Bodyache – [Hooligan Chase]

The internet is a crazy place. For nearly two years at this point, we’ve been eating up every high-octane new release from Hooligan Chase, whose outlandish lyrics and electric personality make him the kind of hitmaker who rarely breaks a sweat, but always makes some noise. And while the music never dipped in quality, Hooligan’s charge remained on a slow-but-steady for quite a while, always showing signs of promise that the day would eventually come when the scales tipped. This past summer, thanks to the fire-catching machine that is TikTok, Chase’s moment fully took off, and he’s here to deliver on such with a brand new project, Bodyache. 9 tracks long, Bodyache is the energetic, hit-slinging body of work that I’ve always known Chase would deliver when the time came. It’s unforgivingly fun and unruly as can be, blending obscure samples and scandalous melodies with braggadocios lyrics that remind us why he’s named “hooligan” in the first place. All throughout the project, the North Carolina native’s vivid punchlines and rebellious character mark him as the public enemy worth rooting for, and as a whole, the tape capitalizes on the TikTok wildfire that Chase is riding right now. That said, Hooligan Chase is …

Nice Guy – [Hooligan Chase]

We’ve been covering Hooligan Chase on Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, and one song after another, he never fails to entertain using knocking instrumentals and an effortless charm. Today, this couldn’t be better exemplified as Chase takes over headlines with a brand new single, “Nice Guy.” Personally, I have to say that this is my favorite song from the North Carolina native to date, as the soulful tint of the instrumental blends in perfectly with the energy of the drum lines to make for an electrifying instrumental. Naturally, Chase uses this to his advantage, sprinkling his personality into the mix as “Nice Guy” flies above the clouds and into its own world, transporting listeners in the process. Needless to say, this is a must-listen by all means, so make sure you throw this one on repeat all weekend at the link below!

Itchin’ – [Hooligan Chase]

If you’ve been following Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, it goes without saying that you’ve probably stumbled across the name Hooligan Chase at least once or twice. If not, however, then today is your lucky day, because the North Carolina native is back on our pages with a thunderous new single by the name of “Itchin’”. As is the case with all of Chase’s other music, this track follows the imprint of monstrous production and clever lyricism that the rising talent has proven to master in the past. With “Itchin’,” Chase is consistent and hungry as ever, and needless to say, it should act as a sign toward a prosperous 2019 for the NC representative. That said, be sure to check this track out for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Bed – [Hooligan Chase]

North Carolina may not be known for having a large presence in rap music on a national scale, but here to represent for his state is an artist by the name of Hooligan Chase — a soon-to-be star and a clear testament to the fact that NC has more to bring to the table than we might assume. Today, Chase is back on our pages with a brand new single entitled “Bed”. Fueled by a thunderous, energy-infused instrumental, this offering watches the rising talent slice through the beat with some of his most polished flows to date. “Bed” keeps it simple while displaying as much skill as possible, and in such a way, it seemingly becomes a banger without even trying. Chase’s 10-foot tall presence on the music is sure to turn some heads, so be sure to get hip by clicking play at the link below! Art by Nipz

POWERPUFF – [Hooligan Chase]

North Carolina native Hooligan Chase has been on an insuppressible rise to fame for quite some time now, and by way of consistent output and a high emphasis on quality, he’s making a case for his star potential one release at a time. Today, Chase keeps the momentum moving forward with a new video for “POWERPUFF”. Premiered by No Jumper, this ominous set of visuals complements the song’s thunderous, electrifying sound with a rolling supply of hard-nosed scenery. The abundance of energy surrounding such aggressive flows rises to the top in a natural fashion, and altogether, “POWERPUFF” is the perfect release to keep all eyes on Hooligan Chase. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments! Directed by JKMedia

Powerpuff -[Hooligan Chase]

Anyone who has been following Lyrical Lemonade for some time now is probably familiar with the name Hooligan Chase. This North Carolina native has appeared on our pages plenty of times with a consistent supply of bangers, and today, he keeps it going with a new single entitled “Powerpuff”. Taking to a deeply-cut, ominous sound to fuel this one, the latest from Chase shows how well he is able to garner energy within his deliveries, simply by working in cohesion with the production. Bar after bar, listeners are blessed with quotable lines and the unforgettable personality of Hooligan Chase, and the final product is a truly well-executed single that deserves to be on repeat for the weeks to come. Listen to “Powerpuff” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Suburban Nightmare – [Hooligan Chase]

Hooligan Chase is certainly no stranger when it comes to our lemon-filled pages, and today, he joins us yet again to unleash a brand new, 4-track EP entitled Suburban Nightmare. Although it may be short in length, this short project makes up everything that it lacks in length with a clearly improved degree of artistry, an unbelievable amount of energy, and a few of Chase’s finest lyrical performances to date. Each song rolls into the next without any shortage of eagerness, and before you know it, you’ve made it through 4 of the North Carolina artist’s best songs to date. With that being said, Suburban Nightmare is an exceptionally easy and wildly entertaining listen that brings us through the life of a rebellious artist like Chase, so don’t miss out. Make sure you give it a listen at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Baby Boomer – [Hooligan Chase]

One banger after another, Hooligan Chase is becoming one of the underground’s most recognizable names. His relentless work ethic has proven to bless fans with a consistent supply of hits from the vault, and today, Chase is ready to unleash yet another new track titled “Baby Boomer”. If you weren’t already convinced that the North Carolina native is slated to take over within the next year, then I firmly believe that this song will change your mind. The way that Chase flows so effortlessly over hard-hitting production is just one aspect of his ranging skill set, and it goes without saying that he brings an abundance of charisma right alongside. That being said, be sure not to keep sleeping on Hooligan Chase and listen to his latest offering at the link below!

A Dam Shame – [Hooligan Chase]

After visiting Lyrical Lemonade just a few days ago with his standout single, “Vámonos“, Hooligan Chase is back here today to maintain the full court press with an undeniable banger by the name of “A Dam Shame”. I’ve been saying that the North Carolina artist is up next for quite some time now, and with this song to act as inarguable proof, I rest my case. Using an exuberant flute sample to lead the melody on this one, Chase is right in his sweet spot, sonically, lyrically, vocally, etc. “A Dam Shame” is, in my opinion, one of his best songs yet and although I do say this with seemingly every new Hooligan Chase release, I truly believe that he’s only getting better every time we hear him. Chase is on one of the most promising hot streaks that I’ve seen in a while right now, so make sure you aren’t sleeping on him and listen to the new single at the link below!

Vámonos – [Hooligan Chase]

We’ve seen him deliver song after song for quite some time now, and yet, Hooligan Chase still hasn’t missed. This North Carolina native is truly blowing up right in front of our eyes, and considering the endless supply of hits that he seems to have in the vault, I don’t see the success slowing down for Chase anytime soon. Today, he blesses our pages yet again with an infectious new song titled “Vámonos” that will have you clicking replay again and again. Weaving through warm-weathered production with polished lyricism, this track is a testament to the immense growth that we have seen Hooligan Chase go through in the past year or so. He seemingly floats right over the beat without batting an eye, and at this point, he’s only getting better with each successive release. See for yourself by listening to “Vámonos” below and get hip to the rising star’s hit-filled catalog by checking his SoundCloud here!