Watch Young Thug’s brand new interview with No Jumper

Young Thug is arguably the most popular rapper in the entire world right now, so when I saw Adam22 from No Jumper sat down with him for a new interview, I was glued to my computer screen. You will find these two speaking about plenty of topics including his come up, how his life has changed, his “don’t give a fuck” attitude, being an innovator, his relationship with Future, the potential he sees in Juice WRLD, Lil Wayne, freestyling, working with Lil Nas X, Lil Keed being next up, finding Gunna early, how he wanted an OG to teach him when he was coming up, what it’s like being a superstar, social media, his latest record “The London”, touring with J. Cole, why he dislikes revenge, the Taylor Swift situation, his first deal only being 10-15 thousand, his forthcoming album, running for president and more! Don’t sleep on this interview, press play below.

Revenge Of The Dreamers III – [Dreamville]

The moment we’ve all been waiting for since January is here, J.Cole and his Dreamville posse have dropped their highly anticipated compilation album Revenge Of The Dreamers III. 2019 has been a huge year for Cole and it seems him and all of Dreamville is going to be on our necks all year. This album is the final product from the mythical and legendary Dreamville sessions that took place in Atlanta, Georgia back in mid-January. Even though I’ve only been through the project twice so far you can tell the energy in these rooms were special. It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite track this early on but they’re a lot of people and moments that stood out to me. Some of the MVP’s of the album from my perspective were JID, EarthGang, Buddy, Guapdad 4000, Lute and Yung Nudy. A couple of songs that I found myself gravitating to this early on were “Under The Sun”, “1993”, “Self Love”, “Sunset” and the standout single “Down Bad.” The Dreamville troop were successful in trying to mix and match different styles and talent and weave and integrate them together to create which is probably their best album in the …

Destiny – [Chase Fade]

Chase Fade is a man on a mission. Born and raised in Seattle, the 24-year-old rapper has been on his grind since 2012. Chase shares his journey from meeting the girl of his dreams to eventually touring with Dreamville’s Bas on his song, “Destiny” — the first off of his 11 track album, I Have No Idea. Inspired by modern-day greats such as J. Cole, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar, the emcee has impeccable storytelling talent and effortlessly flows over any beat presented to him. After listening to “Destiny,” produced by Accent, it is very apparent that Chase fade is only getting started. Be sure to follow the Seattle-based rapper.

Watch Young Nudy’s New Interview With Complex

Young Nudy has risen to stardom over the past year or so with his wildly distinct voice and rare flows, and has found himself working with legends like Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, 21 Savage, and J. Cole, just to name a few. His latest project Sli’merre is a joint project with legendary ATL producer Pi’erre Bourne. This interview with Complex becomes quite interesting, because though usually, Nudy is not one of many words, they’re able to get him comfortable in front of the camera and touch on some well-thought and intriguing questions that let the viewer know the hilarious and genuine Young Nudy a little more on his trek to the top. Some interesting questions asked include how he goes about creating concepts in his songs, does he write songs, how he came to work with Pi’erre, why a lot of his songs have food in the title, and what music inspires him to create. Nudy then finishes out the interview talking about his viral leak, “Pissy Pamper/Kid Cudi” that he collaborated with Playboi Carti on. Be sure to watch the interview below!

Watch YBN Cordae’s brand new interview with Nardwuar

While YBN Cordae was recently in Vancouver, Canada for his performance at Breakout Music Festival he met up with the almighty Nardwuar for an amazing new interview. You already know that Nard asked him about plenty of interesting things including Jedi Mind Tricks, rapping like Ja Rule at age five, Lil Bow Wow, Jay-Z, his uncle Wayne playing in a basketball league with J. Cole, his Texas Roadhouse order, working at that establishment, sleeping on his homies couch in DC, the Go Go Posse, DMV slang, walking up to Young Thug at a festival when he was 14 and getting turned away, sampling Malcolm X when he was younger, Dr. Dre, Mos Def and more! Press play on this entertaining new conversation below!

Purple Emoji – [Ty Dolla $ign] ft. [J. Cole]

If I’m being honest, my first introduction to Ty Dolla $ign was through the slew of legendary features that he’s blessed us with over the years. Not until recently have I really delved far into his solo output, but now, after doing so, I must say that Ty and his silky-smooth vocals is a gift to the music and something that we certainly shouldn’t take for granted. Today, the star himself forwards this idea with a magical new offering, “Purple Emoji,” alongside none other than J. Cole. Backed by an atmospheric, passionate instrumental, this song takes on the connectivity and widespread applicability of lasting love using the purple devil emoji — a sure sign and something I’m sure we all recognize as, in some way, a part of every relationship. Ty’s velvety vocals wash over the lush sound at hand, and just as I expected him to do, J. Cole lets loose a strong verse that adds the cherry on top to an already great song, both sonically and even visually, if we’re mentioning the standout music video here. Needless to say, “Purple Emoji” is an indicator of great music to come as we await Ty Dolla $ign’s forthcoming third …

Shea Butter Baby – [Ari Lennox]

Ari Lennox is an artist who I have been getting more and more familiar with this year, and just a few minutes ago she released her brand new album titled “Shea Butter Baby”. This twelve track project comes in at about forty five minutes in length and it offers a refreshing and soulful R&B sound that you just can’t deny, I understand music is subjective but I just don’t understand how someone could not like this impressive tape even if they wanted to. The two features on this fantastic project come from her fellow Dreamville affiliates J. Cole & J.I.D who each gave wholehearted features, my jaw damn near hit the floor when I heard J.I.D on the third record “Broke”, and I was already a fan of the Cole track because the video dropped some months back. This is all in all one of the best albums I have heard so far in 2019, and I see nothing but more continued success for her in her future. Stream this brand new album via Spotify below and if you like the tape then go ahead and follow Ari Lennox on Twitter here!

Watch Joel Q’s brand new interview with Illanoize

I just recently got put on to Chicago native Joel Q through our mutual homie Josi Green via the record that they released titled “That’s Life”, so when I saw that he stopped by Illanoize a couple of weeks back for a genuine conversation I was excited to see what he was all about. You will find Bekoe, Illinois Jones and Pretty Riot asking Joel about plenty of topics such as wanting to sign to J. Cole’s Dreamville label, supporting Chicago, Nipsey Hussle, his stellar work ethic, doing the background work, being a good storyteller & incorporating it in his music, his definition of success and more. Get in tune with one of Chicago’s dopest upcoming emcees by pressing play below.

Watch Smino’s brand new interview with Tim Westwood TV

Smino and his right hand man Monte Booker recently sat down with the legend Tim Westwood for a brand new interview, and it’s not anything you want to miss out on. You will find them speaking on plenty of subjects such as his come up, his album NOIR, being born and raised in St. Louis, performing overseas, J. Cole, the Hoopti Tour, Nelly, moving to Chicago, breaking his foot on his first tour, his stellar visuals, the London scene, his relationship with T-Pain, auto tune, Coachella, his first album, Soundcloud, play-listing, attending the Dreamville bootcamp, his biggest fear being running out of passion and more. Check out this brand new interview below!

Watch Saweetie’s brand new interview with BigBoy

Saweetie was the latest guest on Big Boy’s awesome platform and it’s not a conversation that you want to miss out on. You will find Big and his squad asking her plenty of interesting questions such as coming from a musical family, starting poetry when she was fourteen, going to college at USC before rap, being from the Bay, meeting Quavo, rapping for J. Cole, paying off her student loans after she signed her deal, the scandal that hit her campus, how she got her name, being close with her family, having her audience grow rapidly, Zaytoven being her cousin, her live performance, ignoring the naysayers, loving her fans, having a clothing line, playing sports growing up and much more. It’s only a matter of time before Saweetie is one of the biggest artists out, so if you aren’t familiar with here you might as well get in tune by pressing play below!