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During the week of Summer Smash 2022, L3MON (Web 3 leg of Lyrical Lemonade) hosted Carton NFT holders in Chicago for a holder-only event & the music festival. Our friends over at NFTNow came to town at the same time to document what the L3MON team has been building and got the chance to chat with holders and team members. The video consists of interviews with LL founder Cole Bennett, Toni Sudimac, and L3MON team members Jarrito & Wags all speaking on the potential Lyrical Lemonade has in Web 3. The coverage of the holder event included brief talks with Carton NFT holders on what their experiences have been thus far and what they’re most excited about in the future with L3MON.  To learn more about L3MON and Lyrical Lemonade’s approach in this new vertical, be sure to check out the interview below!

A Conversation with contradash

Sam: Man! What’s happening bro! contradash: I’m good dude! I’ve been up every night until like 6am for some different reasons…truly sicko mode recently; just the best and worst kind of fucked up sleep schedule where I’m just making shit that I’m in love with, but it just completely obliterates my morning! — Sam: That’s trash for the sleep schedule, but great for the music bro. Are you in LA right now? contradash: Yessir, I’m in Hollywood! — Sam: Easy, well man, I just appreciate this time you’re taking to chop it up for a bit. I’ve been a fan for a minute and have really enjoyed watching the way you move and seeing the musical progression…So let’s dive into this thing. First and foremost, how are you? How is life treating you?  contradash: It’s good man! Right now life feels like it’s at a pivoting point for me. Before my label deal, I hadn’t had many indie releases under my belt, since I fell into a really privileged situation that I’m incredibly grateful for, but now we’re back on it. And it really tests how much you believe in yourself, because I haven’t been in these waters for over …

Barrio God Vol. 2 – [Doeman]

Our parents typically have such an influence on everything we do as we grow up and develop into the people we are. When I research artists to help with interviews or even just to learn more about them, I always come across the music they grew up listening to with their parents, and I know my taste is heavily inspired by what my mom and dad had played as well. Pretty much from the moment I was born, I was consuming classic rock from bands like AC/DC, Metallica, Van Halen, and so many others, so even when I began to branch out and discover music on my own, these are always bands I come back to and think about when listening to modern music, even if it sounds unlike any of these groups. Doeman is an artist from Southeast Houston, and his upbringing listening to everything from The Temptations and Sonny Ozuna to DMX, 2Pac, and Big Pun has certainly shaped him into the musician he is today. Aside from this, he was once training to become a professional boxer, and even though a severely unfortunate accident took him out of the ring, I think the disciplined mindset he learned …

ruthless / trouble – [Rich Amiri]

It always amazes me when I take the time to read bios and interviews with artists that I don’t know very much about because there never fails to be a handful of information that surprises or impresses me. Whether it’s something about their upbringing, their career, co-signs, connections, or even milestones that they’ve achieved, there is usually at least one or two things that I find interesting. Rich Amiri is someone I have heard of many times and have listened to every now and then, but I never took too much time to learn more about him, so when I saw he released a two-pack of records called “ruthless” and “trouble”, I wanted to give him a once-over so I could understand his journey a little more. I was just blown away to find out that he only started taking music seriously not very long ago, and even after starting to upload songs that were recorded in his bedroom to SoundCloud in 2020, it’s truly impressive to see the blossoming career he has built through great music, an individualistic sound, and a compelling personality, with a few viral moments to help along the way. In his newly released track “ruthless”, …

Shaun Crawford: The Lemonade Stand Interview

We have interviewed nearly 100 people on our Lemonade Stand interview platform so far, but today we have a first, as we recently interviewed athlete + podcast host Shaun Crawford! This episode is the first time that I have interviewed a non-musician, so it was a little bit different than what I (and our viewers) are used to, but it was a solid conversation and I plan on doing some more of these in the future. I spoke to Shaun about growing up in Ohio, his high school experience, attending Notre Dame, his football career, starting his Varsity House podcast, One of None, and much more! This may have been a first, but be expecting to see at least a few more athlete interviews from us in the near future, for now though, check this one out below!


There are some underground artists who are massive and have a huge fanbase of loyal listeners, but when I search for them on the internet, nothing comes up in terms of interviews, articles, or any other sort of publicity surrounding them. While I give those artists props for continuing to progress their careers, I love to learn about emcees who aren’t necessarily getting coverage from the nationally known publications out there. With all that being said, BIGBABYGUCCI is someone that I don’t have to search for too long in order to find information because it seems like every time he drops something new, there are ten more articles on him, and I think I learn more and more every single time. In fact, I found out that he was born exactly one day before me on August 13th, 1996, so while this is probably not relevant for most people reading this, it makes me feel more personally connected to my Leo brother, and that’s saying a lot because I have always been a massive fan from the jump. Well, enough of that rant, because I can’t wait to get to his brand-new song “No Smoke” which comes equipped with a …

PGF Nuk: The Lemonade Stand Interview

PGF Nuk is an artist out of Chicago who has been blowing up over the past couple of months, and just last week he came by the LL office in Chicago for a brand new interview! I asked PGF Nuk about plenty of topics such as his song “Whaddup”, working with Polo G, his mother’s impact on him, his favorite cereals, his upcoming album, growing up in Chicago, his future goals, and much more. After the interview, Nuk thanked me for how well the interview went, he said that most of his interviews feel like ‘interrogations’ unfortunately. I’m glad that we got to give him a solid interview that isn’t based on negativity, hopefully, that continues in his future interviews. Take some time out of your Friday to watch this brand new interview below!

Get Refreshed: Blogger’s Choice Vol.1

“Get Refreshed” is a monthly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here. I Don’t Have The Stamina For This Blogging Shit Billy Bugara Hi. I’m back, and this time I brought my friends. So… I feel like this column could use a lot less Me every once in a while. I don’t treat blogging like a sport; I barely even blog at all. But even still, I know damn well that blogging isn’t really where I strive compared to others, and that’s okay! I have to write research papers every day… we are simply not the same. In all seriousness, I do want to explain what’s going on here before we jump into things. I am a person of platforming, a platforming person, if you will (it is my job for SoundCloud, after all). I just really enjoy turning the spotlight towards those who deserve it most. Most of the time – all of the time, really – I’m featuring musicians. But what about turning this spotlight towards other people who like to… spotlight musicians as well? Is this really ever done? Not often! Can it be done? Should it be done? Yes and yes! …

MAGIC – [Vince Staples] ft. [Mustard]

Out of any artists in the entire music industry that I can think of, I think that Vince Staples is one of the most likable individuals there is. Even if you don’t know him on a personal level, all of his entertaining and often comical interviews make you feel as if he’s a friend that you could talk about sports, pop culture, clothing, or any other topic at hand, and I think this goes such a long way with his music career as well. He just has this way about him where you don’t know if he’d roast you for real or from a friendly, joking aspect, and that has always drawn me into whatever he releases, whether it’s something music-related or not. I feel as though I personally haven’t heard too much from Vince on a music level in recent memory, and even though he just released his self-titled project last year, it seems like he is gearing up for something huge in his recently announced upcoming album Ramona Park Broke My Heart which is set to drop sometime in April. This is sure to be quite a spectacle, and in order to hype it up even more, Vince …

Twista: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Twista is a man that needs no introduction at this point, he’s one of Chicago’s most decorated musicians in history, so it was an honor to have him on our latest episode of The Lemonade Stand! I asked Twista about several subjects such as his early days growing up in Chicago, when he initially met Kanye West, almost getting signed to Roc-A-Fella, becoming a firearms instructor, his experience at Collins high school, his friendship with Do Or Die, being a helping hand to the younger Chicago artists, and so much more. This is easily one of my favorite interviews I’ve conducted to date, much love to Twista for giving me some time, check out this interview below!