A Conversation With Ausar

I have been closely covering the Chicago music scene for just about six years now, and I have had the pleasure of meeting plenty of amazing creatives over the years, but someone who I have been following for a handful of years now is Ausar. The first time that I interviewed Ausar was way back in the fall of 2016, and watching him grow as a person + as an artist since that point has been amazing, to say the least. I wanted to bring Ausar through the new LL office to catch up & record our second interview nearly four years later, so back in June he came by, and today I am ecstatic to finally be releasing the interview! We spoke about several topics such as his upcoming music releases, to performing on Rhythm + Flow, and everything between now & our last conversation. You can read/watch the new interview below, and while you’re at it, listen to some of his music on Spotify! Follow Ausar on Twitter here!   — EM: Last time I interviewed you was 2016, at that time you were pursuing a degree in chemistry. Since then you’ve graduated, how did that college experience …

Rise Up – [IsaiahG]

IsaiahG is an artist out of Chicago who we have been supporting here on Lyrical Lemonade for some years now, and this afternoon he is back on our website with his brand new music video for “Rise Up”. Isaiah has always excelled a delivering witty punchline bars one after another, and this track is chock filled with them, as he referenced things like Chance The Rapper with Sox (Social Experiment) fits as well as plenty of others that I’ll let you discover for yourself. Can’t say I ever expected IsaiahG to shoot a music video in a Panda costume haha, but it turned out well as the director Nightrunner caught some shots of Isaiah all over the city. Watch this brand new music video below!

Talk My Shit – [IsaiahG] x [Kiraly Payne]

You might remember a few weeks back when I premiered a new record from a new Chicago collective that goes by Outer(net), it features a handful of the dopest upcoming emcees in the city, and today three of those members connected for a brand new record titled “Talk My Shit”. I have been patiently waiting for this record to drop since they first teased it on social media about a week and a half ago, and it finally dropped just a few minutes ago, and although the teaser was fire, it didn’t do the full-length track nearly enough justice. This one all starts with Aaron Deux, who for my money is one of the most talented producers in Chicago, as he blessed these two emcees with one of the most dope instrumentals you will hear this week. Kiraly stepped up to the plate first, giving us a catchy hook to start the song off before jumping into his verse, where he ironically (or not), talked his shit. IsaiahG hopped on the beat near the halfway mark on this track, making Kiraly’s energy as he spit a braggadocious verse where he flexed his rap skills, his new college degree and much …

Evol – [Outer(net)]

Outer(net) is a new collective out of Chicago that features some of my favorite artists in the city including; Ausar, IsaiahG, Myquale, Aaron Deux and Kiraly Payne. Whenever I got word that these talented creatives were going to connect to create this supergroup, I was truly thrilled, and here we are a few months later & they are on our website with the premiere of their brand new debut record titled “Evol”. IsaiahG started off this one with arguably my favorite verse from him to date, before his fellow U of I alumni Ausar jumped on the beat and complimented him with an equally as good contribution. After that, the man Aaron Deux came through with a verse that was all over the place (in a good way), switching his flows & tone his voice multiple times that made him stand out. Kirlay Payne followed that up with a singing/rapping type of verse that brought another level to the track, before the young king Myquale closed out the record with some straight-up addicting bars, putting the cherry on top of an all-around great offering. Take some time out of your day to stream this brand new track below, and if …

The Idle Mind – [Yourbeautifulruin]

When a producer releases their own project, it’s a unique chance to get a more in-depth look at an artist who usually isn’t the main attraction of their own work. On his debut project titled ‘The Idle Mind’, producer Yourbeautifulruin opens up his own mind to offer a glimpse of his purest form of creativity, amplified by a versatile circle of collaborators who each add their own voice to the mix. Marked by luscious live instrumentation all throughout, ‘The Idle Mind’ is not only a flex in Yourbeautifulruin’s knack for exciting compositions, but it blossoms into a blissful listening experience as it plays through. His mix of jazzy percussion and uncanny rhythm floods each track in a sea of sound that swirls around a listener in unexpected and hypnotic patterns. He mixes in flute solos and funky bass lines to keep things moving at a fast-pace, allowing for a plethora of memorable moments to come to life with perfect timing. ‘The Idle Mind’ also introduces a roster of impressive vocalists, ranging from soul vocalists to rappers who all make their contributions intentional in moving the project forward. Standout tracks include the animated “Anything’s Possible” featuring Miyka’el, IsaiahG, Kashow & sunswan …

T-Minus – [IsaiahG]

IsaiahG is someone who has been on our website dozens & dozens in the times in the past for his new songs + videos but one thing that he has barely been featured on our platform for is projects, but today he is back with a brand new EP titled T-Minus. This EP is a four-song effort that goes about eleven minutes in length, it’s a relatively short listen but Isaiah managed to fit multiple different flows, styles and straight-up bars into this short amount of time. I have been watching Isaiah develop as an artist for the past five years or so and he has really shown some major improvement, I’d say that this EP is his best body of work to date, and hopefully we can get a full length from him sometime in the future. Isaiah has been making a name for himself within the Chicago scene for a minute now and considering that he is now graduated from college & has more time on his hands

Takeoff – [IsaiahG]

Over the past half-decade, Chicago artist IsaiahG has been featured on our website plenty of times, and today he is back for the last time this decade with his brand new offering titled “Takeoff”. This single is off of IsaiahG’s forthcoming project T-Minus that is rumored to be dropping at some point in January, which is something I have been looking forward to already, but especially after blasting this new joint a few times through. This record finds Isaiah taking a slower-paced + introspective type of sound, rhyming passionately over the always amazing Aaron Deux production, and together they created yet another classic song that they will be proud of for years to come. You should take a few minutes of your type to get in tune with two rising underground Chicago artists, who knows, they might blow up at some point in this next decade. Produced by Aaron Deux

Come Ups – [IsaiahG]

IsaiahG is a Chicago based spitter who has been featured on our website countless times in the past, and today he is adding to that list with the release of his brand new music video for “Come Ups”. Once I heard the always great Aaron Deux production building up I knew it was going to be special, and of course, once Isaiah jumped on the beat he did his thing, spazzing with the raps for about a minute straight! It’ss a very quick listen + watch considering this music video is under a minute & a half in length, but IsaiahG jammed as many bars + flows in there as he could, showing why he is continuing to rise within the Chicago community. Isaiah + his close homies have been making great music + content for a minute now, but I am thinking that 2020 will be his best year yet considering he is damn near finished getting his degree from University Of Illinois. Keep an eye out for both Isaiah & Aaron Deux next year, but for the time being, watch this brand new visual below. Directed by Jayy Reall

Negro League – [IsaiahG]

IsaiahG is an artist who we have been posting about on these pages for well over four years, and this afternoon he is back with the release of his brand new music video for “Negro League”. It’s been a minute since we have last heard some new music from the Chicago native, about six months to be exact, so I was very excited to dive into this new visual. Isaiah got up with video director Gian Frias to help bring this song to life, and they snapped if you ask me, making for one of his best videos to date. Be expecting a tape to drop from Isaiah and his fellow AAP brother Aaron Deux in the near future, but for now just press play below.

Hoodie – [Nico Supremo] Ft. [IsaiahG]

A Chicago based artist that goes by Nico Supremo is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with the music video for his brand new song called “Hoodie” featuring IsaiahG! I’m pretty sure I have seen Nico’s name somewhere before, but I haven’t heard his music before watching this video, and I came away pretty pleased with the verse he kicked & melody he whipped up. If you are a long time fan of LL then you have probably seen Isaiah’s name on the site once or twice before, and if you are familiar with him then you know that he never lets down with the raps, and he provided an impressive feature to turn Nico’s good song into a great one! Tune into this new visual below and if you like it then go ahead and share it with a friend.   shot by Gian Frias