his songs. After talking for a bit, he told me I had to check out his latest project entitled Made With Love which was mixed and mastered by E. Dan, so I told him to say less, and I tuned in as soon as I could. Although it’s been out for just about a month, he had been building quite the buzz around it by releasing singles like “All Gas No Breaks” or “AGNB” as the project titles it, “FTW”, and the lead singles entitled “Sunday Morning”. After so many great singles, you knew you were in …

Alex Banin: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Alex Banin is a creative originally from New York who now stays in Chicago, and she has been making a name for herself over the past couple of years with her excellent music releases. A few months back, we brought Alex to the Lyrical Lemonade office for a brand new interview for The Lemonade Stand. We asked Alex about plenty of topics including her time being a collegiate fencer, considering herself a Chicago artist, working with KOTA The Friend + Chuck Inglish, what music she’s currently working on musically, where she sees herself in five years, and much more. Alex Banin is a star in the making, you will be seeing her name more + more throughout the next couple of years, so you might as well get familiar with her now!

Rockstar – [Abhi The Nomad] ft. [Kota The Friend]

Abhi The Nomad has been somebody I’ve been paying attention to for the last for years. In fact, Connor was wondering where he had been all this time and what he was up to musically. Recently he teamed up with one of the low far chill hop rap great in Kota The Friend to create “Rockstar.” This is the second release in a three-pack series of 2-packs Abhi is trying to release up until his album that drops this Fall. This record is a great single to add to everybody’s summer and chill vibes playlists. What adds that upbeat tempo to the song is the 808‘s that are tucked underneath the smoove guitar melody. The other record that came in this two-pack is called “Good Luck” which is more of an 80s upbeat funky single. Stream Abhi The Nomad and Kota the Friends’ new record “Rockstar” after the break for yourself.

Premiere: chamber johan + Phases (video)-[Johan Lenox]

When you use the phrase generational talent, I believe the name Johan Lenox needs to be in any conversation that you might be having. The well established and well known artist is truly one of the most talented individuals in the music industry right now, and it’s about time that we took time to celebrate all of the genius that he possesses. I’ve witness this man take a song from 0-100 just by adding simple string elements to it and it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed ever. I’m so hype to be bringing this legend onto our page today and if you’re reading this, you should be too! For a majority of his life, Johan has been fixated on classical music. That is until he heard “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” for the first time at a house party while on Acid. It was at this moment when Johan’s interests and taste began to change although he’s managed to stick close to his classical roots. From then, the musician began dabbling with the possibility of crossing classical music with other genres. The Massachusetts native then was off to the races as he began the composer of Yeethoven in …

I C U – [Isaac Zale] ft. [Kota the Friend]

Over the past year, Isaac Zale has quietly been releasing some incredible music that I feel deserves to be in more conversations. The Canadian artist is special, he has the ability to create music in a multitude of styles and today we have an amazing new track that flexes his vocal talents. On his latest single “I C U”, Isaac opens the song by crooning over an amazing string pattern provided by SwuM. His singing abilities have been displayed on songs before but Isaac is really showing what he can do in this territory. Isaac enlisted Kota the Friend on this track, a combination I have been eager to hear together for some time. Kota has become somewhat of a heavy hitter with his outstanding lyricism, he does not disappoint on this one playing off Isaac’s playful chorus. Isaac has been staying very consistent with his release schedule and has teased a new album to follow up 2020’s None Of The Keys Fit. He has a new single dropping March 4 with Chuuwee, so there will be a lot more music coming from Isaac all year long! Listen to “ICU” on all platforms here!

Clinton Hill – [KOTA the Friend]

KOTA The Friend is someone who has slowly ascended into a position where he is the writer of his own destiny. Having amassed a large following and critical acclaim for his previous album, EVERYTHING. Kota finds himself still an independent artist who has no chains on his creative boundaries. With the limitless possibilities he finds himself with, he decided to drop a new project entitled, “Lyrics to GO, Vol. 2” on Sunday. An embodiment of sentiments, the album provides introspection into Kota’s mind while keeping a short runtime, clocking in right around fifteen minutes with ten songs a part of the project. These shorter musical endeavors allow him to say exactly what’s on his mind without anything extra. Alongside the project, he released the first visual component of the album, in a video for Clinton Hill. Kota keeps along the lines of his previous videos for the Lyrics to Go Project, with a single still accompanying the record playing. It’s not always that less is more, but in this example, the video really allows for his message to shine as he talks about being a role model for the children in his neighborhood and having to stay humble now that he …

Product of My Environment – [Nyck Caution] x [KOTA The Friend] x [Erick The Architect] x [Freddie Joachim]

Pro Era affiliate Nyck Caution is the latest Beast Coast member to tease a solo project, recently announcing his forthcoming album Anywhere But Here. Currently slated for a January 15th release, Caution blessed his fans with “Product of My Environment,” which is a new single featuring fellow Brooklyn artists KOTA The Friend and Erick The Architect. Produced by the legendary Freddie Joachim, the track is paired with a FAKEDELL directed visual incorporating a nostalgic touch. The ‘blast from the past’ video introspectively examines each artist’s upbringing represented by younger versions of themselves. For better or worse, the theme of the record emphasizes that every artist’s persona and discography is shaped by their accumulated experiences in life. For Nyck, losing his father was clearly a hard-hitting event that he’s learned to cope with, but naturally still grieves over. For KOTA, the perils of the streets brought upon sleepless nights as he and his family struggled to make ends meet. For Erick, living with a blind mother and partially deaf father brought upon challenges, not to mention having to get over a complicated guilt complex. However, despite the serious penmanship expressed, Joachim’s instrumental is optimistically exuberant, which could serve as a silver lining …

Melo Makes Music: The Lemonade Stand Interview

If you are from Chicago or are familiar with the Chicago music community, then the odds are that you definitely know about Melo Makes Music. Melo is a talent that has been a core piece of the music scene in the city for some years now, he has been getting better + better every single year and is currently gearing up to release his next project in the near future. In this interview, I spoke to Melo about several subjects such as the previously mentioned project, his musical influences, attending Columbia College, his music video for “Manifesto”, working with KOTA The Friend, being an independent artist, and more. Take a few minutes to watch this brand new interview below!