Watch Freddie Gibbs & Madlib speak on “Bandana” with Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib are still fresh off the release of one of the best rap albums of the decade, Bandana, released late last month, which followed up the duo’s prior collaborative masterpiece, 2014’s Piñata. The interview begins with some back and forth between Freddie and Peter on the unfortunate situation Freddie dealt with overseas a few years back and how he overcame being accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He goes on to talk about how making Bandana was therapeutic for him, as he was overcoming his hardships throughout the process of making the album. After hearing the record a dozen or so times, it brought tears to my eyes knowing how emotional it was for Freddie to finally put out this body of work after everything he went through. Peter asks about how Freddie and Madlib met, and how Freddie has never spoken to Madlib on the phone, just electronically and in person. Then, out of nowhere, Madlib himself steps into the room, and solidifies this as a legendary interview, being that Madlib barely does this and is usually off the grid. Peter asks him how many radio interviews he has done over the past ten years, …

PRAY – [dilla]

The Fort Wayne, IN artist dilla is back with a premiere of his latest single “PRAY.” His soft vocals beam messages of his come-up, and how difficulty and adversity can be overcome through faith. “I ain’t supposed to be here but I, should be broke and six feet under, but I rose up/ Turn my L’s into lessons stayin’ focused.” His optimism and positive outlook provide for an inspirational, smooth banger that’s a must-listen. Dilla also pays tribute to his team and his homies, who have been through it all with him on their journey. “Met my brothers, they my blood, we move like soldiers – they watch my six, but there’s cobweb in the holsters.” The importance of having supportive people and a positive environment around you is paramount, and dilla proclaims his thankfulness to have his guys by his side through it all. Dilla has racked up a respectable Soundcloud following, and has past singles and projects that have accumulated 10’s of thousands of streams across the platform. “PRAY” is a masterful piece that could amass numerous streams as well. Stream “PRAY” below!

Watch Common’s brand new interview with BigBoyTV

Common is a Chicago legend and one of my favorite emcees of my lifetime, so whenever he sits down for an interview I always give it my upmost attention and soak up the knowledge. Common recently chopped it up with Big Boy and his great crew about plenty of topics such as his brand new book, what he has learned from books growing up, his new song titled “Her Love” produced by J. Dilla, art, working with Kendrick Lamar, anxiety, going to therapy, what he learned from his father, letting love have the last word, being roommates with J. Dilla, Chance, being a fan of Noname & SZA, visiting prisoners in California, prison reform, the NBA Finals, Steph & the Warriors, his relationship with Drake, Chicago violence stemming from mass incarceration, The Chi and so much more. Watch this awesome new interview below.

Glad – [T’nah]

Just a few days ago I was wondering when I was going to get some new music from Brooklyn native T’nah, and sure enough she popped up right on time with a brand new offering titled “Glad”. I have always thoroughly loved T’nah’s music and style, but one thing I love even more is production from J. Dilla, so when I saw she was rapping over one of his beats my jaw damn near dropped to the floor. Just as I figured she would, T’nah absolutely ripped this beat to shreds, providing a good mix of singing and rapping. Stream this brand new record below to get in tune with one of New York’s many gems!

Brad Pitt – [Foggieraw]

DMV emcee Foggieraw has been busy on the collaboration grind in 2019, with his last three Lyrical Lemonade appearances coming as part of joint efforts with TROSSTHEGIANT, Obed Padilla, and Flex Kartel, respectively. Now, he returns with a solo effort in “Brad Pitt” that puts his unique approach and charisma front and center. Obviously, Foggie’s voice is what jumps out first — that deep, croaking, flow is so unique — and more than just being different, it really captures his effortlessly cool persona. That stylish, swagger-filled personality is reflected in his bars, too, with lines that are clever and, at times, border on outrageous; a phone conversation with God and a wildly obscure reference to Freddy Adu, for example. The video brings sit all home with a colorful, off-the-wall feel, and even a soulful wine down to cap things off. Be sure to check out “Brad Pitt” below and let us know what you think in the comments! Prod. by ayowiththemayo & iamnobodi  

GO TIME – [DillanPonders]

Toronto emcee DillanPonders is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with an apocalyptic new single “GO TIME”. Over the past few years, Ponders has been making waves in the Toronto underground scene using his personality to build an incredibly loyal fanbase. Ponders is an artist who brings a high level of lyricism paired with his raspy voice, combining to make a signature sound that is instantly recognizable on any of his tracks. DillanPonders has been building a foundation with a number of underrated albums, it would seem that on his latest offering he is informing all listeners he is done waiting and he is about to take matters into his own hands. The Alex Parham produced beat provides the perfect stage for Dillan’s PSA, it envokes feelings of a soundtrack to a Mad Max style wasteland. Last time Dillan dropped a one-off single, it was followed up by his 2018 album The Boy Who Died. With the nature of his latest release, I wouldn’t be surprised if DillanPonders is brewing up some heat for a new project. Stream “GO TIME” on all platforms here!

Don III – [Just John] & [Dom Dias]

Throughout history, we have seen countless examples of artist-producer combos that have worked together to create music that takes each party to another level. Today, I am introducing you to one of those combos, artist Just John and producer Dom Dias. The duo has been working together for some time now and just dropped the third and final installment in the Don EP series. Without a doubt, Don III is the most advanced release from the Toronto-based pair and there are no signs of slowing down yet. Over the past few years, Just John has been building up his image in the underground scene of Toronto and recently had his 2018 single “Soundboi” selected as the official playoff song for the Toronto Raptors. Working with Dom Dias has allowed John to perfect his sound over the unusual production style Dom has. Any time a producer is able to work unusual effects or samples into their music it adds another level of complexity to the music and these can be found all over Dom’s music. Together, the two combine to create a cohesive sound that allows both artists to shine in their own right. The 6-song project is filled with fire …

Five Life Lessons From J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’

By: John Matraia Loops surround us in our everyday lives. Rings. Coins. Wheels. Even donuts, a favorite snack of the late producer J Dilla. But loops mean much more than those run-of-the-mill items when looking at J Dilla’s magnum opus: the 31-track journey through life that is Donuts. For those unfamiliar with J Dilla (also known as Jay Dee), he was a music producer and rapper from Detroit, born in 1974. On Donuts, his most acclaimed solo body of work, he proves himself as the master of loops (short, repetitive sample patterns) found at the core of every song. In fact, the album as a whole acts as one never-ending loop, running seamlessly from the first song to the last and then back to the first. Dilla communicates through these loops on this instrumental project, speaking volumes without any vocals from the man himself. Dilla created Donuts entirely on an MPC3000, a device that the Detroit producer knew the ins and outs of more than almost anyone, without any technological help from the machine’s myriad of capabilities. More specifically, Dilla famously made the project without “quantization” — a feature of the MPC that moves certain drum notes in place with …

Brittney Carter releases two new songs!

I have been speaking highly of Chicago talent Brittney Carter on our pages for a minute now, and the other day she released not one, but two brand new records! The first one is titled “You Can’t Hold The Torch”, where she continued her recent trend of dropping super quick one minute gems over some soulful production that may ring a bell for some, where you will find her dropping damn near the hottest 50 second verse I have ever heard. The second offering is called “Beatrix Kiddo” and I was PUMPED at the beginning when I heard one of my favorite J Dilla Instrumentals, and sure enough the Chicago spitter tore that beat up as well, making for my favorite of the two. Take a few minutes of your time to check out both of these new songs below and if you like Brittney’s sound be sure to give her a follow on Soundcloud here.

Deyssler – [Obed Padilla]

To add onto the list of Valentine’s Day releases, it’s only right that I highlight a project that deserves all of the attention in the world. If you haven’t heard of Obed Padilla, it’s about time you check out all of his music and put it right in your library, because the Oceanside, California native just dropped a 14 song album called Deyssler and quite honestly, it’s one of the most impressive projects I’ve heard this year. I use the word impressive because of Obed’s skill set. The guy does it all. He sings, raps, plays guitar, and produces without missing a single beat. That’s the best part about this offering; Obed is able to show off his versatility while painting a picture for all of his listeners throughout each and every track, and there are also some pretty dope appearances by artists including Asaiah Ziv, Foggieraw, Kaleb Mitchell, John Givez, and Saint Marcel, with each one complimenting the other in a refreshing and effortless way.  That said, this rising artist is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, but this definitely won’t be the last you hear of him. His latest album is filled with a variety of tracks that have something …