SHOTS! – [JELEEL!] ft. [Denzel Curry]

I try my best to diversify the things I write about by including different artists as well as a mixture of songs, videos, and projects as often as I can. There are obviously a few artists that I write about a bit more regularly, but that’s just because it’s more fun for me to write about people I truly listen to regularly than it is for me to try and come up with tons of things to say about an emcee that I just don’t know too much about. I say all of this because earlier this week, in fact just a few days ago, I wrote about JELEEL!’s song “SHOTS!” with Denzel Curry, a track that was pulsating with energy, vigor, and vitality, as we’ve come to expect from the Rhode Island and Florida phenoms. Not even a week could go by, though, without them teaming up with director Zach Madden to shoot a music video for the banger, so even though I just posted the song, I simply couldn’t resist talking about the video because it was just so well-executed. In the miniature movie, we’re taken to this industrial warehouse where there is this complicated contraption resting in …

SHOTS! – [JELEEL!] & [Denzel Curry]

If you have to ask yourself why JELEEL! has become one of the most notorious artists in the current generation of music, then you’re already far behind the curve. While I have admittedly never really gotten the right opportunity to listen to the rapidly growing phenom, I already knew I would like him based on his sheer energy and personality, but those are some of the first things people claim to notice about the exuberant emcee. I mean, I haven’t even seen him live and in person yet, but based on videos I’ve seen, I can say that he is one of the best performers you’ll see, and even with my novice experience of his music, he is on my bucket list of shows to attend without a doubt. If you haven’t seen videos of his performances, then look them up and you’ll see why I say this, but I knew it was about time to finally tune in and catch up on everything I’ve missed once I saw that he teamed up with Denzel Curry to bring their brand-new song “SHOTS!” to life. The Rhode Island emcee even produced this jam with some help from FNZ, using an entirely …

Rain On You! – [JELEEL!]

I think it’s safe to say JELEEL! is an absolute star. The Rhode Island-bred juggernaut wen completely crazy during his performances at SXSW and Rolling Loud Miami, and is back with a new single and video that embodies the reason JELEEL! is ascending the way he is. His single and simultaneously released video for “Rain On You!” doesn’t stray from the addictive formula JELEEL! has created for himself. “Rain On You!” is tightly-wound, in-your-face, euphorically melodic, and brought in with a rumbling set of drums backing him. The song’s perfect visual counterpart is simple but so incredibly effective. JELEEL! is center stage, and all the energy felt through the video comes from him, no over-the-top visual effects, crazy saturations, just an electrically charged JELEEL! rapping to the camera, with a subtle flex thrown in here and there for good measure. Watch the “Rain On You!” music video from JELEEL! below.

A Conversation with viral internet sensation JELEEL!

Sam: So man, I’d love to hear about your upbringing. Was music a part of your life growing up? What led you to diving into music? JELEEL!: I’m Nigerian, so my family came from Nigeria. Music was always playing. My parents would play Afrobeats and stuff like that, so it was just always around me. It’s not that I did music early on, it was just always around me. There was one day though, I had to be like 6 years old and there was this commercial and there was this kid who was playing with a blanket, but the melody and the video were so mesmerizing…I would just sing that melody and I would be in my own world. I think that moment was when I first experienced music like that. — Sam: So with that, tell me about the moment you decided to pursue music and take it seriously? JELEEL!: I just felt it! Once I made my first song, I experienced this feeling that I had been trying to feel for so long. Once I felt that, it felt like my heart opened up. I graduated college 2 years later and went straight to LA. I booked …

July! – [JELEEL!]

There is no doubt that you have heard or seen the name JELEEL! over the past couple of weeks. The LA-based rapper isn’t necessarily a new name, already delivering massively addictive songs such as “DIVE IN!” and “JELEEL JUICE!” that contains some kind of sonic serum that boosts your energy levels through battery acid-lined production and JELEEL!’s dynamic delivery. His latest release, “July!,” follows in the footsteps of the aforementioned songs, building on the irresistible combination of JELEEL!’s pitched delivery, tongue-in-cheek lyricism, and hard-hitting production, in this case, provided by producer Peyote. Released alongside an accompanying music video, JELEEL! is exploding with energy in the Karl Perkins shot visual of his new single, capturing the electricity coursing through the song’s production and JELEEL!’s delivery. “July!” is beyond addicting and is rightfully gaining traction everywhere you look. This is a single you’re not going to want to turn off, and the accompanying video only adds to the entire picture of what makes JELEEL! an exciting artist; his oozing confidence and charisma.  Watch the new video for “July!” by JELEEL! below.