Escape Your Love – [SSGKobe] ft. [Trippie Redd]

There are some artists that I hear for the first time and I’m immediately entranced, but then there are some that take me a few listens before I can truly grasp their sound and appreciate their music. Somehow, I wasn’t all in on SSGKobe when I first found out about him, but after listening to his music a few times through early on, he immediately became one of my favorite up-and-comers and I was baffled that I let myself sleep for as long as I did. Nonetheless, at this point, there is never a new song from the Louisiana phenom that I don’t tap in with, and his most recently released record “Escape Your Love” featuring Trippie Redd has definitely been one of my favorite records ever since it dropped. Thanks to the production from Jaasu, Charlie Heat, and Jonnywood, these two talents are given an instrumental that suits both of their strengths, and what I didn’t realize until after the song is that they’re two very similar artists in terms of their style. At the same time, Kobe is a bit more reserved or optimistic almost while Trippie seems to let himself go a bit crazier which comes with …

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2021

Every year, artists hailing from Chicago prove exactly why this is a city that belongs in the upper echelon of music, and this fact grows more abundantly obvious with every release that is put out. Whether a musician is world renown or locally recognized, there is never a shortage of creativity, effort, or innovation, and whether the rest of the country notices this or not, local fans are well aware of the goldmine that we are sitting on here in the Midwest.  Our goal here at Lyrical Lemonade has always been to shine a light on the remarkable sounds coming out of the city every single year, and even when we go in with certain expectations or presumptions, our minds are absolutely blown once we realize just how much dexterous and unique music was brought to life in the span of 12 short months. One thing that is inimitable within the local scene here is simply the sense of community because whether these talents are teaming up with one another or on entirely different levels of fame, everyone seems to show love to each other, ensuring their awareness of the eye-opening and head-turning styles that are being generated across the …

Jaas: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Jaas is a talented musician out of Chicago who I first discovered about a year or so ago, and I have been a fan + supporter ever since! Jaas just recently dropped her new project Unavailable earlier this month, so it was the perfect time to bring her in for a new episode of The Lemonade Stand! I talked to Jaas about many things such as the previously mentioned project, her time at Hyde Park High School + Northern Illinois University, her musical influences, being a woman in the music industry, Chicago’s music community, artists she wants to work with in the future and we even pulled up one of her old covers on YouTube! This was a solid conversation, check it out for yourself below!

Why – [Jaas]

Sometimes when I sit and really think about all of the new budding talent coming out of Chicago, it’s so overwhelming, there’s a neverending pool of talent here and Chicago native Jaas is starting to stand out from the bunch. I have been familiar with Jaas for a couple of years now, but it seems as if she is gearing up to drop a project soon, cause 2021 has seen her be more active musically than ever. She connected with music video director Moon Pyinyar who shot a cinematic visual that finds Jaas in a few different nature settings, singing her heart out about a past relationship. Jaas has some fantastic vocals and they shined on this track, she has a bright future ahead of her, so you might as well get familiar with her now! Produced by @prodxvzn

Ice On – [JAAS]

JAAS is a Chicago native whose music I posted about sometime last year, and today she is making her return to our pages with her brand new offering called “Ice On” featuring Lil Zay Osama. Jaas is a rising artist from the city that I’ve kept a tab on for a minute now, she has an angelic voice that shines on every song, match that with her unmatched ability to create ear-pleasing melodies at the drop of a dime, and I’d say that we have a potential star on our hands. The feature from Lil Zay Osama on this track was the perfect compliment to the contribution by JAAS, they showed great chemistry together on this one, and it left me hoping to see them work together again in the future. Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on JAAS, she has some serious potential and I predict she will become one of the best artists from Chicago in just a short amount of time. Stream this brand new record via Spotify below, and give JAAS a follow on Twitter here!

Cut You Off – [Jaas]

This afternoon we have an artist that goes by Jaas who is making her Lyrical Lemonade debut with the premiere of her brand new music video for “Cut You Off”. We get hundreds of submissions a day of artists sending in music to get featured on our website, but every now and then I’ll stumble upon a diamond int he rough, and that was exactly the case here with Jaas. From the very jump, the initial thing that stood out to me was just how smooth & calming her vocal performance was, she can sing like an angel but can also mix it up & rap as well. I typically don’t compare artists to other artists, but Jaas reminds of SZA a little bit, which is high praise considering that she’s a new artist. Watch this brand new music video below and if you enjoy it make sure you hit that like button on YouTube. Directed by Chi Marley Visuals

A Lot To Lose – [24KGoldn]

Between a budding music career, attending USC, and apparently some international travel, 24KGoldn has a lot going on, and his latest offering, “A Lot To Lose,” suggests just this. With “Valentino” still in heavy rotation, Goldn showcases a different side on this one. Where the former was upbeat and full of braggadocio, “A Lot To Lose” has a more emotionally-charged direction. As the West Coast native wanders the streets of Tokyo (made even more colorful by some slick editing), he reflects on the struggle of maintaining a relationship with so much going personally and professionally, and while the song is filled with emotion, Goldn does a great job of not overdoing, remaining in his sweet spot all the way throughout. Whether on an upbeat banger like “Valentino” or showcasing his softer side here, it’s clear 24KGoldn has a great feel for the track and it lets his natural energy shine through. That said, be sure to check out “A Lot To Lose” below and let us know what you think in the comments! Prod. Jaasu & Omer Fedi