Denzel Curry: Retracing Roots

“I think about how my art is going to be reflected when I’m gone.” This is something Denzel Curry said to me during our conversation just moments before his stellar performance for 5,000 people in Boston this past Friday in support of Billie Eilish’s When We All Fall Asleep tour. Denzel has been an artist that I’ve held in high regard over the years because I’ve been able to recognize his dedication to the art, and to hear him talk about his passion for the craft was inspiring. Denzel Curry has been rapping for about eight years now, and by the young age of twenty-four, he’s already passed huge milestones in the game of rap due to his impressive work ethic and unwavering artistic integrity. Not only does he have an incredible discography under his belt, but he’s already garnered a noticeable impact on the genre of rap at such a young age, all while constantly growing, evolving, and refining his output in the process. On a widespread scale, many fans became aware of Curry after his track “Ultimate” turned into a viral internet sensation, becoming the “water-bottle-flipping” song just a few years back. Even this track though, as big …

Watch The Dream’s brand new interview with Power 106 LA

The Dream is a living legend so when I see a new interview featuring him I pay the upmost attention, and the good people over at Power 106 LA gave us exactly that. You will find the two of them speaking about plenty of subjects such as some of the biggest hit records that he has ever written, his big break, going back to his hometown, releasing a project with forty tracks on it, his single “No Rappers Allowed”, not caring about the king of R&B conversation, his thoughts about the 21 Savage situation, some of the younger artists he likes, winning Grammys, his creative process and so much more. Take a few minutes of your day to watch this brand new conversation below!

Hip-Hop And The Grammys: It’s Complicated

On the Recording Academy’s Up-and-Down Relationship with Rap     The scent of weed wafting its way down the hall to my room from Andre3000’s neighboring after party cements the night in my mind like it was yesterday. Andre had reason to celebrate: it was 2004, and Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below had just won what is generally considered to be the top prize on “Music’s Biggest Night”—the Grammy Award for album of the year. I remember the night, and that smell of success, like it was yesterday. But it was hardly yesterday, was it? It’s the most oft-mentioned, ongoing streak of embarrassment for the Grammys, but it must be repeated annually until it’s broken: it has been fifteen years since that Outkast win, and no rap project since has reached the Grammy summit. Plenty of worthy LP’s have been nominated, but all have come up short, including exceptional  releases by Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z and—three times each, Eminem, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. That’s fifteen years, mind you, in which hip-hop has only solidified its place as contemporary culture’s preeminent sound and style. What can you say? Fool me once…but fool me fifteen times? The 61st Grammy Awards will take …

LL Presents: The Danny Wolf Q&A

Danny Wolf is without a doubt one of the hottest young producers coming up right now. At only 21 years old he has produced some of the rap games biggest tracks in the past few years. With credits like ILOVEMAKONNEN, Ugly God, Migos, Lil Yachty, A$AP Ferg, and many many others it’s clear that Danny Wolf has been killing it. We we’re lucky enough to chop it up with the Hoodrich producer and ask him a few questions. Check out our Danny Wolf Q&A below!   JM: Before diving into questions tell our readers who you are. DW: I’m Danny Wolf, and I’m from Mexico City. I don’t know man, I just like to make the slaps! I like to get fucked up and make fye classics. – JM: When did you first start producing? DW: Shittt, honestly I was just messing around at first sophomore year (I’m class of 2014) and took it serious junior year. I’m 21 now so I don’t know, a good while. – JM: Who inspired you to start making music? DW: Honestly hella people, but mainly Waka Flocka. I like how lit his shit was and I wanted to make that same type of energy. – …

Watch Yo Gotti’s brand new interview with Hot 97

Yo Gotti is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in hip-hop today, so it’s only right that he stopped through Hot 97 for an in depth interview with Ebro, Laura & Peter. They discussed plenty of interesting topics such as the possibility of settling the Young Dolph beef, Jay-Z having the best rap album of the year, strippers vs bartenders, being an OG in the game, his ability to create hit records, Nicki Minaj, how the media can twist stories, being targeted by younger rappers, The Grammys & much more. Watch the brand new interview below!

Ferraris N Grammys – [Stunnaman Stacks]

Stunnaman Stacks wants all the “Ferraris N Grammys” on his latest single and it’s a hit no doubt. TURNTTRIE produced the banger and the Decent Militia rockstar tackles it by weaving contagious energy with catchy hooks and humorous bars as is the Stacks way. Stay up to date with the latest Stacks releases by following him on Soundcloud and Twitter. (@STUNNAMAN2K ) Make sure to bump his most recent single below at top volume and stay Decent my friends.

Watch Chance The Rapper’s new interview with Complex

A lot has changed in the life of Chance The Rapper over the past few years, as he has grown from a local Chicago rapper to the face of the music industry. Chance is no stranger to being on the cover of Complex, and he has just covered the widely known magazine for the third time! Along with being on the cover, the guys over at Complex coordinated an amazing interview with the rapper that you don’t want to miss! The interviewer Noah Callahan-Bever asked plenty of excellent questions including how Chance’s life has changed since becoming a father, the experience of witnessing his daughters birth, how his friendships have changed after becoming a dad, his success at The Grammys, his experience after winning the awards, his upcoming album they he might sell, Coloring Book, how labels have tried to stop him, Kanye West and so much more! Check it out for yourself below!  

Watch Chance The Rapper’s Grammy’s performance

It’s been a weekend to remember for Chance, as he walked away from the spotlight with multiple Grammys while he won Best Rap Performance for “No Problem” with 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne, Best New Artist, as well as Best Rap Album with “Coloring Book.” Moments ago he gave a magnificent performance that you have to see, I’m not going to spoil it for you, so just press play below & prepare to be amazed.