Moods – [I Hate Andy]

Here to make his presence known on Lyrical Lemonade today is a rising talent by the name of I Hate Andy with his somber new song, “Moods”. Personally, I wasn’t hip to the work of Andy before this song, but needless to say, my formal introduction to his music was an impressive one, as “Moods” shows great artistic maturity in the way it communicates such genuine emotion. Andy’s vocals float atop the ethereal instrumentation, and the jaded vocal effects on this one top it all off to make for an atmospheric listening experience. I Hate Andy is definitely a talent to watch for the future, so listen to “Moods” below and follow him on Twitter here! Produced by Christophr

LL Presents: The Lil Xan Q&A

Lil Xan has been rapping for less than a year, and has already been taking the game by storm. The young rapper has caught the attention of tons of people with his unique sound, style, and image. I was lucky enough to meet up with Lil Xan a couple weeks ago down in Austin and ask him a few questions. Learn all about the young star below! JM: Before diving into questions, tell our readers who you are. LX: What’s up, Lil Xan here. I’m super nice and peaceful, and people think I’m ignorant but I’m not really ignorant. I promise. – JM: Where are you from? LX: I’m from Inland Empire, California. More specifically Redlands, California. – JM: What’s the music scene like over there? LX: There is no fucking scene, everybody hates on everybody. It’s hard to make it out there; it fucking sucks. – JM: Why did you choose to go with the name Lil Xan? LX: Last year in Austin, Texas I was with my homie and we were in the liquor store and he was like, “bruh, imma call you Lil Xan,” because I was fucking around with the nickname ‘Baby Niquil’ and that shit …

Westside In The Rain – [Malcolm London]

Prod. by Timmy V I apologize because we are about a week late on this, but the other day Chicago’s own Malcolm London dropped a brand new visual for “Westside In The Rain.” He linked with video director Holiday Kirk, and they created a visual for the westside that you don’t want to sleep on. Along with this release Kirk left us with a message saying: “I’m tired of the numbers. The numbers that comprise the stats and charts and graphs and figures that are used to explain to everyone that Chicago is Violent. The numbers that crush human souls into tools to be deployed by craven politicians. I’m tired of people I know becoming those numbers. I’m tired of That President using those numbers to further his agenda and nothing more. I’m tired of the numbers. I’m tired of the rain. When I came to Garfield Park in 2013 a bougie Naperville raised white boy to shoot my first music video I was welcomed as one of their own. I was greeted with smiles and laughter in a land I had only seen on the news before. For three years I traveled back to Garfield Park, and to Austin, …