Watch JPEGMAFIA Perform “Thug Tears” on COLORS

  As we reach the final weeks of 2018, it’s a perfect window of time to look back at some of the artists who truly turned some heads and pushed the ball forward over the past 12 months. With this in mind, one act that must be mentioned is Baltimore’s own JPEGMAFIA, as he raised hell with one of my favorite projects of the year, Veteran. As abstract as JPEG gets, he’s an incredibly creative and ambitious artist, and today, this is put on display as he lets loose an energetic performance of the Veteran standout “Thug Tears” at COLORS Studios. With a tremendous supply of mic presence and an endlessly entertaining personality, this performance is definitely one of COLORS’ wildest to date. The budding talent lets out every bit of aggression that he feels in front of a smooth purple backdrop, and the result is a must-watch video for fans both new and old of Baltimore’s own. Notably, this video arrives just weeks after JPEGMAFIA’s new, Kenny Beats-produced single, “Puff Daddy” — be sure to stream the song here and watch the man himself perform “Thug Tears” at the link below!

Puff Daddy – [JPEGMAFIA] [Kenny Beats]

Just like JPEGMAFIA’s music is from an entirely different universe, Kenny Beats’ ability to match the needs of any artist he sets his eyes on is like no other. With these two precedents set, it only makes sense that the highly-anticipated collaboration between the two, “Puff Daddy”, brings listeners into an entirely new world of music. The sounds, industrial and abstract, are addictively destructive in ways that we simply aren’t used to hearing, but are somehow able to fit perfectly into the energetic presence of JPEGMAFIA the second he touches the mic. “Puff Daddy” sounds like an alien invasion in the year 3000, and quite honestly, I’m 100% here for it. This is one of the best songs to come out throughout these past few release-heavy weeks, but don’t just take my word for it. Stream the latest from JPEG and Kenny below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Watch JPEGMAFIA’s New Documentary With The Fader

Ever since the release of his 2018 album, Veteran, JPEGMAFIA has become one of rap’s most prominent rising figures. His boundary-pushing artistry and uncontrollable bursts of energy never fail to make for some truly great music, and deservedly so, The Fader is here to honor this today with a brand new JPEGMAFIA documentary entitled Right Here Is Home. Taking fans back to MAFIA’s Baltimore-bred roots, this video revisits the Bell Foundry — a creative space in the city where the budding star developed his beginnings as an artist. JPEGMAFIA’s story is an inspiring one to hear from a fan’s perspective, and upon watching this documentary, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the authenticity and dedication in MAFIA’s craft are second to none. That said, whether you’re already a fan of JEPGMAFIA or not, Right Here Is Home is a great watch, so check it out below and stream Veteran here!

1539 N. Calvert – [JPEGMAFIA]

Ever since the release of his early 2018 project, Veteran, JPEGMAFIA has been on my radar as one of the most promising rising artists in music right now. His artistry sees no boundaries, and bringing to life the hit song “1539 N. Calvert” today, he’s here to drop off a stellar new video and keep the stocks on an insuppressible rise. That said, denoted by the address featured in the title of the track, this song acts as an ode to Baltimore’s creative venue, The Foundry. After being taken down in 2016, JPEGMAFIA simply had to pay tribute to such an important spot in his career, and the visuals that we receive today are meant to display the free-ranging essence of the space and how it made him feel as an artist. “1539 N. Calvert” is an incredible song, so it only follows that it needed an incredible visual companion — and this offering provides just that. Click play at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments below! Directed by Audrey Gatewood Video Production by everybodyneedsus

Vengeance – [Denzel Curry] Ft. [Jpegmafia] & [ZillaKami]

Denzel Curry’s Ta13oo album was met with critical acclaim back in July with some saying it holds the potential for one of the best projects of the year. Whether or not that’s the case, his visuals have been second-to-none (check out the insane video for Clout Cobain) and now, the likes of Jpegmafia and Zillakami rejoin Denzel in the horrific depiction of their collab, Vengeance. Directed by Zev Deans, the new cinematic starts out with a dead Curry on the street before he is resurrected and searches out for revenge on someone. After a literal game of ‘Operation’ on the unfortunate victim, we then see Jpeg and Zilla join Curry outside of a Foot Rub store before riding into the night in a car which ultimately ends the cut. Chances are you’re a little confused after that explanation but you’d best see for yourself; click on the new Vengeance visuals below! Directed by Zev Deans 

Watch JPEGMAFIA on Mass Appeal’s Open Space

Ever since I first listened to his brilliantly-experimental album, Veteran, I’ve been absolutely hooked on rising artist JPEGMAFIA and his endless supply of curious sounds and infectious artistry, and you should be, too. Today, JPEG makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a visit to Mass Appeal’s “Open Space”, giving us a little background behind one of the most unique artists out, in my opinion. Throughout the interview, the conversation ranges over a wide variety of topics including Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Trump, his come up, being in the military, Flatbush, an abundance of old stories, and more. Be sure to give it a watch below and keep an eye on JPEGMAFIA in the future by following him on Twitter here!