Unified – [KAMI] ft. [Joey Purp] & [Vic Mensa]

If you’re a fan of Chicago music, there are a few artists and collectives that should be considered household names at this point, even if they’re not exactly at the top of the charts. About a decade or so ago, SAVEMONEY took the city by storm, and with so many unbelievable talents in this group, it was only a matter of time before they broke out and became nationally recognized. Artists like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa were obviously two talents who blew up more than anyone probably expected, but they didn’t leave their crewmates out to dry, bringing them along for tours, having them join in on albums, and making sure that everyone was receiving the attention that they rightfully deserved. Although it hasn’t been a thing for quite a few years, Leather Corduroys was undeniably my favorite local duo made up of KAMI and Joey Purp, and their project Season that came out back in 2014 is a tape that literally changed my perception of music as it was in that moment in time. One can only hope that there is a reconvening of the incredible tag team, but even if that doesn’t happen, they’re still friends …

Winners – [Smoko Ono] ft. [Yxng Bane] [Chance the Rapper] & [Joey Purp]

Chicago never fails to impress me, and I know I say that in pretty much any article I write about a Chicago artist, but the simple fact is that it’s just so true. While Chief Keef created waves a decade ago and put the drill scene on the map, Chance the Rapper proved to the rest of the world that there is a different side of Chicago music, and so many other artists continue to make this point known with all of the diverse sounds coming out of the Windy City. Smoko Ono is a producer from Chi-Town who has been creating the soundtrack for so many different artists, and his versatility behind the production software is truly something that amazes me every time. Things only get better and better when you add in a few Chicago friends of his on any song, and most recently he recruited Chance and Joey Purp as well as British emcee Yxng Bane for their song “Winners”, and this is the perfect, lighthearted record that you need in your life sooner rather than later. Opening up with Smoko’s dancehall-inspired production, he incorporates fresh, joyous melodies alongside consistently tapping percussion and thumping, tempo-setting drums that …

Outside – [Joey Purp]

Joey Purp has long been one of my favorite hometown heroes in terms of music, but I have kind of lost touch with him over the past couple of years. He was always one for innovation and thinking outside the box, so when I found out that he had a new mixtape dropping on September 24th entitled UpLate, I was definitely excited. Not only does Joey make his production debut throughout this project, but he also wants to pay homage to the rich Chicago house music scene more than ever before, so you already know I’m pumped about that. In order to get a little buzz around his upcoming project, he decided to release a single entitled “Outside” as well as an awesome music video to pair alongside it, so I had to share it with you all as soon as I could. Produced by Smoko Ono and Joey himself, the track is very nonchalant and full of smooth, natural confidence and swagger, serving as the perfect record for Joey to do his thing and show a side of himself that is absolutely going to shine on a cohesive mixtape. As for the music video, he takes us literally outside …

Joey Purp: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Joey Purp has been a mainstay in Chicago’s music scene for some years now and he’s one of my personal favorite rappers of the past decade. A few months ago I had Joey Purp come by the Lyrical Lemonade office for a new interview, and today we just dropped the final product. You will find Joey talking about several subjects such as his musical influences, how Savemoney formed, his upcoming music releases, Leather Corduroys, Knox Fortune, his discography, working with fellow Chicago native femdot, a collab project with KAMI, what he thinks is missing in Chicago’s music scene and much more. This was one of my favorite interviews that I have ever done, it was a great conversation and I hope that you think the same!

Mob Ties – [Joey Purp]

Chicago native Joey Purp is without a doubt one of the best pure rappers that the city has to offer, and honestly, he just might be one of the best lyricists that Chicago has ever seen. Yesterday, Joey Purp released a brand new music video for “Mob Ties”, and it’s a hit! As soon as I heard the beat of what sounds like a (slight) flip of a classic Biggie sample, I had a good feeling that Joey was about to do some damage. I am not exaggerating in the least bit when I say that I have watched this video roughly 20-25 times in the last 24 hours, it’s so sonically pleasing, and another great record to add to Joey’s impeccable catalog. Do yourself a favor and press play below!

PACK – [Joey Purp] x [KENE]

Chicago natives Joey Purp and KENE, formerly known as Kami, have been one of the best duos that the city has had to offer for years now. A couple of days ago, the two Savemoney leaders linked up + released a brand new music video for “PACK”. The first thing that caught my attention on this track was the bass-knocking instrumental that was provided by NEZ, before Joey dropped on the beat and steered this one in the right direction with his always impressive raps. Kene came in toward the back end of this track and provided a verse where he floated all the way through, complimenting Joey’s contribution perfectly, as usual. Watch this new music video below and if you enjoy it, then share the link with a friend! Produced by NEZ

Cookie Chips [Rejjie Snow] x [MF DOOM] x [Cam O’bi]

It’s hard to be believe that “Lost In Empathy,” the first song that I heard from Rejjie Snow, released six years ago. At that time, the Dublin, Ireland artist was just nineteen years of age, touring with prominent names such as Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, and MF DOOM. Despite garnering attention, the identity of Rejjie, however, was oddly compared through the scope of Tyler The Creator. In fairness, the Tyler being compared to Rejjie was during the WOLF era, including all releases prior. Now 2020, perhaps the only credible likening between the two is their nonconformist personalities amid a dull, undifferentiated music industry. When introducing a friend to Rejjie Snow, it’s better to simply let his work do the talking. The sound of Snow fascinatingly varies from dark to mellow, highly capable of interchanging between lyrical hip-hop and pure experimentation. “PURPLE TUESDAY,” an exceptional track featuring Joey Bada$$ and Jesse Boykins, masterfully captures a blend of Rejjie’s qualities, merging expressive lyrics with melodic instrumentation. When the record released in 2017, I was thoroughly impressed by the fitted mold of the collaboration, despite Bada$$’s differing skill-set. Three years later, Snow’s latest collaboration with MF DOOM has provided a déjà vu like listening experience. …

A Conversation With Chicago Native Wastedju

WastedJu is an artist from Chicago that I first got familiar with probably about five or six years ago when I discovered his music on Soundcloud, I was instantly a fan of his music, his unique voice and the way that he approached his music. Over the years we have developed a friendship and I have covered his content here on our website every chance that I could, and it’s been awesome to watch his growth as an artist. He has evolved to a point where I feel like he has major potential to be a future pop star. While I was at an event during the super hectic NBA All-Star Weekend that took place a couple of months ago here in Chicago, I ran into WastedJu after not seeing him for a minute because he moved to LA, and we got a chance to catch up and I told him to slide by the LL office soon. Sure enough, a week later I had him come by the office to shoot a new interview that we are finally releasing today, which is only fitting because he just dropped a new song titled “One Night”. Take a few minutes out …

Pray For Paris – [Westside Gunn]

Griselda Records is taking no prisoners in 2020. From Conway The Machine’s recent collaborative Lulu EP with The Alchemist, to their latest signing Boldee Jame’s The Price of Tea in China album, (also with The Alchemist) it is frightening to think what the group has left in store. Exceptional projects serve as a thorough reminder that music is art and art is music. Westside Gunn has publicly shared via his instagram to never call him a rapper, since he is an artist; I have no objections to his request. Gunn’s latest, Pray For Paris album exemplifies just that, with the cover art responsibility handed to Off-White CEO Virgil Abloh. The cover is specifically an edit of Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio’s David with the Head of Goliath painting, with Virgil adding two iced-out necklaces. One necklace is a Jesus Piece and emblem of Westside Gunn as a child; whereas, the other features his present self with a rightful crown on his head. The album’s run time is a balanced forty-one minutes and nineteen seconds, with twelve tracks total not counting the epic “400 Million Plus Tax” introduction, which gave me heavy Uncut Gems PTSD. Ironically, Tyler The Creator mentions Josh Safdie on “327,” referencing the …

Easy – [Joey Purp] x [KAMI]

If you’ve been following the Chicago music community for the past five years or so, then you surely know that Savemoney leaders Joe Purp + KAMI have been some of the pioneers pushing the boundaries and breaking down doors for the next generation of artists to come from the city, and today the super duo are back on our pages with a brand new music video for “Easy”. These two have and have always had undeniable chemistry when working together, they have created plenty of ear-pleasing jams throughout the years, but this new joint might just be one of their most addicting tracks yet! This is a relatively quick track considering it’s just over two minutes in length, but it has tremendous replay value, trust me I’ve already played it at least ten times in a row. Don’t take my word for it though, click play on this new visual below and see if you like it for yourself! Directed by Jake Osmun of No Future