Chattanooga’s YGTUT returns with another single entitled “NOTICE” ahead of his much anticipated upcoming album, this time on a CashMoney AP produced instrumental. This is Tut’s second recent collaboration with a notable trap producer as just last week he unveiled a Jetsonmade produced single as well. Tut raps his ass off per usual on this cut and is sounding like he is back in top form. Enjoy “NOTICE” and keep an eye out for YGTUT’s new album in the next few months. Stream “NOTICE” at the link below.

Blowing Candles – [PG RA]

South Carolina’s PG RA quietly dropped one of the best project rap projects in August so far with his new album ‘Blowing Candles’. South Carolina is following up right behind North Carolina in what will be an outbreak of talented rappers deriving from the state. PG RA might have one of the brightest futures out of the new crop of talent that they have to offer. I found myself running through ‘Blowing Candles’ multiple times and it proves to be a thorough body of work from top to bottom. One of the elements that make this project so special is the production. Jetsonmade who has been one of the breakout producers in 2019 producer the majority if not all the songs on the project. Tracks such as “Still Showin’ My Ass” and “First Class Freestyle” server as a great indication of PG RA’s untapped potential. Check out PG RA’s new album ‘Blowing Candles’ in its entirety below.

Behind the Music: Highlighting the Producers of Today’s Sound

By: Lee Mcintosh When it comes to creating great music, the artists are the ones who receive most of the recognition for the creation of the song. Their name is what’s attached to the song, their flows, their likeness, and even the features that the artist may have. However, the song making process all begins with one entity… the producer/s. No matter how creative the lyrics may be, how great the artist’s cadence sounds, the beat behind it all is a huge factor behind the overall appeal of the song, and that is what moves people and captures their attention as soon as they hit play. We are in a different era of music now. Technology has advanced to a point where producers and artists don’t have to be in the studio together anymore. This can be a gift and a curse at the same time. Often so, producers may send over a beat pack to an artist and then they select the songs they want and don’t want. From there, the studio session may be recorded or put on Instagram live, and the producer may be nowhere in sight. This may create confusion as to who actually made the …

On Time – [RonSoCold] Ft. [PG Ra]

Charlotte’s own Ron$oCold has been blessing his fan base with a ton of new music over the summer, and just a few days back he released his latest offering titled “On Time” featuring PG Ra! The first thing that I noticed was the dreamy production that was handled by Jetsonmade before Ron causally jumped on the beat and floated over it for awhile, leading perfectly into the solid contribution from PG Ra on the back end of this joint. Ron has been thriving this year and I just got the chance to see him perform in Chicago the other night & trust me when I say his stage presence was electric, I see nothing but good things from him moving forward, press play below!

Runnin Laps – [Juhovah] feat. [Jetsonmade X 1stclass]

A lot of promising Hip-Hop has come from the Carolinas over the years. Up and coming singer/rapper Juhovah is the next to come out of SC. His newest single, ‘Runnin Laps,’ is that smooth bedroom music we didn’t know we needed. Combining his vocal abilities with triplet flows, Juhovah dynamically delivers his vocals throughout groovy track. The young artist deals with finding a woman he can potentially build a relationship with in the midst of being heavily focused on getting the bread. Produced by Jetsonmade and 1stclass, the song has all the R&B elements to have listeners falling in love. The funky bass and heavy kick perfectly compliment Juhovah’s natural groove and crooning throughout the track. With more on the way, make sure to follow Juhovah, and listen to, ‘Runnin Laps,’ here: Words by Barry R

Racks On Me – [RonSoCold] x [YoungJordan]

Lyrical Lemonade favorite RonSoCold has been releasing a bunch of hit music lately, and this afternoon he is back with a brand new track called “Racks On Me” featuring Young Jordan. One that that always impresses me about RonSoCold is that this man has an excellent ear for great production, you will never find him rapping over an instrumental that isn’t stellar, and this beat that was provided here by Jetsonmade + 1stclass was certainly up to par. I wasn’t too familiar with Young Jordan before coming across this track but once I heard the feature from him on the back end of this one I was sold, I had to rewind this track a few times through because it was so good. Take a few minutes of your time to check out this brand new track below! prod. jetsonmade + 1stclass

One Take – [Ron$oCold]

A couple of days ago Lyrical Lemonade favorite Ron$oCold dropped a brand new record titled “One Take” and it’s nothing you want to miss out on. The first thing that caught my attention on this one was the flawless production that was handled by Jetsonmade, he crafted an impeccable instrumental so good that it made Ron sound like he was floating on a cloud as he spit this verse. We here at Lyrical Lemonade are expecting huge things this year from the Charlotte native, and when 2019 is said & done don’t be surprised when he’s one of the biggest artists in his lane. Take a few minutes of your day to stream this brand offering below and if you enjoy it be sure to give Ron$oCold a follow on Twitter here!