Be Back Soon – [AKTHESAVIOR] x [Kennth Cash] x [Taleil Brown]

AKTHESAVIOR, 1/2 of the esteemed rap duo The Underachievers returns with a dazzling new offering titled “Be Back Soon.” The track is the first official single off his upcoming mixtape Almost Home, which will be an entirely independent release. Taking a brief break from making timeless Underachievers records, his counterpart Issa Gold has simultaneously teased his solo project Tempus. Any individual effort from AK or Issa serves as a reminder that they’re not dependent on the group to thrive as top-tier artists. The duo is therefore an extension of their excellence, just as other prominent members of groups like Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest & The Roots have established. On “Be Back Soon,” Kenneth Cash is the talented production and vocal feature, with Taleil Brown co-producing the song (Brown produced “Land of the Lords,” a popular track off the iconic Indigoism mixtape). Cash is currently under AKTHESAVIOR’s artist management, with the singer/songwriter/producer providing an instant return on his investment. Cash’s ability to inflect his vocals on the chorus are so exceptional that they’re on par with the standard of industry stars such as Daniel Caesar or James Blake. Aside from minor similarities to After The Rain, the record is completely unlike any other creative direction AK has …

Before – [James Blake]

What initially drew me to James Blake’s music was his impressive ability to create meaningful, but subtle progressions, most notably on a song like “The Wilhelm Scream.” Everything he has done since his breakout self-titled album has been impressive, and his new Before EP takes us back to his electronic roots, while showcasing his strong songwriting skills that he has built up over the years. Before is a concise project, but quality-wise it is up there with Blake’s best work. Here, he delivers a collection of songs that can feel like ballads at certain points but also very dancey throughout. The production is compelling from start to finish, the vocals are hypnotizing, and the lyrics are quite pretty.  The title track ”Before” represents the range of this EP perfectly, featuring thumping bass and electronic synthesizers along with a beautiful refrain. James clicked the right buttons with this EP, and the result is a fresh and exciting project combining a multitude of sounds with a beautiful result.  Hopefully soon we hear a whole album that builds off of this sound, because it’s a winning formula. Check out this project on Spotify down below and all other streaming services here.

feel away – [Slowthai] ft. [James Blake] & [Mount Kimbie]

Ever since Rap and Hip-Hop music came into existence, there has always been a wide range of personalities amongst artists. While some might be more introspective and lyrical, others can be straight-up zany and wild. Throughout the decades, though, I’m not sure there’s a single artist who is as wild or out of the box as Slowthai. He takes the definition of being a rapper and flips it on its head unlike anyone else ever has, and it’s because of his unbelievably creative mind that I have no choice but to tune into every single new offering he puts out. Most recently, he is back with a fresh single called “feel away” as well as a unique and uncharacteristic music video, although I’m not surprised because all of his visuals are some of the most inventive videos in the entire industry. Not only am I excited for the song, but I’m even more anticipative because when I saw he tapped the legendary singer James Blake and the London-based electronic duo Mount Kimbie, I knew I was in for a treat. The instrumental is a bit calmer than what I’ve grown to expect out of the English emcee, utilizing a piano-driven …

A Conversation With Kaelin Ellis: On The House EP, Soulection, Influences, Career Goals, & More

“I hope that what I’ve done has not only changed the landscape of music, but to become respected and bring back music –  to not only blend the old, but the new, and to inspire the next wave of musicians/producers years from now.” Kaelin Ellis Kaellin Ellis is a multi-platinum music producer that has established himself among the top class of producers in the modern electronic / hip-hop beat scene. Formerly known as Mr. Mockwell, Kaelin was originally part of an online crew dubbed “Loaflab,” where he came in contact with fellow talented musicians and later Soulection connects Kaytranada, Sango, and Waldo. Ellis also has many production credits with other artists such as Deffie and K-Pop super-group “EXO.” Kaelin’s work ethic led to him earning a spot in having one of the top 10 songs of the week featured on USA Today. This year alone, Kaelin has netted a collaborative EP titled House with hip-hop legend Lupe Fiasco, and a solo project titled MOMENTS. We had the chance to talk with Ellis about his creative process, influences, work with Lupe Fiasco and so much more. Be sure to read the full conversation below! – – – – – – – How long have …

It Was Good Until It Wasn’t – [Kehlani]

It’s nothing but amazing when artists really take the time out to perfect their craft and figure themselves out, to the point where they are happy with the product that they are putting out. You can make countless music day in and day out, but it takes time to really hone in and figure out what direction you would like to go in for a certain project, or for the remainder of your career. While Kehlani has always been an artist to deliver music that comes from deep within her soul, she has been tremendously underrated since her initial burst onto the scene with her Cloud 19 mixtape. It often blows my mind that we had not received a full length album from Kehlani since her 2017 album SweetSexySavage. While we have heard a handful of mixtapes and features from her during that time frame, fans were eagerly awaiting her next full body of work. At last, our eardrums are finally being soothed with amazing sounds from her latest offering It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. Kehlani first emerged onto the scene at a younger age, so the direction of her earlier music was a lot more pop-ish and aimed towards a younger demographic-which …

Say It’s Fine – [Kyle Lux]

Returning to our pages today, 19-year-old Kyle Lux delivers a brand new single titled “Say It’s Fine”. Along with the song itself, Kyle attached a video that allows fans to connect with the record on a much higher level, which can be seen below. For me, this song was released at the perfect time as its lighter, more feel-good characteristics are received well around this time of year. For those who don’t already know who Kyle is, “he developed his love for music at a young age, growing up in his church’s choir and fine-tuning his songwriting by drawing influence from Frank Ocean, James Blake, and J. Cole.” Furthermore, Kyle blends several alternative genres to create a soulful sound that he describes as “Autumn transitioning into Winter.” This record does just that, showcasing the soulful side of Kyle throughout the hook and the intricate, lyric-oriented side throughout the first verse. The video, directed by Nick Scully and Not Cade, takes viewers on a journey with the use of vibrant color schemes and graceful, creative edits. With it being known that Kyle released his debut single just earlier this year, I’m positive that his growth will continue at a very rapid …

Freedom Falls – [Khushi]

Announcing his debut album on Warner Bros. Records, along with the news that he will be joining James Blake on a North American tour, the London based crooner, Khushi, delivers a spellbinding effort in “Freedom Falls that proves he is ready for the limelight. I may not know every detail about being a music supervisor, but if this one is not in a movie trailer or HBO show (preferably Westworld) by the end of the month, somebody is fucking up, because the effort is brimming with energy and emotion. As cinematic as it is, it’s not in the way you might expect. Khushi’s feathery vocals are gently draped atop a self-produced backdrop filled with space and moved along mainly by some light key-work. Soft and almost hypnotic, the effort lulls you in before closing out with a powerful crescendo that maintains the atmosphere of the track but delivers a serious gut punch. The right song can make a scene or a movie trailer, and in the right moment “Hidden Falls” could take the power of a big reveal to the next level. Cut the check HBO.

Untitled – [SwaVay]

After taking over headlines last month with the release of his stellar mixtape Traplanta 2, SwaVay is here to maintain the full court pressure with yet another new offering by the name of “Untitled”. Produced by James Blake, whom SwaVay has quite a bit of work on the way with, this track most impactfully creates an example of the seamless artist-producer chemistry that Blake and the ATL native possess. They work hand in hand, discovering and channeling one another’s strengths while simultaneously pushing towards versatility with each and every release. SwaVay sounds at home in his strategically placed flows and thunderous vocals, but not until one considers the pure honesty of the song is the full power of this release felt. That said, SwaVay and James Blake are a modern-day Jordan and Pippen, and I can’t wait to see what magic they deliver us in the near future. Check out “Untitled” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by James Blake & Dominic Maker Recorded & Mixed by Alec “Ched” Caslow Written by SwaVay

TRAPLANTA 2 – [SwaVay]

Just a few weeks removed from the headlining release of his James Blake-produced single, “Billy“, Atlanta-bred artist SwaVay is back on our pages today to offer up a brand new mixtape entitled TRAPLANTA 2. Blessing fans with 8 tracks of pure, undiluted talent and tenacious verses, this project immediately marks itself as proof of SwaVay’s resolve to rise to the top. His unmatched degree of clever lyricism and charismatic deliveries comes to the light as nothing short of impressive, and by sliding right alongside rapidly-paced, ominous production, he proves to be dead-set on success. SwaVay is in his bag, and no one is going to get in the way of that. I’ll just let the music speak for itself to prove it. Listen to TRAPLANTA 2 at the link below! Production by SwaVay, DJ Copeland, Dregood, Scandi Beats, Chase Jams, David Morse, & Hxxx Features by Lukeskyewalka, Daylan Gideon, Mojo Yetti, & Midnight Conner

Stop Trying To Be God – [Travis Scott]

Those that have kept Travis Scott’s Astroworld in their weekend rotation have had a lot to get through these past couple days due to its numerous guest appearances with arguably the most intriguing credits found on Stop Trying To Be God. Featuring the likes of Phillip Bailey, James Blake, Kid Cudi & Stevie Wonder, the dreamy record is now the first track to be brought to the big screen with help from Dave Meyers that starts out with Travis walking with a herd of sheep. Before being incinerated in the street and found in the arms of Kylie Jenner’s angelic form shortly after, the incredible concepts and fascinating effects only make the CuBeatz, Mike Dean, JBeatzz & LaFlame-produced record that much more god-like. Having said that, get to the visuals for Stop Trying To Be God and if you haven’t yet indulged in Travis’s Astroworld then you can go stream that right here.  Directed By: Dave Meyers