Iceberg – [Ola Runt]

Atlanta has birthed the careers of countless artists and the east side of the city has particularly had quite the impact on the music industry at large, providing the blueprint for a new generation of street rappers. However, the region has hit a bit of a lull in the past year after most of its trailblazers have reached mainstream heights, creating a type of vacuum of power for a new artist to come in and seize the underground scene. After months of speculation about who would seize the attention and enter the void that was left by the likes of 21 Savage, Young Nudy, and a host of others it seems that Ola Runt will be the next big Zone 6 star. Ola’s anthemic and raucous single and video for “Feel Like Guwop” has emerged as the newest track to grab the attention of the streets, but in addition to this he has been pumping out a heaping helping of hard releases including his emotional video for “Church Cry” as well as his menacing track “Hush Mouth” featuring Young Nudy. His latest, and in my opinion his best to date, offering “Iceberg” is his most well-rounded and best produced single …

Hush Mouth – [Ola Runt] [Young Nudy]

We recently profiled Atlanta rapper Ola Runt on his latest visual for “Church Cry” but today he is back with a new track featuring his East Atlanta collaborator Young Nudy. Runt and Nudy have obvious chemistry on their track “Hush Mouth” and this goes to show exactly how infectious Runt’s delivery is. Both of them delivery respectively grimy verses and Nudy offers one of the better verses I have heard him give on a feature. Ola Runt also gives what is possibly his best-recorded verse yet, and this has me very very excited to hear the music he has to come. This instrumental is a masterpiece from the drums to the creepy melodies and ominous bell sounds that punctuate the rigid percussion. At this point, Ola Runt is as close to a sure thing to blowing up as you get as he has consistently built up an audience and carved out in-roads with Zone Six royalty. Stream “Hush Mouth” at the link below.

Hush – [Corey Ellis] X [Dizzy Wright]

Let’s be honest, everybody knows someone that never seems to shut their mouth. Maine’s very own Corey Ellis breaks the silence on his latest release titled, ‘Hush.’ The rapper articulates his discontentedness with those that frequently talk big game. Las Vegas rapper and familiar name Dizzy Wright delivers a bold feature aimed directly at those who are envious of him. The track, produced by 94, holds electric energy, leaving listeners’ speakers blasting. The collaboration between NovaWave Records and Still Movin’ has fans engulfed in excitement from Las Vegas to the East Coast. ‘Hush,’ is the ideal record to send to someone that just needs to stop talking. Plain and simple. Listen to, ‘Hush,’ here:  Words by Barry R

Freedom Falls – [Khushi]

Announcing his debut album on Warner Bros. Records, along with the news that he will be joining James Blake on a North American tour, the London based crooner, Khushi, delivers a spellbinding effort in “Freedom Falls that proves he is ready for the limelight. I may not know every detail about being a music supervisor, but if this one is not in a movie trailer or HBO show (preferably Westworld) by the end of the month, somebody is fucking up, because the effort is brimming with energy and emotion. As cinematic as it is, it’s not in the way you might expect. Khushi’s feathery vocals are gently draped atop a self-produced backdrop filled with space and moved along mainly by some light key-work. Soft and almost hypnotic, the effort lulls you in before closing out with a powerful crescendo that maintains the atmosphere of the track but delivers a serious gut punch. The right song can make a scene or a movie trailer, and in the right moment “Hidden Falls” could take the power of a big reveal to the next level. Cut the check HBO.

Talk Too Much – [OG Maco] ft. [Lil Yachty]

Produces by Hush  Following up on the release of his highly anticipated EP “BLVCK PHIL COLLINS,” OG Maco decides to revisit his track “Talk Too Much” off his recently dropped EP, updating it with a special guest verse from fellow Atlanta native Lil Yachty. Backed by a dark yet booming production from Hush, OG Maco’s peculiar delivery on his auto tune assisted verse is a match made in heaven for a blunt Lil Yachty to conclude this one in candid fashion. The case can be made that these two artist are two of the most important music pioneers in the modern Atlanta music scene, as their innovative and diverse sounds influenced the sound of a whole new generation of artist in the ATL. Checkout the new improved version of OG Maco’s track “Talk Too Much” featuring Lil Yachty below and give us your opinion on this updated sound below!

Ain’t Famous – [Lou Era]

He just keeps on doing it – time after time.  Lou Era is here with yet another hit, this one goes by “Ain’t Famous.”  Listen to who isn’t famous now, or listen to who is famous a couple years down the road, you’d be listening to the same person, so the choice is yours.  Yet, we strongly encourage to hop on sooner than later; treat yourself to some new Lou, below. Oh, yeah, one more thing – there is a rumor going that Lou Era may be dropping a tape in the near future, shush though, you guys are not quite ready. Produced by CB Beatz