Ventures in Ventura – [MZA]

Seattle based producer MZA makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with an eclectic new instrumental album titled Ventures in Ventura. With eight songs total the Project FILO artist employs a mixture of pure instrumentals, one special feature and a few iconic samples such as the band Gorillaz. One of the standout tracks, “A.L.L.Y.” is a smoothly refined remix to London artist Hannah Rodríguez’s song “A Lover Like You.”  That track is brilliantly followed up with “Malibu – With Amor” to maintain the contemporary sound throughout, while the remainder of the album contains an experimentally chill aura. The project’s short and sweet length adds depth to each individual record while allowing its listeners to fully process the musicality behind each song. “Ventures in Ventura” is the perfect escapism album; its vibe mirrors a holiday cruise or a relaxing morning/evening stroll. With all-original creative direction, MZA has once more proven his reputation as a top-tier producer. Have a listen for yourself below!

Heavy – [Hannah Rodríguez] x [ELX]

London based artist Hannah Rodríguez returns to Lyrical Lemonade with one of her most exciting singles yet titled “Heavy.” Produced by ELX, the song contains a groovy, fast-paced vibe with a stylistic mixture of contemporary R&B and pop. “Heavy on my back but I won’t sit down” are the opening words of the addictive chorus, which flows seamlessly with the rest of the track. Hannah’s sensual vocals not only sound as mature as ever, but the production couldn’t be more fitting for her unique Winehouse esque appeal. The lyrics are confident; not in a brash way but more so a self-empowering and/or inspiring sense as Rodríguez overcomes the heaviness of her relationships. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Hannah Rodríguez is a superstar in the making, and this offering serves as further proof. Have a listen below!

Mourning Dove – [Hobbes Duende] x [Hannah Rodríguez]

Months following their popular single “B2in1s,” Pittsburgh producer Hobbes Duende and London artist Hannah Rodríguez have linked up once more for their new song “Mourning Dove.” Despite the considerable distance shared between them, Duende & Rodríguez’s chemistry is immense to the point of shared perfection. Hobbes’ instrumental is masterfully woven with heavenly jazz elements that beautifully complement Hannah’s neo-soul vocals, as the song details a controversial romantic tragedy.  Each and every note sung gives off a pure feeling of bliss, while Duende’s instrumentation mirrors the soothing sounds one hears upon entering their favorite coffee shop. As if not impressive enough, the collaboration specifically marks the first full/final vocal mix completed from Hobbes Duende, which speaks to the sheer quality of his existing and future work. “Mourning Dove” is one of those tracks that you simply can’t overplay, and one listen is certainly not sufficient. Listen to the record below!

Land Of Ice – [Hannah Rodríguez]

London’s emerging talent Hannah Rodríguez returns to Lyrical Lemonade with an exceptional visual for her frosty new single entitled “Land Of Ice.” Written, produced, mixed and performed by Rodríguez herself, the Project FILO superstar strolls around a busy night-scene while standing out via a variety of dazzlingly ‘icy’ outfits. The record follows Hannah’s song “B2in1s,” which employed a more jazzy touch from Hobbes Duende’s production. Frequently sparkling flashes of the colors blue and white, the accompanying video successfully depicts a fictional “Land Of Ice” centered around Hannah’s frozen heart. Once more incorporating subtle and blunt romantic references, the sensual explicitness of Rodríguez aligns with the various luminous shots amid a mysteriously fanciful setting. Sonically the dreamy string-heavy instrumentation allows Hannah to convey her unique experience, which is brilliantly captured in TJ Charter’s cinematic picture. Fascinatingly, not a single soul other than Rodríguez’s appears throughout the video, which again alludes to the fantasy esque ambience. Listen to Hannah Rodríguez’s track “Land Of Ice” below!

B2in1s – [Hannah Rodríguez] x [Hobbes Duende]

The phenomenally gifted Project FILO singer/songwriter/producer Hannah Rodríguez returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a dazzling new single titled “B2in1s.” The record follows Rodríguez’s popular song “Medicine,” which was a sleek acapella record. Arguably her best record yet (certainly my favorite), the production from Hobbes Duende is a luscious jazz instrumental that perfectly captures Hannah’s dreamy romantic vocals. Although the track is a little over three minutes, the runtime feels more like one, which will leave the listener craving more auditory bliss. While Hannah frequently draws comparison from the iconic Amy Winehouse, this particular offering of hers is perhaps the most suitable. Checking the boxes of passionate lyricism, jazzy vocal chords, and confidence in expression, regardless of her Winehouse resemblance no one can deny that Hannah Rodríguez has all the makings to be her own superstar. Stream “B2in1s,” the latest offering from Hannah Rodríguez below!

Medicine (2020) – [Hannah Rodríguez]

Amy Winehouse may be deceased, but her musical influence is eternal throughout contemporary music. Such a claim is startlingly evident through the artistry of Hannah Rodgriguez; a British songwriter originating from the Lake District in northern England. Rodríguez began writing songs during her school years, which prompted her to self-learn how to produce music when she moved to London at the age of eighteen. Along with Winehouse, Hannah likens her sound to Kali Uchis’s, with Rodríguez’s musical influences spanning from Billie Holiday to Alton Ellis and King Krule. Rodríguez has a wittiness with her words; her records are intimate, personal, and relatable, yet simultaneously humorous in a self-mocking manner. Moreover, Rodríguez is able to craft poetic and sophisticated lyrics beyond her years that reflect a thoughtful, intellectual, and sincere old soul. Despite only being in her early twenties, Rodríguez already has impressive performances at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club and the Roundhouse in London under her resume. Last year, she joined Project FILO, an independent creative talent agency that delivers experiences ranging from music across the globe, films, compelling photography, fashion, visual art, honest writing, and storytelling. Rodríguez’s latest offering, “Medicine (2020)” is a harmonizing, hum-filled tune with passionate love lyrics. Stating …