Digital – [IDK]

DMV native IDK has been one of my favorite rappers over the past few years, and just a couple of hours ago he and his camp released a dope new music video for “Digital”. I have always loved the creativity that IDK brings to his music, there is so many different layers of this song that I enjoyed including the soulful beginning, the bass knocking instrumental and his cutthroat raps of course. What’s even more impressive than the clear skills that IDK possesses as an artist, he is also a brilliant director himself, as he was the mastermind behind the whole idea of this visual. Watch this brand new music video below! Produced by Daniel Yaro

Digital – [IDK]

It may be IDK’s birthday today, but he’s the one giving out gifts. Not just any boring goodie bag either, but the first single off his highly-anticipated, debut album ISHEREAL. Though not as explosive or catchy as you might expect from a first single–especially compared to his last release–to me, “Digital” sounds like a deeper cut that will still fit nicely into the flow of the whole project. Don’t get it twisted, the (now) 27-year-old rapper, still delivers in full, slicing through Kal Banx’s clapping boardwalk with a potent, brutish flow, but it just has a different feel than a typical single. What I love about IDK’s approach here (and in general) is how his tracks progress and how the fluid the progressions are. The DMV-product is so good at changing his cadence, style, or tone and he does it so naturally as to never disrupt the flow of the song; it definitely keeps you hanging on every word. Happy Birthday, IDK! Can’t wait for the album!    

IDK WHERE – [Yeek]

As of late, Florida has developed a fascinating, deeply diverse identity in the cutting edge of music. From the ample supply of sound-shifting, trend-setting rap coming out of the state to the hip-hop-influenced indie of artists such as Yeek and Dominic Fike, the state is seeing a broad mutation in sound, style, and image. Barriers between genres are becoming increasingly blurred, artists are developing wide arrays of skill and sound, and more than anything, the music is just as incredible as it is unique, making Florida a must-watch area. That said, today, we introduce one of FL’s finest representatives right now — the aforementioned Yeek — with his brand new EP, IDK WHERE. Right in line with the connotation of the title, the latest from Yeek is a release that burrows right in between genres, blending a lively supply of influence into one, undeniably energizing style. The project arrives packed with stories of reflection and introspection, and quite often, it seems to shift further from an audience-intentive release into an almost diary-esque style of writing — that is, to the listener’s pleasure, of course, as the deeply personal lyricism resonates so well without compromising identity in the process. On both a …

Trigger Happy – [IDK]

If IDK’s forthcoming album, Is He Real, isn’t on your list of most anticipated albums, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. The Maryland-based emcee has been steadily releasing some of the best hip-hop around,  and it’s only a matter of time until he starts to get the attention he deserves. If his new effort, the first since releasing his IDK & FRIENDS 🙂 EP, is any indication, it’s only a matter of time. Hungry, agitated, and ready to take on anyone who stands in his way, IDK kicks the door in waving two .44s on his new, video-assisted effort, “Trigger Happy.” Living up to the title, the Maryland emcee takes aim at the industry politics and bullshit, with a bullet-proof, razor-sharp flow and the brash, fiery energy to match. While playing Chess in the visuals(a fitting allegory), IDK makes it clear he’s not afraid to take on anyone with lines like, “This is me saying none of you bigger artists can cock-block shit,” and calling one out by name (Logic) to let the rest know he’s not playing around. No word on a specific release date for Is He Real as of yet, but the album, and Iinevitableable stardom seem imminent.    

Once Upon A Time – [IDK] Ft. [Denzel Curry]

One of my favorite releases of last year included IDK’s smash record “Once Upon A Time” featuring Denzel Curry, and lucky for us they blessed fans with a brand new visual for the track just a couple days ago! This was a display of lyrical excellence and was on repeat around the LL office often in December, it’s one of those songs that are so good you simply can’t just listen to it once. I was pleased with the final outcome of this music video, they brought some awesome ideas to the table and executed it perfectly. Take a few minutes out of your day to check out this new visual below!

Facade Records – [Domo Genesis]

Since his days with Odd Future, Domo Genesis has always been one of the coldest rappers out, using his West Coast charisma and dense technical skill to reach listeners. Today, these strengths are brought full circle, as Genesis blesses us with his brand new Facade Records EP. Just 6 tracks long, this one makes up for what it lacks in length with vivid storytelling and stellar guest spots, featuring Buddy, IDK, Chip tha Ripper, and Cozz as complements to Genesis’ effortlessly smooth vocal cadences. One song after another, Facade Records is true-to-self and clearly not rushed, as Genesis takes his time to communicate cohesive thoughts formed by all of his past experiences to date. This is an impressive project from an impressive artist, so stream the latest from Domo Genesis below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Please Forgive – [Powers Pleasant] ft. [Denzel Curry] [IDK] [Zillakami] [Zombie Juice]

One of the founding members of Pro Era, Powers Pleasant, is here on Lyrical Lemonade today to share a new visual for his song, “Forgive Please”. With guest features from Denzel Curry, IDK, Zillakami and Zombie Juice, this video is stacked with energetic MC’s trading equally electric verses. The new video keeps pace with the song’s high-energy production, and the exhilarating cadences of each rapper add varied effects of entertainment to their dense verses. Also notable, Power Pleasant’s newest comes off the heels of his last video for the song, “Pull Up”. We are already anxious for what else the Pro Era renaissance man has in store for us and who else he’ll be recruiting for the hitmaking process in the future. In the meantime, join us in watching the new video for “Please Forgive” at the link provided below and tell us who you think had the best verse in the comment section!

Beautiful Smile – [Saba] ft. [IDK]

Following the release of “Stay Right Here” last week, Saba keeps the new music coming with yet another single. Titled “Beautiful Smile”, the Westside wordsmith takes us to the more dismal side of his discography, offering a bleak confrontation of certain aspects of his current place in life. Saba touches on how his life has changed in recent years, the shifting of relationships with people around him and the friends and family he’s lost with a level of vulnerability he’s proven masterful at time and again. His verses unfold like a screenplay, turning stories from his past and present into raps that spawn into vivid images in a listener’s mind. IDK, who dropped his exhilarating ‘IDK & Friends :)’ project just last week, absolutely demolishes his verse as well, making for a natural compliment to Saba. It’s no doubt been a big year for Saba, with the release of ‘Care For Me’ earlier this year bolstering the Chicago native’s status as one of the game’s current strongest lyricists. On “Beautiful Smile”, he keeps things unflinchingly real, making it clear he has no intentions of switching up anytime soon. Stream the new song below and catch Saba at the 2nd annual …


IDK’s been teasing ‘IDK & FRIENDS :)’ for the past couple weeks, and today, the Maryland rapper dropped the 7-track project in full. As the title suggests, he brings in a tight circle of talent to help him out, including Rico Nasty, Wale, Denzel Curry, and Maxo Kream. Each collaborator feeds off explosive energy throughout the project, with IDK as the source of all the mayhem. He raps with bone-chilling conviction, offering more of the raw lyrical style that listeners have come to expect. On “Once Upon a Time”, him and Denzel Curry take a moment to stunt as they trade bars back and forth over a vintage-tinged beat. The party hits a peak on the track “Bad News”, thanks in part to Rico Nasty who’s in her bag over the bass-boosted Crypt-produced beat. Things escalate to another high on “OMG”, where Wale, who’s been having a huge year in terms of features, gives us yet another memorable verse. With ‘IDK & FRIENDS :)’, IDK’s assembled a 16-minute rollercoaster of a project—one that comes just in time for whatever weekends plans you might have in store. Listen below:

Once Upon A Time Freestyle – [IDK] Ft. [Denzel Curry]

Two of the hottest young artists in the game IDK and Denzel Curry clashed on an awesome new offering titled “Once Upon A Time Freestyle”. Before I clicked play I knew this one was going to be trouble, but when I starting listening my jaw damn near dropped due to the astronomical instrumental but even more so because of the lyrical excellence that they displayed here. It’s rare that I listen to a record and consider it to be an instant classic but that’s how this one felt, bravo to both of these guys for creating this absolutely dope record! Stream this brand new freestyle track below and if you like it be sure to check out our Q&A we did with IDK a few months back.