Run Through It – [Allstar JR]

Throughout the last year, Detroit artists have continued to flood my library. This time, it’s Allstar JR with his newest track and accompanying visual to “Run Through It,” an incredibly catchy piece produced by the legendary multi-platinum producer Helluva. A comedic advertisement/skit opens up the visual, shot by Get A Bag Film Group, and sets the tone for the rest of the track and parody video. Besides the creative transitions, framing, and animation, the images of JR partying with feigns at a gas station make this video incredibly unique and I was glued to the screen for its entirety. Not to be overlooked by the visual, Allstar JR absolutely kills the delivery. Although he can go bar for bar with any rapper in the game, he prides himself on his ability to make music with high replay value, something I noticed immediately with this track. It’s no surprise the video is thriving, with over 140K views already on YouTube. Check it out, as “Run Through It” continues to do impressive numbers.

Euphoria – [BabyTron]

BabyTron is an absolute star in every sense of the word, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon let alone a measly old music writer like me to tell you this fact. He saw the movement that was going on in his home state of Michigan and took it one step further because even with so many unique personalities roaming the northern state, he seems to stand out from the rest. At first, I couldn’t tell if Tron was more of a meme than a musician before I actually listened, but the second I tuned in to some of his music, I knew he was the real deal, and he meant absolute business. Sure, he might not have the exact look of a typical Detroit emcee, but he embodies everything that the Detroit rap movement stands for, and his lyricism could truly go toe to toe with any of the best spitters in the game right now. Beyond this, he utilizes some of the bounciest, most hype instrumentals while keeping such a velvety smooth demeanor, and this makes him stand out even more than the rest, at least in my own opinion. Of course, I was beyond hyped to find …

Can’t Stop the Rain Freestyle – [Payroll Giovanni] prod. [Helluva]

To say Loose Ends’ 1985 track “You Can’t Stop The Rain” has found new life in the past week or two is an understatement as 50 Cent’s new series ‘BMF’ chronicling the adolescence of Demetrius and Terry Flenory who would later go on to lead the legendary Black Mafia Family made this track the focal point of one of the show’s most memorable scenes, introducing the old-school jam to a younger audience that has been captivated by the track. The Loose Ends’ track is definitely an old-school classic and has been often sampled even though you may have never realized before. The more I think about the selection process for this track in ‘BMF’ I just can’t help but think that Detroit artist Payroll Giovanni is responsible. He has toyed with this sample more than anyone, doing an entire series of tracks entitled “Hustle Muzik” that are his most notable releases and all build upon this same sample, which has to be the inspiration for ‘BMF’ picking this track, right? It would make sense too given the subject matter of the television series and Giovanni’s money-hungry, disciplined lyrics that clearly are portraying the same type of businessman mentality possessed by …

Lil Yachty Interview: Five Years In & Still Persevering

“When I was like 18, I used to really care about what everybody thought about my music and it used to get to me. I just started to realize that when you do good, people will criticize you, and when you do bad, they still criticize you.” -Lil Yachty Photo Cred: Gunner Stahl If there’s one thing that the roller coaster of a year that was 2020 has showed us, is that time is flying by. It seems like just a couple of years ago we were introduced to Apple Music and transitioning to an all-digital era of music. Some of the favorite songs, albums and mixtapes that existed over the last half of a decade are aging faster than we can count to 10, and  we are even nearing the anniversary of some projects turning 10 this year. It sounds crazy to even say this out loud, but 2021 will be the 5 year anniversary of the amazingly iconic XXL Freshmen class of 2016. Regardless of what good or bad may have happened in peoples lives that year, we can all agree that 2016 was a very important year for music. It sparked the brand new generation of rap–a …

First Day Out (Remix) – [Montana Of 300]

Montana of 300 makes his return with a fiery freestyle over Tee Grizzley’s hit “First Day Out” accompanied by a new visual courtesy of A Zae Production. The 28-year-old Chicago native was released from jail recently following his incarceration back in May, and what better way to celebrate than dropping arguably the best “First Day Out” remix so far. Right off the bat, Montana explains it’s the first remix since he’s been home and proceeded to jump in ferociously over the hard-hitting production originally from Helluva Beats. Also, he hinted at another 3 remixes coming our way very soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Make sure to peep Montana Of 300’s “First Day Out” remix below and check back for more from Montana very soon. Directed By: A Zae Production 

Pull Up – [Migos]

Migos keep up their hot streak with a new track titled “Pull Up”. While nothing game-changing for the Atlanta trio, the production from Helluvalife adds a sinister feeling behind solid verses from each member, and the hook is classic Migos – expect it to be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. The group teased a sophomore studio album last month, so expect to hear a lot more from Migos in the coming weeks. Listen to “Pull Up” below.