IDK & Friends 2 – [IDK]

IDK is an artist out of Maryland who I have been a huge fan of for some years now, but over the last year or so, he has been hitting a stride + getting a ton of love from plenty of people all over the globe. I watch plenty of sports/basketball podcasts, and I have been seeing a ton of promotion about the new basketball documentary titled Basketball County: In The Water that’s executed produced by big names such as Kevin Durant & Quinn Cook. You might be wondering why that’s relevant with this release, well that’s because this project is the soundtrack to that documentary, which makes perfect sense because the story is about PG County basketball players, so it made perfect sense to get a fellow native such as IDK to handle the soundtrack. IDK didn’t handle this one all by himself though, he recruited a star-studded lineup with talents including A$AP Ferg, Wale, XanMan, Juicy J, Denzel Curry, Maxo Kream, PnB Rock, Ronny J, Rico Nasty, YungManny, Alex Vaughn, Big Flock, Big Jam + Weensey (plus plenty of talented producers). When you get this many talented creatives to come together to create one body of work, you …

In Real Time – [Martin $ky]

Martin $ky is a Chicago treasure who has been a staple within our community for the better part of a decade now, and while recently browsing through Soundcloud, I came across his brand new project titled “In Real Time”. Martin $ky is the embodiment of a creative is, when he was rapping he was easily one of the hottest in the city, but he was always the rawest when it came to producing. At some point, he decided to stop rapping to fully focus on the producing side of things, which was something not many people understood at the time, but to me, it’s the best decision he could have ever made. Martin is one of, if not the best producer that Chicago has to offer, and his latest work has only helped drive home that point. This project here, presented to us by the platform Radio Juicy, is just about twenty-nine minutes of pure bliss. Martin outdid himself on this one man, no more talking about it though, press play below!

It’s All Good – [Kid Abstrakt]

Born in Los Angeles, California to a Brazilian mother and a Nicaraguan father, Kid Abstrakt checks all of the boxes of what makes a dope emcee. Although Abstrakt is influenced by many different genres, it is no secret that he is highly fond of the 90’s golden era sound. Abstrakt’s music journey jump started in high school with his collective Revolutionary Rhythm, consistently rapping over jazzy boom bap beats. Their efforts eventually paid off after earning an opportunity to tour with The Pharcyde and former duo People Under The Stairs. I highly recommend peeping Kid Abstrakt’s highly successful debut album Daydreaming, (2017) which is entirely produced by The Deli. From the words of Abstrakt, “The album adventures into the mind of a young artist who is daydreaming trying to escape reality.” Kid Abstrakt is the perfect artist for those seeking a nostalgic hip-hop sound without having to go back in time. Without a google search, Abstrakt’s old soul could very easily deceive a listener into believing he was a part of the 90’s rap era. Now 2020, Abstrakt is remaining true to his style, recently releasing a refreshing and uplifting new track titled “It’s All Good.” Produced by the talented Cold Busted beat-maker Emapea, …

Rock$tar – [Smooky MarGielaa]

Smooky MarGielaa is an artist that screams potential. The seventeen year old prodigy is a member of the Harlem collective A$AP MOB, having featured on three tracks from the group’s Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy album. Smooky is also a part of the AWGE collective, a creative agency founded by A$ap Rocky. The highlight of Smooky’s career so far is undoubtedly his hit song “Flight To Memphis,” which features A$ap Rocky, Juicy J, and Chris Brown. Another notable moment is Smooky’s feature on “Can’t Fall N Luv,” a track and music video by the rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Furthermore, in 2017 when Meek Mill was serving jail time, Smooky released a song titled “Not Right” in defense of Meek for solidarity. Before releasing his latest single “Rock$tar,” my favorite track of Smooky’s was “Too Blessed;” a simple, yet catchy record where MarGielaa recalls difficult moments from his childhood while expressing gratitude for his present circumstances. However, “Rock$tar,” the latest single from Smooky is by far his most impressive release to date, showcasing his signature flow over a bass-dominated beat. Despite his sound being reliant on auto-tune, Smooky’s usage of the technology is comparable to Travis Scott, in the sense that …

LL Presents: The Henry AZ Q&A

I first found out about Henry AZ about a year or so ago because he was uploading multiple freestyles that were going viral on the internet, and then seemingly not too long after, he signed a record deal with the LEGEND Juicy J! Whenever a GOAT like Juicy shows that he believes a young upcoming artist has some talent + potential, as a hip-hop head, it’s only right that you pay closer attention. Now is the perfect time for you to get familiar with Henry AZ because he just released a brand new project titled Roommates that has some solid music + some big times features from the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Freddie Gibbs, Famous Dex and more. Take some time out of your Friday to read this brand new Q&A with Henry AZ below + while you’re at it make sure to stream this new tape via Spotify, and if you like what you hear then make sure to follow him on Instagram here!   EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself.  Henry AZ: My real name is Henry Anzola and that’s really …

Juicy (Remix) – [Doja Cat] ft. [Tyga]

It seems like the current trend now is to move on from one release to another quickly in ane effort to stay in the limelight. It’s clearly an effective strategy, but I think there is something to be said for really working a song, getting everything you can out of it before moving on. A perfect example is Doja Cat. She’s been squeezing “Juicy” for everything it has. Released in March as part of the deluxe edition of Amala (which was originally released in March of 2018), she performed the track on the COLORS stage, and now she’s back with a remix featuring TYGA, which is also supported by a music video. As you can imagine, the bawdy, intoxicatingly catchy effort gets a set of visuals that is as provocative and colorful as the track itself. Already a hit from the jump, with a remix, a video, and all the time spent to ensure “Juicy” stays fresh, will likely send this one over the top for Doja Cat.

White Tra$h – [Henry A-Z]

We have featured Henry A-Z on our platform once or twice in the past, and this afternoon the LA based creative is back with his brand new project titled “White Tra$h”. Henry is an artist who I have had an eye on for a minute now, he is signed to the hip-hop legend, Juicy J, and this new tape shows the talent that Juicy clearly saw when he inked him to a deal. Henry performed well on each of these tracks, but the production is what really blew me away, shout out to all of the producers involved for helping Henry create this masterpiece. Stream this brand new album below and be sure to let me know your thoughts.

Six Speed – [Pouya] & [Juicy J]

Some of my favorite collaborations in music aren’t he ones that we don’t see coming or expect, and that’s exactly how this new joint titled “Six Speed” by Pouya and Juicy J. Although I didn’t see this one coming that doesn’t mean I didn’t expect it to be fire, but this one was way better than I expected, these two artists showed that they can create a hit with ease and hopefully we see them get up again in the future. Do yourself a favor and stream this new song via Soundcloud below, and if you like what you hear then check out Pouya’s website to see his tour dates & catch him live in concert!

Sensational – [Yung Gravy]

Yung Gravy has to be one of the most entertaining characters we’ve seen in rap in quite a while. His silky smooth braggadocio and endlessly charismatic personality are just two pieces to one of the weirdest, wildest, and most fun puzzles that we’ve been blessed with in some time, and the best part of it all is that Gravy is seemingly one of rap’s most unlikely heroes. Nevertheless, the man himself has grown into an international star, and today, he’s here to bring this home with his long-awaited new album, Sensational. 13 tracks long, Sensational is just about as Gravy as it gets. The random soul samples and hilarious, vivid lyrics make for an endless supply of anthems, and just as we’ve seen in the past, Gravy’s lovable personality helps turn the new album into an oddly captivating release, all the way through. Sure, I love “serious” rap and I definitely appreciate the art of it, but that’s not to say that I don’t love sitting back, taking a break from everything, and listening to someone as fun as Yung Gravy think of 10 million ways to say he’s going to hit on your mom. It’s absolutely fantastic and honestly, more fun than a lot …

Our 50 Favorite Wiz Khalifa Songs

In the music world, influence manifests itself in many different ways. Whether it be sonically — changing the sounds that artists use and often creating some sort of new trend and/or subgenre in the process — or aesthetically — changing the “cool” styles in music and the lifestyles that artists speak about in their songs — influence can arrive packaged as a quick viral moment or a lasting flame, both of which hold value in their own rights.  Pittsburgh’s own, the Taylor Gang representative himself, Wiz Khalifa, is one of the rare talents who comes around and entirely shifts the culture in both of the aforementioned ways. Especially when he first came out, Wiz’s lanky, tattooed build and effortlessly cool stoner lifestyle made him a genuinely alluring artist, and while his personal style (snapbacks, the dyed patch of hair, etc.) was worthy of mention, the music was there to back it all up. Simply put, Wiz’s style, both on the mic and off, quickly set a standard for creatives and other artists to congregate toward, marking him as one of music’s most underrated culture-shifters of the last decade or so. Even further, beyond the influence that Wiz has had on a …