Hoodie – [Nico Supremo] Ft. [IsaiahG]

A Chicago based artist that goes by Nico Supremo is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with the music video for his brand new song called “Hoodie” featuring IsaiahG! I’m pretty sure I have seen Nico’s name somewhere before, but I haven’t heard his music before watching this video, and I came away pretty pleased with the verse he kicked & melody he whipped up. If you are a long time fan of LL then you have probably seen Isaiah’s name on the site once or twice before, and if you are familiar with him then you know that he never lets down with the raps, and he provided an impressive feature to turn Nico’s good song into a great one! Tune into this new visual below and if you like it then go ahead and share it with a friend.   shot by Gian Frias

Fisherman – [Miyka’el] Ft. [IsaiahG]

An artist that goes by Miyka’el is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut this afternoon with his brand new record titled “Fisherman” featuring IsaiahG. This one starts off with a short clip of the duo performing this track live somewhere on campus in Champaign I’m assuming, and it led into a vibrant & colorful video that you can’t not enjoy. I must admit that the style that they used to approach this song threw me off a little bit, it’s not often you hear artists come as abstract as this these days, but they really made it their own & created an ear pleasing jam. Take a few minutes of your time to peep this new visual below and if you like it then don’t forget to give it a thumbs up to help it grow! shot and directed by Studio773

Black Girl Magic – [Alex Du Buclet]

Alex Du Buclet is a Lyrical Lemonade veteran, you just may not know it because she hasn’t released music in a MINUTE, but she is making her way back to our platform today with her brand new offering titled “Black Girl Magic”. I remember first posting about Alex Du Buclet back in early 2016 when she did a collab with Sike The Drug and IsaiahG amongst other talented individuals, and in late 2016 I got the chance to feature her in a Q&A back when LL was way smaller, so it’s amazing to see her blossoming into this extraordinary artist. This new record is a soulful and touching song that you can tell Alex put a mass amount of energy into, and it turned out to be a beautiful record that appears to be apart of a full length project that is set to drop later this year. Do yourself a huge favor and check out this new tune below, and if you like it be sure to share it with a friend or loved one!

Fufu12619 – [IsaiahG]

IsaiahG has been featured on our platform multiple times in the past four years, and this afternoon he is finding himself back on our website with his brand new release titled “Fufu12619”. This is a pretty short record coming in at under two minutes in length (a common trend I have been noticing from Isaiah lately), but that’s not to say that there isn’t good music jam packed in this one, Isaiah blessed us with about a minute & a half of straight bars to compliment the instrumental that was handled by Yourbeautifulruin. Stream this brand new offering via Soundcloud below and if you like it be sure to give Isaiah a follow on Twitter here!

Watch IsaiahG on Groove Daze

We have been covering south side Chicago native IsaiahG here on our website for a few years now, and tonight he is back with his brand new interview/live performance on Groove Daze. You will find Isaiah performing plenty of his records such as Vices, Rise Up, Pink Mamba and KOH, some of them are currently released but some of them are unreleased at this point. As far as the interview portion of this video you will find them asking him about his inspiration to write certain songs, his favorite season, when he first started creating music, his musical influences, his favorite producers, his forthcoming album, his creative process and more. Check out this brand new live performance and interview below.

Vices – [IsaiahG]

It’s been a little minute since we have last had Chicago native IsaiahG on our lemon filled pages because he hasn’t put out too much music this year, but all that nonsense ended today as he is back with his brand new music video for “Vices”. We have been covering Isaiah’s music for some years on our website and believe me when I say that I believe this is his best record to date, he let a ton off of his chest on this track but in an ear pleasing way, if you listen to the lyrics he’s spitting some real shit. Take a few minutes to watch this brand new music video below and if you like it be sure to keep up with Isaiah by giving him a follow on Twitter here! photo by Nico Sirridge

Skype – [IsaiahG]

We have been covering Chicago native IsaiahG’s music on our website for some years now, and today we are back with his latest offering titled “Skype”. He just dropped this joint on Soundcloud a few minutes ago and after playing it on repeat for about five minutes I was impressed with his bars provided on this one, pay close attention to the lyrics or it will slip past you. Isaiah hasn’t put out too much material this year as a whole but he has dropped a few joints this summer, hopefully thats a sign that a new project is on the horizon. Stream this brand new offering below and if you’re rocking with it be sure to give Isaiah a follow on Twitter here!

Wutitiz – [IsaiahG]

Chicago native IsaiahG is making his way back onto our platform this afternoon with his brand new offering titled “Wutitiz”. You will find Isaiah collaborating with producer LORDFUBU one this one, and if you know anything about their history working together then you already know it’s going to be a hit. Isaiah switched up his sound slightly on this one taking a slower and more melodic approach, something I hope to see him mess around with a bit more in the future. Along with the release of this one Isaiah left us with some words saying: “In the picture you can see me during my trip to Amsterdam while visiting the Red Light district. One of the craziest/sexiest nights of my life becomes the image backdrop to one of my most nighttime songs I’ve ever made. Wutitiz serves as a symbol of my creative development over the past couple of years and is the first single of my album “CONTACT.” Expect izzy to come out of hiding for the rest of 2018 :)”

La Di Da – [IsaiahG]

IsaiahG has been featured on our platform for some years now, and this afternoon he is back with his brand new offering titled “La Di Da”. Along with the release of this one Isaiah left his fans with some words saying: “In a weird sad place today, so here’s a heartfelt record I made”, and you will quickly see what’s he’s talking about once he dives into the heartfelt bars. Stream this brand new record below and if you like it be sure to give Isaiah a follow on Twitter here!

Solstice – [IsaiahG]

A regular on our page and Chicago’s own IsaiahG has been busy making moves since dropping his “KNOWSPACE” EP back in December. With his full-length debut project “CONTACT” in the works, Isaiah also just dropped a new music video for his track “Solstice”. One of the standouts cuts off of  “KNOWSPACE”, Isaiah let’s listener’s in on the more introspective side of his psyche as he drops bar after bar of pure reflection on his place in life. The video, directed by Des Armon, brings Isaiah’s moment of solitude to life through minimal, clean compositions. Filmed entirely on the Southside, each setting in the video gives off a feeling of home and nostalgia, whether Isaiah’s rapping to us from a front porch, on a park bench or in the middle of the woods. Swipe left on the bullshit and get into the music video for “Solstice” below: