Los Tacos No. 1 – [femdot] x [Chris Patrick]

Just a few weeks ago femdot released his first single of the year with a feature from Saba, and this week he returned yet again with a brand new record called “Los Tacos No. 1” featuring Chris Patrick! When you think about the space in music that both femdot + Chris operate in, they are looked at as two of the most promising rising artists in their respective lanes, so to see them come together on a record just made sense. These two really complimented each other well, hopefully, this is the first of many collabs between the two skilled emcees. My only question is – what the hell is los tacos no. 1? Fem decided to package both of his recent singles together and call them “The Tour Pack”, likely because they were both created + worked on while he was on tour with Saba earlier this year, anyways, stream both of these songs below + see which one you like more.

Who is LAYA?

Earlier this year, LAYA Face from Staten Island debuted her boundary-breaking EP, Um, Hello. The multi-talented artist is pushing boundaries with her creative vision. LAYA wears many hats in the music industry. While she might be known for singing, the rising artist is also a producer, songwriter, creative director, and visual artist. As her career continues to evolve, LAYA’s catalog is also expanding with her melodic work composed of lush, smooth vocals and signature harmonics.  On June 14 via Warner Records, she returned with a new music video reinventing Missy Elliot’s hit “Sock It 2 Me”. In the video, LAYA takes on many forms and faces as she croons about a “late night creep” with her significant other. It’s no surprise to see her stepping out of the element with edgy scenes throughout the entire video. Um, Hello EP has received 10 million global streams and 1.7 million YouTube channel views. You can expect her to join Teyana Taylor in NYC on the “The Last Rose Motel” tour. Upon the release of her EP, we had the opportunity to catch up on a few things… — Lyrical Lemonade: How was your childhood growing up in Staten Island? Who were some …

Tfemi Joins Forces With Coi Leray On “Same Sh*t

Our goal at Lyrical Lemonade is to highlight artists who create music that we enjoy listening to. One of the best parts of my job is finding new music from artists that I’m unfamiliar with. Tfemi is a rising artist out of New Jersey, building a name for himself in the music industry.  In just a few years, he racked up hundreds of thousands of streams independently worldwide. The Nigerian artist also had the opportunity to have 3 headline shows in his hometown. A lot of his musical inspirations comes for Atlanta superstar Young Thug (#FreeThugger) and Xxxtentacion (RIP). As I began to review Tfemi music, I noticed his flow improves with each release. With each single he puts out, Tfemi shows how versatile his music can be. Two months ago, Tfemi had the chance to collaborate with his fellow New Jersey resident Coi Leray. Over the past few years. Coi’s sharp flow, slick delivery, and catchy hooks has led her to stardom and appearing on the Billboard Hot 100 with her RIAA Certified Platinum hit single “No More Parties”. The pair released their single titled  ‘Same Sh*t’ produced by Levanto. I must say they created a dope record.  “My …

SharksWitDaHeat – [Fat Bro] [Triple Dub]

Pittsburgh’s hottest new rap duo of Fat Bro and Triple Dub just shook the P.A. streets with their newest release of SharksWitDaHeat which is a twelve-track collaborative effort recorded at the legendary ID Labs studios in Etna, PA. Pittsburgh’s BWitDaHeat provided the mixtape’s production and clearly has a great camaraderie with the duo that can only be accomplished from extensively locking in with a specific producer who is able to easily tailor-make instrumentals to the artists’ unique specificities. There are a few features aside from Fat Bro and Triple Dub’s collaborations including verses from Dave Dondada, Yung Nesso, and VonLocc. I look forward to hearing what other music will be coming out of Pittsburgh now and I hope that this is not the last we will hear from this pair this year.

Get Refreshed: February ‘22

“Get Refreshed” is a monthly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yung lean tik tok Okay so, usually (usually) I try and stay out of discourse like this. I did write a pretty lengthy piece nearly a year ago now on the topic of “gatekeeping” for Gum’s Halcyon.txt zine – which should be out sometime soon believe it or not. It sums up my thoughts about the matter pretty abstractly, but I wanted the article to highlight why gatekeeping occurs in the first place, which circumstances its occurrences are valid in, and most centrally here, the ways we can navigate around it. I’m only bringing this up now to say that… honestly… that’s as O P I N I O N A T E D as you’re gonna see me get for a while. And that was a year ago, even; I’ve become even more jaded towards the idea of participating in these types of discussions in any public sphere since then.  That being said, when it comes to the most formative artist of my life, I feel like I HAVE to say something. I recently tweeted out a response to the crowd …

Leave Britney Alone – [Bawo] x [BXKS]

London artist Bawo returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a fresh banger titled “Leave Britney Alone.” Featuring BXKS and produced by Bawo himself, the 808-heavy track contains plenty of bass to match the up-tempo rap verses. Both artists’ flow is rapid and/or breathless to create an undeniable UK-drill anthem. The lyrics are simple enough for listeners to memorize after a few spins, but it can’t be overlooked how impressive the pacing is executed on this song. “Leave Brittney Alone” has plenty of replay value, and I’d love to hear more Bawo and BXKS collabs in the near-future. Have a listen below!

Damage – [Baby K]

After dazzling Memphis three years ago with his music while he was in high school and just months later turning the streets of Memphis up with his track “Hit Yo Block” that introduced many to Pooh Shiesty, including myself, Baby K took a long hiatus from music, dealing with personal issues, growing up, and recovering from a horrific wreck where he was thrown through the windshield of his car at an incredibly high speed and launched him a great distance before crashing into the ground that unfortunately claimed the life of his two friends. All the while K never lost his vision and knew that he was destined to be one of the next stars to come out of the Bluff City, but stayed patient when his childhood friend Big Scarr signed to Gucci Mane’s The New 1017 and first was thrust into the national spotlight, but all the while K worked tirelessly to perfect his sound and plan to release his music and claim his spot among the top ranks of his city’s rap figures. However he took quite the unconventional route, forgoing signing to the major artists in his city in order to not align himself in hostile …

Old News – [My Favorite Color]

Ever since the homie put me onto My Favorite Color’s music a handful of months back, I’ve been tuning in pretty religiously. He is just so versatile, goofy at times, and all-around talented, making him a person that isn’t only someone I need to have on my radar, but someone I want to have on my radar. Even though he has been relatively quiet in recent history, he has continued to be active on social media and make sure that his fans are constantly enthralled with him, so when he dropped his latest song “Old News”, we were all ready for it and I couldn’t have been more excited to share it with you all. Produced by the one and only ID Labs, we are greeted by a very mischievous pan flute that is eventually coupled with crisp percussion and booming drums for a very versatile foundation that gives MFC free reign to do anything he pleases with this beat. As he begins, he mumbles into the microphone about how hungover he is, but how he needs to persevere and get to work, showing just how dedicated he is to his craft. Following this, he delivers some of the most …

Dade x Broward – [F$O Dinero] feat. [Mike Smiff]

South Florida artist F$O Dinero is back in our pages today alongside fellow Floridian Mike Smiff who is making his debut in our pages for their new joint-track “Dade x Broward” which unites SF’s diverse and heavily talented scene that crosses over often but still is somewhat divided compared to other regions, but hopefully collaborations like this will open up the possibility of even more cross-county collabs. The duo takes turns skating over the trunk-rattling production, both approaching the beat with an obvious swagger and chemistry between them that made the track all the more enjoyable. I am really excited to hear a new full length project from F$O Dinero soon and am going to enjoy watching him continue to put on for his area.

Get Refreshed: The Bloodhounds Say Goodbye

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Main Cover by Brixton Yorker // Special Cover by ddertbag Editor’s Note I feel as though it’s important that I acknowledge why this week’s column is slightly different. This is a special edition of “Get Refreshed” where – aside from the below trio of notable releases I intended on highlighting before the present news hit – I take a backseat and let the people whose voices are most important to the week’s online music discourse be focused on and listened to as they deservingly should.  Those voices come in the form of past and present members of the integral, impactful, and illustrious online music collective called Bloodhounds — the aforementioned news surrounding the group being the sudden and shocking announcement of its conclusion this past Wednesday. As one will see by the end of this piece, the amount of space I’ve reserved for reflecting on and chronicling the legacy of the digicore-purveying collective is entirely appropriate given just how remarkable their legacy has been and forever will be in regards to the continuing era of online music.  Below these few …