Tyler Herro – [Jack Harlow]

Jack Harlow is one of the biggest new artists in the music world but that’s common knowledge at this point, he has set a solid foundation to have a successful music career for decades to come, and he’s only breaking down barriers for fellow musical talents from the city of Louisville. It’s always hard for artists to follow up their big hit records such as the one that Jack had with “What’s Poppin”, but Jack has put out nothing but heat since then, and today he is back with my FAVORITE song from him to date, titled “N’sync (Tyler Herro)”. In my opinion, this record here has some of Jack’s best wordplay + flows that he has shown us yet, he absolutely tore apart the amazing instrumental and created an anthem that his fanbase is going to love. This is one of those records that is going to be considered a classic when we look back on Jack’s catalog in twenty years, no doubt about it. Stream this brand new offering below!

Rain Freestyle – [Marzz]

This afternoon I am honored to bring our audience the Lyrical Lemonade debut of an artist that goes by Marzz, who is on our website with her brand new offering titled “Rain Freestyle”. Marzz is an eighteen-year-old singer from Kentucky, more specifically Louisville a city that has been having somewhat of a musical renaissance lately, in large part thanks to everything that Jack Harlow has been accomplishing. I feel as if the door has just been kicked down and many artists out of Louisville are starting to go crazy, and I believe that Marzz will be one of the memorable ones that we speak on decades down the line. Marzz has one of the smoothest singing vocals that I have ever heard, it’s damn near as perfect as it can get, which is scary considering she’s still just a teenager + will continue to improve over the years. I predict nothing but big things in the future for Marzz, I give it just a couple of years before she is known worldwide for her musical abilities, but until then, let’s just enjoy watching the growth. Take some time out of your Tuesday to watch this new music video below!

Phone Off – [Corio]

It’s no so often in this current climate that we are blessed with much musical talent that comes out of Kentucky. With the success of Louisville megastars Bryson Tiller and Jack Harlow, they have been bringing that energy to the state, and is inspiring plenty of up and coming artists from there. That said, Kentucky-based artist Corio is coming for his spot in the game, and has been showing some very promising signs of potential very early on in his musical career. Making his debut today on the platform, Corio recently released his soothing single “Phone Off”. Adding a little bit of backstory, Corio has been closely working with Nemo, the A&R that has been working with Jack Harlow. That being the case, we can assure that his sound will be developed to its full capacity. Produced by Juicebox, “Phone Off” is the perfect balance between a late-nigh cruising song, and a record to throw on at the function when things are winding down and those conversations are beginning to take place. Corio sings about a situation where he feels that his love interest is partaking in multiple relationships at once. Disregarding that, Corio sings to her and tell her …

Pablo – [Zack Cokas]

Zack Cokas is one of the best rappers in the state of North Carolina. I’ve been running his project Pablo for the past couple of weeks and see the potential oozing out of this young budding emcee. If your a fan of people like Jack Harlow then this would be right up your listening alley. His single “Meddling Kids” is the track that’s taking off the most of it and Cokas delivers on a Scooby-Doo inspired visual that’s really methodical and dope. The song I keep coming back to the most on this project is “Pablo Freestyle”, the rapping and Zack’s flow on this make my ears perk up and get me excited about the untapped potential he possesses. I believe with some more time and within a couple of more well thought out roll-outs and albums Zack can really make a name for himself in this industry. Stream Zack Cokas’ new album ‘Pablo’ after the break.

Whats Poppin Remix – [Cdot Honcho]

Cdot Honcho is a Chicago mainstay and has been a favorite of ours here at Lyrical Lemonade for some years now, and a week or two ago he dropped a brand new remix to Jack Harlow’s smash hit “Whats Poppin”. It’s not out of the ordinary to hear Cdot Honcho remix records and do some serious damage in the process, I’ve seen him do this time and time again, so as soon as I saw the title of the video, I just knew he was about to snap! Of course, Cdot went off for two minutes straight, and it was so refreshing to hear some new content from him. Hopefully, we receive some more stuff from him in the near future, but until then, check out this new remix video below.

Neeko Baby: It Gets Sunny After the Rain

The world is essentially on pause right now. COVID-19 has resulted in lockdown on a global scale, businesses aren’t open, and whatever the summer of 2020 might have looked like is now far from its normal form. As a result, there’s nowhere to go and not a whole lot to do, leaving many people with a decision – what to do with all this new free time, and how to fill up the days until some sort of normalcy is regained. South Carolina producer Neeko Baby decided to get rich. Two years ago, Neeko helped produce DaBaby’s “VIBEZ” – a Billboard-charting release, and the song that would break Neeko into the music industry, where he’s now become one of the most exciting names around in conjunction with his long-time friend and partner, jetsonmade. Since quarantine began back in March, Neeko has found himself locked in the studio, emerging every few months only to add new placements to his fast-growing resume of production credits. He’s been working countless hours with Jack Harlow, who continues to soar off of the jetsonmade-produced “What’s Poppin,” he landed a production credit on Playboi Carti’s “@ MEH” just a few months back, and perhaps most importantly, …

A Conversation w/ J.I the Prince of NY: Returning to Music After Quitting, Current Brooklyn Scene, “Painless 2” w/ Lil Durk & Nav and more.

“I really view myself higher than a prince to be honest. Sometimes I view myself as a king or a God when it comes to my music. I just know that I have more work to do to really get to that point and work harder towards the goals that I have.” -J.I the Prince of N.Y It’s safe to say that if you are a fan of hip hop, or even music in general, that you may have had those childhood dreams of becoming a superstar one day. You may be in your room rehearsing rap songs, or having daydreams of you performing on stage in front of a sea of fans reciting every lyric you spit. For some of us, those thoughts may not make it past that, but for others, that dream had the potential to turn into a reality. Being a young teen and dreaming of being famous and on TV is something that not many rappers can say that they have had the experience of living through. For the 18 year old Brooklyn-native J.I the Prince of N.Y, he turned that dream into a reality when he first appeared on Jermaine Durpi’s The Rap Game at …

Welcome to GStarr Vol. 1 – [J.I the Prince of N.Y]

With everything in Hip Hop now a days being fueled by feeling and vibes, it would be impossible to ignore the immense amount of energy that has been coming out of New York for past few years now. There have been so many young pioneers that have been developing a new sound for New York, and the energy is felt through each borough every time one of these amazing records hit the streets. Of course, with the current pandemic, on top of the passing of the Brooklyn-native Pop Smoke, the city definitely took a hit. Nonetheless, we can still count on some of the newcomers to restore that feeling and bring that liveness back to the city. One of the rising stars making a lot of noise out of Brooklyn right now would be the 18-year-old rapper J.I the Prince of N.Y–and he is here with the release of his latest EP, Welcome to Gstarr Vol. 1. Despite being so young, J.I is making it clear that he has a lot to say, and he will go to the furthest extent to make sure that his story is heard. Across the six songs on his project, he was able to cover …

Chopstix – [Smokepurpp]

Okay, I know I have pretty much been writing about every single Smokepurpp release that has come out, but that’s because his rollout for Florida Jit was somewhat lengthy and very eventful. Smokepurpp has always piqued my interest with his projects because he typically covers a wide range of sonic sounds and styles, and the aforementioned project is no different. I was thoroughly impressed with most of the tracks on the album, whether they contained features from artists like Yung Nudy, Denzel Curry, Rick Ross, or Jack Harlow, but I also enjoyed his solo efforts as well. I think Smokepurpp’s ability to put together quality projects is honestly underrated, and it should definitely be praised much more than it currently is. In order to continue the hype behind the album, Purpp decided to drop a short visual for the project’s closing track “Chopstix”. While this song isn’t necessarily one of my go-to tracks off of the album, it made me rethink my stance after watching the video. The beat is made up of eerie, creeping synths, crashing percussion, and, as with the majority of the album, 808s that can and will bust your speakers if you turn the volume up …

What’s Poppin (Remix )- [Jack Harlow] ft. [Lil Wayne] [DaBaby] & [Tory Lanez]

It’s pretty obvious that as soon as Jack Harlow released the original version of “What’s Poppin” back in January, it was a success right off the bat. Although he had been making bangers for a few years, this was the song that really turned some heads and changed the trajectory of his career. As a fan, I can’t say how happy I am that this was the case because ever since he’s been one of the most consistent artists with regards to putting out hit after hit. His smooth, energetic flows mixed with some bouncy instrumentals and just simply the party vibes that exude from within him all come together on almost every single one of his songs to truly show his star power. Back to “What’s Poppin”, though. When a song like that becomes as massively successful as it did, artists big and small want the chance to grace the beat and see if they can come up with their own rendition to join in on the fun. While there are countless unofficial remixes that have been released independently, legends like Lil Wayne, DaBaby, and Tory Lanez decided to finally join Jack for the official remix, and I don’t …