Juice WRLD: Into the Abyss HBO Documentary Trailer

HBO announced they would be releasing a six-part series profiling different iconic artists in multiple genres. Juice WRLD was one of these artists, and the major film company took advantage of some exceptional behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews to portray the beloved artist in an intimate fashion. This trailer previews the episode, with brief clips giving viewers a glance at what’s to come. Emotion, pain and praise are common themes of the audio clips included, and if it’s any indication of what’s to come, a powerful documentary is coming with the December 16 release of Into the Abyss on HBO Max. Watch the trailer on YouTube below!

Lil Bibby: Blueprint by Complex

One of Chicago’s most prominent names in hip-hop, Lil Bibby, was highlighted by Complex’s series titled Blueprint on October 27.  Blueprint and its production crew has done a fantastic job in profiling multiple characters within the hip-hop industry, and provides detailed information and interviews to see just exactly how some of the industry’s most popular names got to their level of stardom. Bibby starts with his childhood, explaining his home life and upbringing on the east side of Chicago. He transfers the narrative into what got him into hip-hop, which he attributes to the early 2010s drill scene and artists like Keef, Reese and Durk, whose success he felt he could match. He attributed his musical success to his genuineness and ear for music, which he then transferred into his life beyond making music and into the world of managing it. Bibby explains he has always known music and what garners attention, and he wanted to put that skillful ear to use in a larger focus in starting his label Grade A Productions. Signing artists like Juice WRLD and the Kid LaRoi, Bibby wants to continue to find artists that appeal to people across cultural borders and press further to find …

Get It Quick – [Highway]

One of the hardest parts about writing about new artists is not really knowing much about them. Considering these talents are still early on in their careers, there typically aren’t many interviews or articles written about them, so information can be sparse, but if nothing else, this just adds to their allure considering it gives me the opportunity to learn about them through their music first and foremost instead of other people’s opinions and experiences with them. Most recently, I was told about an artist who goes by the name of Highway, and even though I don’t have too much information with regards to him, I was blown away by the first song I heard, and I promise you it won’t be my last time tuning in whatsoever. It appears that Highway has been making moves in music for at least a few years, and after continuously progressing along in his career, it seems like he’s finally getting some moments in the spotlight that he seems to truly deserve. After doing a little more digging, it appears that he is from Seattle, a city not necessarily known nationally for its music scene, but he’s making a strong case as to …

Pollari: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Pollari is one of the best individuals that I have ever met in the music industry, he’s a great person who just so happens to make excellent music. I brought Pollari through the LL office a couple of months ago for a new interview where we discussed many things such as growing up in Atlanta, the three music videos he has shot with Cole Bennett, his relationship with Rick Rubin, potentially A&Ring in the future, his friendship with Lil Yachty, his Loverboy project, his upcoming music releases, his days owning clothing brands and more. Pollari is such a wonderful individual and a talented artist, this is one of my favorite interviews yet, check it out for yourself below!

Mod Sun: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Mod Sun is one of the most positive humans walking on the earth, he’s someone that all of us here at LL love + respect, and we recently brought him by the office for a new episode of The Lemonade Stand. I asked Mod Sun about plenty of subjects such as the phrase “Think Deep Don’t Sink”, his upbringings in Minnesota/California, his friendship with Machine Gun Kelly, how he got his classic tie-dye hoodie to people, his recent show in Chicago, his “Ballin” music video that was directed by Cole Bennett, working with Nipsey Hussle early in their careers, working on Good Morning With A U, and so much more. This is without a doubt one of the best interviews that I have ever done, and I hope you think the same, press play below!

Watch Ken Car$on’s Montreality Interview

Ken Car$on is an artist who my brother put me onto probably more than a year ago, but being as ignorant as I am sometimes, I slept on him for way too long. I have no reason as to why, but he was just someone I always put on the back burner but realized way too late that I was missing out on one of Atlanta’s best-kept gems, so I made sure to turn that around immediately and give him the attention he deserves. Ever since, the rest has been history and he has been putting out some of the most incredible music in the entire world, let alone Atlanta, and that’s saying a lot considering all of the unbelievable artists hailing from ATL. At such a young age, many artists can please crowds for brief moments in time and then lose track of their end goal, but Ken seems to continuously have his eye on the prize and he is only going up from here. His stardom is abundantly obvious no matter what song you listen to, and after getting to witness it live and in the flesh at the Summer Smash this past summer, further solidifying his spot …

347aidan: The Lemonade Stand Interview

347aidan is an artist out of Canada who I first discovered when his record “Dancing In My Room” started to blow up, and I’ve been a big supporter of his ever since. I asked Aidan about several interesting subjects such as growing up in Canada, the moment “Dancing In My Room” started to blow up, where the ‘347’ in his name comes from, working with Kenny Beats, wanting to work with $NOT, how his music was received by the people he grew up with, creating characters in his music, where he sees himself in five years, his future releases and much more. This was one of my most memorable interviews to date, Aidan is a great kid with a bright future ahead of him, get to know him a little better by pressing play below!

Daniyel: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Daniyel is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met, let alone artists, and not too long ago I brought him by the LL headquarters for a new Lemonade Stand interview! I spoke to Daniyel about plenty of interesting subjects such as growing up in Portland, submitting to America’s Got Talent as a kid, wanting to get into filmmaking, meeting Stevie Wonder + Slick Rick, the “Lost Ones” music video directed by Cole Bennett, his latest album 82, artists he wants to work with in the future and much more. This was one of my personal favorite interviews that I have ever done, take a few minutes out of your day to watch it below!

The Top 10 Moments From Lyrical Lemonade’s Summer Smash Festival

Creative Direction: @shotbycones We are a couple of weeks removed from our annual Summer Smash festival, and we are all still having major withdrawals from such a great weekend. After the past year that we had of quarantining, social distancing, and avoiding large events, it felt amazing to be able to come outside and enjoy our festival once again. With over 75 artists on our lineup ranging from the up-and-coming rappers to superstars and legends, it was truly a weekend to remember, and a special moment for not only Lyrical Lemonade but Chicago as a whole. I had the opportunity to work as a lead for the Summer Smash Media Team—a squad full of some of the best photographers and videographers in the game put together by our guy Cones. All weekend long, they captured tons of videos, photos, and clips of the entire run of show. While our full recap of the entire Summer Smash weekend is dropping very soon, I felt it would be a great idea to give my perspective on some of the best moments that happened during Summer Smash. At last, here are some of the best moments of Lyrical Lemonade’s Summer Smash 2021!   …

Chrono Trigger – [Tommy Richman]

Tommy Richman is an artist who I was told about a handful of months ago, and because he is still on the rise, it is somewhat difficult to find out more information on him. This kind of adds to his allure, in my opinion, because his very unique music is nothing like I’ve heard recently, and seeing how versatile he can be makes me realize that I don’t need to read interviews and articles to know just how talented he is as an artist. Nonetheless, The Virginia-based talent is never taking his foot off the gas and that has led to some of the most incredible music out right now. Although I don’t normally write about this style of music, I’m a big fan of it regardless, so when I saw that he released a new song called “Chrono Trigger”, I had to tune in and I was blown away with the results yet again. As soon as you press play, we’re greeted by some distorted 808s that quickly transition us into a soothing guitar progression that proceeds to lead us right into a fast-paced, upbeat drum line that really gets things moving and sets the tone of this record. …