Brand New Booty – [Lil Gnar]

Clearly if you’ve paid any sort of attention to Rap music ever since its inception, booties have been a major theme in the genre. I feel ridiculous even typing that, but it’s true and it has played a part in some of the biggest songs in the history of music. As is the case typically, Lil Gnar has never shied away from this topic or any other slightly sexual themes, making exactly what he enjoys known to the public, and never being bashful about it either. While some of his music might not have the most significant meanings or underlying narratives, they’re almost always bangers and are sure to get any sort of party going in the blink of an eye. His unapologetic style and straightforward persona are part of the reason he has amassed such an extensive fanbase in a somewhat short span of time, but the rest of his skills speak for themselves as well. “Brand New Booty” is the brand-new lust-fueled track from Lil Gnar and I knew it was another hit from the moment I pressed play. Some cunning, devious synths create the catchiest portion of the production, which was crafted by the ever so talented …

Keeping Time – [PG RA] [Jetsonmade]

South Carolina’s PG RA and Jetsonmade, whose ‘Oh Lord, Jetson made another one’ tag is sure to ring bells if this sounds unfamiliar, are proving to be one of the most prolific and underrated producer/rapper duos in the game, and their latest song and visual for their latest cut “Keeping Time” is another brick in their already towering wall. PG turned in a decidedly emotional direction for his last release “Made It” that dropped only a couple of weeks ago, but as we sit back into this time of social isolation, PG RA has made it abundantly clear that he refuses to take his foot off the gas. Jetson’s instrumental is bolstered on by his trademark 808s that sound like they were dropped out of the sky, paired with an uplifting piano melody and this sets the stage adequately for PG RA to attack the beat. I am really, really excited to see what PG RA will drop next and I would highly recommend taking a listen to his 2019 project Blowing Candles if you have not already. Watch the Young Chang directed video at the link below.

Sweet Action – [Jack Harlow]

The Louisville rap star that is Jack Harlow has been making tons of noise in the rap game as of late. After dropping his debut album back in 2019, ever since that moment his rise to the top has been going at full force with no sign of slowing down at all. After months of going on tour and making many club appearances, his face is one to be remembered–for it will be much more prominent in the years to come. Today, he released his latest body of work, Sweet Action–the lead single of the project being”WHAT’S POPPIN” accompanied by a Jetsonmade beat, and a video directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s own, Cole Bennett. Coming in at only seven tracks and 17 minutes long, Jack never strays away from always letting his fans and soon-to-be fans know what he is capable of right off the bat. For those who have not witnessed his previous bodies of work, this project will serve as the perfect introduction to the array of Jack’s ability of music making, that is, for now of course. The track “I Wanna See Some Ass” is another collaboration with the young and talented producer Jetsonmade. This track serves as …

Mr. Clean – [TyFontaine]

I really think I have a problem because I keep going to YouTube and playing this video for Tyfontaine’s single “Mr. Clean.” When I tell you I think this song is a hit I mean it. Ty has linked up with the popular hit-making collective Internet Money and has really taken off over the past few months. This song honestly just makes me want to get up and dance and the hook and verses have been lodged into my head for over a week now. Which is pretty hard to do with how much music and content myself and other humans consume on a daily basis. Ty hits New York’s Times Square on an adventure as director Reggie captures the bright lights and atmosphere of the historical landmark. Last but not least the instrumental for this record was composed by Jetsonmade, OkTanner, and Rio Leyva who all create the perfect backtracking as Ty floats over “Mr. Clean” for two minutes and fourteen seconds. Hopefully, this song makes it DSPs soon so I won’t have to keep running up the views on YouTube for this record. Watch the colorful video for Tyfontaine’s newest anthem “Mr. Clean” below.

What’s Poppin – [Jack Harlow]

Jack Harlow is somebody who we have been huge fans of here at Lyrical Lemonade over the past couple of years, he is no stranger to our audience considering he has performed at the Summer Smash as well as our Christmas Show, and today Jack Harlow is here with his brand new Cole Bennett directed music video for “What’s Poppin”. Jack Harlow first teased this one to his massive fanbase yesterday via social media, a clip that showed the first elven seconds + gave a preview to this HARD instrumental, but it gets so much better one you hear the way that Jack attacks the beat for not only the start of the song but the entire duration. If you hear this song just once the addicting melody is for sure going to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day, it’s one of my favorite tracks from Jack to date and I am sure it will be one of yours too! Watch this brand new music video below and if you haven’t subscribed to the LL YouTube channel yet then be sure to do so, and also make sure that you give Jack Harlow a follow on …

Dead Guy – [KountUpWitDaK]

South Carolina’s KountUpWitDaK is rapidly ascending through the YouTube ranks and has consistently been coming out with incredible music since his visual for “Smelling Blood” first started to catch on in his region. Since this KountUp has been supplying a steady stream of new heat and is showing no signs of taking his foot off the gas, at least as far as releasing content is concerned. His latest song and video for “Dead Guy” is a much more solemn sounding release for an artist whose melodic style has endeared him to many. TnTXD and Jetsonmade came together for this melancholic and thumping instrumental that provided the perfect backdrop for KountUp to shine. KountUpWitDaK is a name that will only continue to get bigger as 2020 continues and I am very excited to hear what he has in the vault.

Glocks & Drums- [Lil Mexico] ft. [Lil Gotit]

Two of the rap industries brightest rising stars, Lil Mexico and Lil Gotit, recently teamed up for the JetsonMade produced track “Glocks & Drums”. Going into the song after hearing the name, I expected to hear some violent and aggressive bars over an even more hostile instrumental, but to my surprise, quite the opposite played through my speakers. At least as far as the beat goes, JetsonMade created a bubbly, feel-good sound, paving the way for the two rappers to get creative and make a hit. Opposing this high-spirited beat is the lyrics, which are sung in fun-loving melodies and animated autotune, but they definitely contain some more sadistic themes than the vibe of the song would have someone think. The warm feel of this song had me wishing it wasn’t winter in Chicago, but at least I’ll have “Glocks & Drums” to keep my spirits up. Check out this upbeat hit from Lil Mexico and Lil Gotit below. Words by Danny Adams  


Chattanooga’s YGTUT returns with another single entitled “NOTICE” ahead of his much anticipated upcoming album, this time on a CashMoney AP produced instrumental. This is Tut’s second recent collaboration with a notable trap producer as just last week he unveiled a Jetsonmade produced single as well. Tut raps his ass off per usual on this cut and is sounding like he is back in top form. Enjoy “NOTICE” and keep an eye out for YGTUT’s new album in the next few months. Stream “NOTICE” at the link below.

Blowing Candles – [PG RA]

South Carolina’s PG RA quietly dropped one of the best project rap projects in August so far with his new album ‘Blowing Candles’. South Carolina is following up right behind North Carolina in what will be an outbreak of talented rappers deriving from the state. PG RA might have one of the brightest futures out of the new crop of talent that they have to offer. I found myself running through ‘Blowing Candles’ multiple times and it proves to be a thorough body of work from top to bottom. One of the elements that make this project so special is the production. Jetsonmade who has been one of the breakout producers in 2019 producer the majority if not all the songs on the project. Tracks such as “Still Showin’ My Ass” and “First Class Freestyle” server as a great indication of PG RA’s untapped potential. Check out PG RA’s new album ‘Blowing Candles’ in its entirety below.

Behind the Music: Highlighting the Producers of Today’s Sound

By: Lee Mcintosh When it comes to creating great music, the artists are the ones who receive most of the recognition for the creation of the song. Their name is what’s attached to the song, their flows, their likeness, and even the features that the artist may have. However, the song making process all begins with one entity… the producer/s. No matter how creative the lyrics may be, how great the artist’s cadence sounds, the beat behind it all is a huge factor behind the overall appeal of the song, and that is what moves people and captures their attention as soon as they hit play. We are in a different era of music now. Technology has advanced to a point where producers and artists don’t have to be in the studio together anymore. This can be a gift and a curse at the same time. Often so, producers may send over a beat pack to an artist and then they select the songs they want and don’t want. From there, the studio session may be recorded or put on Instagram live, and the producer may be nowhere in sight. This may create confusion as to who actually made the …