Hatesonny: The Lemonade Stand Interview

In late 2020, I interviewed Hatesonny for the first time and it was a really good conversation, so I just recently brought him back by the LL office for a second interview on The Lemonade Stand. I spoke to Hatesonny about plenty of topics such as his song “Kill Bill”, blowing up on Tik-Tok, his Golden Child project, when he started making music in 2016, meeting nombreKARI, his collective HL, when he was Tumblr famous, the time he ate 12 Popeyes biscuits, what he’s currently working on, and we even dove into some rare footage of him. This interview was even better this time around now that sonny & I know each other better, check it out for yourself below!

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2021

Every year, artists hailing from Chicago prove exactly why this is a city that belongs in the upper echelon of music, and this fact grows more abundantly obvious with every release that is put out. Whether a musician is world renown or locally recognized, there is never a shortage of creativity, effort, or innovation, and whether the rest of the country notices this or not, local fans are well aware of the goldmine that we are sitting on here in the Midwest.  Our goal here at Lyrical Lemonade has always been to shine a light on the remarkable sounds coming out of the city every single year, and even when we go in with certain expectations or presumptions, our minds are absolutely blown once we realize just how much dexterous and unique music was brought to life in the span of 12 short months. One thing that is inimitable within the local scene here is simply the sense of community because whether these talents are teaming up with one another or on entirely different levels of fame, everyone seems to show love to each other, ensuring their awareness of the eye-opening and head-turning styles that are being generated across the …

Children Play With Fire – [NombreKari]

NombreKari is an artist from the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago who I have been a fan of for a minute now, and just the other day he released his brand new project called “Children Play With Fire”. Earlier this year, Kari dropped an acoustic live performance of his song “Tulips” and I was extremely impressed with it, I took a deeper dive into his catalog afterward and instantly saw the potential that this man possesses. This new project is ten songs in length and offers an array of different sounds, there are storytelling tracks like “LWYEC”, melodic cuts such as “73 Degrees”, and straight-up BANGERS like my personal favorite “Neon Bombs”. There’s just over a handful of features from other talents such as Serena Isioma, Sydny August, Hatesonny, WemmyMo, and more. This was a genuinely good project that I feel is just scratching the surface of Kari’s potential, this kid has a bright future, stay tuned for more.   Also, subscribe to our Lemonade Stand YouTube channel to see our upcoming interview with Nombrekari in two weeks!

Kill Bill – [Hatesonny]

Hatesonny is someone who I have been ranting + raving about here on our website and in conversations that I have been having with my music industry friends for about a year now. His project “Golden Child” was one of my personal favorite albums of last year, and it even earned a top 20 spot in my annual Top 50 Chicago Projects article. A couple of the standout records that were featured on that project were “Moon Child” and “Kill Bill”, and today we are receiving a music video for the latter of the two. I interviewed Hatesonny back in October of 2020 and at that point, his song “Kill Bill” maybe had about 10,000 streams on Spotify at the time. Today, that song has accumulated well over three million streams on Spotify between the fast + regular versions of the song. A massive part of this can be credited to the fast version of the track going viral on Tik-Tok, and opening the door for many people to see just how dope of an artist that Sonny is. A music video for this record was a necessity, and Sonny + his team came through with an excellent video if …

Drag Racing – [Hatesonny] ft. [nombreKARI]

Hatesonny is one of my favorite new artists coming up out of Chicago’s music community at the moment, he is a star in the making, he has a ton of potential, and today he is back with a brand new music video for “Drag Racing” featuring nombreKARI. Back when I interviewed Hatesonny late last year, he recommended that I listened to some of nombreKARI’s music, and I was thoroughly impressed with how talented Kari was too. These two rappers are apart of the same collective that features them as well as some of their other creative friends, and with these two at the helm, they are heading in the right direction. Keep an eye on these young Chicagoans, I have a good feeling about them, press play below! Directed by Mike Del Rosario • Produced by MyFriendNate & AFTeR

Moonchild – [HateSonny]

I am a big fan of Chicago artist HateSonny, and today he’s back on our website with his new visual for “Moonchild”. This was arguably my favorite track on his 2020 album Golden Child, and I have been really hoping a video would come with this track, and lucky for us, we got just that. His trademark mellow flow, matched perfectly with this beat to create this hit, so when I heard the sample at the beginning (the first time I heard the song) I was instantly hooked on it. The creative video plot brought to us by Sam Aidan Johnson helped to bring this track to life, so I am hoping to see these two creatives work together more in the future. The release of this music video was a great start to 2021 for HateSonny, I am excited to see what this year has in store for him. Take some time out of your day to watch this new visual below! Directed by Sam Aidan Johnson

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2020

It’s obvious that 2020 didn’t turn out nearly how anyone expected at the top of the year. With a global pandemic shaking things up, a pivotal presidential election coming to a head, numerous generational talents passing away, and racial injustice protests taking place across the country, it’s safe to say that this year was beyond unpredictable from even the most seasoned psychics. Nonetheless, Chicago persevered like only we know-how, bringing attention to these issues while also divulging into a plethora of other, more personal narratives in the form of music. Throughout the year, some mainstays in the city continued to impress us here at Lyrical Lemonade while other up-and-comers made some very valid, attention-grabbing claims as to why they’re the next rising star that deserves a place at the table. Also worthy of note, Chicago had some truly excruciating losses this year in terms of music legends whose work still shined through as some of the most impressive of the year, primed to carry on their legacy for years to come. All of that said, we’re more than excited to round this farfetched year out with Lyrical Lemonade’s Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2020. This is our 5th year bringing …

Hatesonny: The Lemonade Stand Interview

I have discovered a lot of new dope artists from Chicago in 2020, but one of my favorite ones is Hatesonny. He released a project earlier this year called Golden Child and it’s without a doubt one of my favorite projects to drop this year out of Chicago and worldwide, to be honest. About a month or two ago, I had Hatesonny come by our Lyrical Lemonade Headquarters here in Chicago to sit down & shoot a new interview of The Lemonade Stand, and I am very happy to be sharing the final product with you today. I talked to Hatesonny about plenty of topics including the previously mentioned project, his friendship with Serena Isioma, growing up in Chicago, and much more. Watch this brand new interview below and be sure to subscribe to The Lemonade Stand!

Shollam – [Hatesonny]

Hatesonny is one of the best new artists coming up out of the Chicago music community, there’s no doubt about that. He dropped a stellar project earlier this year called “Golden Child”, which was one of my personal favorite projects of the year, and a few days back he returned with a new record titled “shollam”. One of the interesting aspects about Hatesonny to me is his ability to create many different types of sounds, which is something I spoke to him about in his Lemonade Stand interview we recorded not too long ago, which will be dropping later this week. Please get in tune with Hatesonny if you haven’t already, he’s a special talent that I am very excited about!

After Thoughts EP – [Luke Almighty]

Luke Almighty is a producer from the Chicago land area who has been contributing to the city’s music scene for a few years now, whether it’s providing beats for some of Chicago’s best-rising artists or giving them a platform on his projects like this one, he is always doing good in the community. Luke Almighty came into the game at a young age and it has been pretty dope to watch him grow into the talented producer that he has become, don’t get me wrong, he has always been solid, but I think that he would even agree that his new shit is much better than his early stuff. Luke Almighty said that this bunch of songs was just “throwaways for quarantine”, but honestly, I found some solid gems on here. I loved some of the soulful production that he provided on this EP, and I strongly believe that you will too, check it out via Soundcloud below! Features from Lil Mula, CP, HATESONNY, Clutch, Pat Guwop, R’Mani, Silver and Freako