Animal Crossing – [Jerichos Revenge]

Jerichos Revenge is making his debut on the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his hyper pop-leaning single “Animal Crossing.” Last year during the pandemic Animal Crossing completely took the world by storm. So of course this birthed a slew of records that featured Nintendo‘s hit game. What’s so catchy about this single is the hook and the hypnotic instrumental which was produced by auradu2k. This is really just a fun song to listen to, I feel as if that gets lost in a lot of music criticism today. I’ve found myself coming back to “Animal Crossing” over the past week and it opened up the rest Jerichos Revenge catalog to me. Still, a lot of room for improvement, and there will be a point in time where Jericho will probably have to tweak his sound a little to be able to crossover to a broader audience. If you’re a fan of acts like Midwxst, Glaive, and Ericdoa then you should definitely give “Animal Crossing” a spin. Stream Jericho’s Revenge’s single “Animal Crossing” after the break.