Injury Reserve – [Injury Reserve]

We’ve been hearing “Injury Reserve Coming Soon” for months now, and the day that we can finally listen to their self-titled album in full is here. Earlier this week, I wrote a piece highlighting everything the group has done so far including the singles in support of this album, what makes the group so great, and how committed they are to their craft. I’m happy to say that the group delivered with their latest release, as expected. The production on this project is layered, diverse, and pulls from a variety of genres. Elements of noise are heard on the hard-hitting second half of “What a Year It’s Been”, there’s some early 2000’s sounding production on the quirky “Gravy n’ Biscuits”, and “Best Spot In The House” features some glitchy and atmospheric production. “GTFU”, track three, is a journey in and of itself. It opens with a hard-hitting and raw, stripped-down beat, along with intense verses from Cakes Da Killa and Ritchie along with additional vocals from JPEGMAFIA that add a sense of chaos to the track. Before long though, the song transitions into this mystical soundscape backdropping a couple of brutally honest verses from Groggs and Ritchie. “Rap Song Tutorial” …

Injury Reserve: Commitment to Quality

Ahead of their self-titled major label debut album, we look at what makes Injury Reserve great, and why they should be admired by not just up and coming artists, but all artists. In an era where 20+ song albums laden with filler have become an unfortunate commonality, artists who truly care about pushing the hip-hop genre forward and taking risks are hard to come by, and often end up lurking in the shadows. Armed with their original ideas and captivating creative arcs, these artists not only make for longevity, but impact, just as well. Injury Reserve is a hip-hop outfit hailing from Arizona that has been consistently dropping boundary-pushing and inventive rap music for a few years now. The group consists of two emcees, Ritchie with a T, and Stepa J. Groggs, along with the glue of the group, producer Parker Corey. There is a clear sense of care and attentiveness to detail when it comes to the entire package of Injury Reserve. Not only is the music polished and amusing, but so are the visuals (directed by Parker Corey) and the live shows. On an adjacent note, the group’s live performance, in particular, had me, along with the rest …

Koruna & Lime – [Injury Reserve ]

It feels weird to call Injury Reserve’s forthcoming, self-titled album their “debut” because the trio has been releasing quality music since 2015. Maybe those weren’t technically albums, but with some awesome cuts, they sure felt like albums. Either way, what’s important is that the Arizona trio has announced the release date of said album, (May 17th) and dropped off “Koruna & Lime” to kick off the festivities. With Stepa and Ritchie spitting some in your face bars, unafraid to discuss their journey in the industry and an instrumental that incorporates scratches from A-Track, the track feels like a big step up in terms of direction, cohesion, and sharpness. However, they manage to keep that same unpolished, flippant energy that has made them so much fun to follow to this point. For the visuals–handled by the trio’s producer, Parker Corey — it’s only right for a group that sounds so different to use a soundstage in a different way, too.  They strip down the set and create ceaseless, hall-of-mirrors-esque trip loaded with jump cuts and wild effects to ensure that you never feel at ease or comfortable; a fitting testament to the songs off-kilter and unapologetic nature. Excited for this one? Head …

Jailbreak the Tesla – [Injury Reserve] ft. [Aminé]

When it comes to pure energy, few groups are on the same level as Phoenix trio, Injury Reserve. Relentlessly charismatic and constantly offering up some of rap’s finest boundary-smashing production, this three-man all-star team is making some serious noise right now, and their latest release, “Jailbreak the Tesla,” is ready to take things one step further. Packaged with a feature from none other than Aminé, this offering takes the braggadocious connotation of a Tesla and flips it on its head, kicking through the metaphorical walls and offering up one of the hardest songs I’ve heard all year so far. That said, “Jailbreak the Tesla” might just go 0 to 60 faster than an actual Tesla, and the imagery of, quite literally, jailbreaking a Tesla only adds to the unstoppable force that makes this song so unforgettable. Injury Reserve’s latest is yet another reminder why Phoenix’s own are taking over right now, so don’t sleep. Check the new visuals for “Jailbreak the Tesla” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Watch Rico Nasty’s brand new interview with Nardwuar

At our Lyrical Lemonade show at SXSW this past week in Austin, Texas there was multiple great performances, but Rico Nasty’s set really blew me away. It was my first time seeing her live and even though I thoroughly enjoyed her music before I witnessed the set, it made me even more of a fan & it made me appreciate her art on another level. While she was out in Texas Rico Nasty connected with the greatest interviewer of all time, Nardwuar, and of course it was an awesome conversation. You will find these two speaking about plenty of things such as Joan Jett, freestyling at age five, her childhood friends, being inspired by her art teacher, seeing nasty stuff at the hospital she worked at, her fashion sense, rocking mohawks, the DMV, Old Bay seasoning, The Smiths, Injury Reserve, how important avatars are and more. Check out this brand new interview below!

Jawbreaker – [Injury Reserve] ft. [Rico Nasty] [Pro Teens]

In a fashion world where brand names cloud the meaning of the words “fashion sense”, it’s refreshing to watch the internet begin to poke fun at hypebeast culture, just as Injury Reserve is here to do today with their latest release, “Jawbreaker”. Commenting on the growing emphasis of price tags over style, the Arizona based rap group takes a hilarious stance toward internet fashion and the trend-following culture that we see on social media these days. Atop hypnotic production and an energetic rhythm, Injury Reserve, Rico Nasty, and Pro Teens take to the runway and share their opinions, scattering a number of gems in their verses and monologues that you can’t help but click replay on. Needless to say, “Jawbreaker” has me more than excited for a new project from Arizona’s own, and I feel confident saying that if you check this one out, you’ll share the same excitement. Watch “Jawbreaker” at the link provided and enjoy one of the best videos to come out of hip-hop in recent memory!

Campfire – [Amine] & [Injury Reserve]

Amine is no stranger to our lemon filled pages, and today he is making his way back with his brand new music video for “Campfire”. After the first watch through of this one, I quickly realized that this was the feature that I never knew that I needed, until it was laid out in front of me with the perfect visual to compliment it. I have been a fan of both Amine and Injury Reserve for quite some time now, and I believe I speak for all of their fans when I say that I hope to see them collab more in the future. Take a few minutes of your time to peep this dope new music video below and be sure to let me know what you think about it in the comments section!

Drive It Like It’s Stolen – [Injury Reserve]

After a wait filled with some tremendous singles and standout visuals, Arizona rap trio Injury Reserve is finally here with their new EP Drive It Like It’s Stolen. 7 tracks long, the project explores polarizing styles and highlights the same unique traits of Injury Reserve’s music that made fans fall in love with them in the first place, and even after my first listen I knew I would be keeping this one on repeat for a while. Between introspective verses and eccentric production, this is a must-listen. Drive It Like It’s Stolen is pushing the envelope in a very dope direction, so be sure to check it out below.

Drive Like It’s Stolen (Snippet) – [Injury Reserve]

It’s officially Injury Reserve season, and with their new EP Drive Like It’s Stolen coming on September 29th, the Arizona trio took to Twitter earlier today to give fans a taste of what’s to come. In the 90 second snippet, Stepa J Groggs engages in a lyrical outburst of aggressive lines delivered through the screen of a camera, a unique idea that has Injury Reserve all over it. Right near the end of the video, over the cluttered production and in-your-face melody, Groggs proceeds to forcibly let out a series of mumbles that oddly enough make me even more excited for the EP to drop. Based on what we’ve heard so far, it sounds like fans are about to receive an extremely diverse project, bound to turn some heads in the process and put Injury Reserve on another level. Stay tuned for Drive Like It’s Stolen on the 29th and be sure to listen the previous two singles from the EP “North Pole” and “See You Sweat”  out now. DRIVE IT LIKE IT'S STOLEN out SEPTEMBER 29. — INJURY RESERVE (@InjuryReserve) September 22, 2017

North Pole – [Injury Reserve] ft. [Austin Feinstein]

Injury Reserve’s name has been all over the place lately as the trio only kept the fire going this week with the release of their latest visual, “North Pole.” If you’re familiar with this group at all, you’ve probably noticed that they see the artistic value in their visual presence – in regards to both pictures and video. Self-directed by group member Parker Corey, the three chose to take the direction of this one into their own hands by giving a vintage feel to this slow, soothing track. The video contrasted dramatic snowfalls with a beautiful, summer waterfall that complemented the minimalistic song quite well. They’ve got an album, “Drive It Like It’s Stolen,” just around the corner, be sure to catch up on Injury Reserve down below!