Benihana Freestyle – [glizzy f baby]

Earlier this week, we covered a since-deleted demo from an artist by the name of glizzy f baby, and today, we’re welcoming this up-and-coming back once again as he releases his latest, “Benihana Freestyle”. If there’s a soundtrack to feeling yourself and watching the stocks rise, it has to be this song, as glizzy’s confidence oozes out of the instrumental using endlessly clever bars such as my personal favorite, “when I tote that 40, feel like Shawn Kemp” (“I feel like Bob Builder, got my tooooooly” is my second favorite). His ability to mesh crafty lyricism with an effortless flow is truly second to none, and simply by bringing his strengths together under one umbrella of sound with “Benihana Freestyle”‘s magnetic instrumental, glizzy f baby clearly know the right ways to utilize his charm. I can’t wait for what this rising talent has in store for us next, so keep an eye out and in the mean time, listen to “Benihana Freestyle” below!

2/2/2$$$ – [glizzy f baby]

If you’ve been following Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, it should go without saying that you’ve heard of an artist by the name of glizzy f baby. We’ve featured the rising talent on our pages numerous times in the past, but in case you’ve never heard of him, today is the perfect opportunity for an introduction as glizzy is here to unveil his latest single, “2/2/2$$$”. Just like all of his past offerings that have brought me in as a fan, the reason that this song is so addictive is due to its effortless nature. Glizzy’s rhythm floats right above the production without ever causing any friction or getting ahead of itself, and the result is a melodic new offering that is sure to captivate listeners with ease. That said, if you weren’t familiar with glizzy before today, I imagine that you’ll probably be a fan after this one. But don’t just take my word for it, stream “2/2/2$$$” at the link provided below and let us know what you think in the comments!

No Hook – [Glizzy F Baby]

After making his Lyrical Lemonade debut quite recently with the stellar track “Dell Curry“, an artist by the name of Glizzy F Baby is here to take the spotlight once again today with a brand new offering entitled “No Hook”. Hard-nosed and weaving through aggressive melodies, this song is to-the-point in every sense of the words. Glizzy’s relentless flows offer up an entire arsenal of illustrative lyrics, and by maintaining his signature, charismatic cadences, there isn’t a point in “No Hook” where listeners can look away, even for a second. The song is a banger at its core, so be sure to show some love to this rapidly-rising talent and click play on his newest release at the link below!

Dell Curry – [Glizzy F Baby]

It’s always a special occasion when a new artist makes their debut on Lyrical Lemonade, and today, we’re here to bring an act by the name of Glizzy F Baby to the spotlight with his brand new single, “Dell Curry”. Being that the title references an NBA player that I’ve always been a fan of, I had to click play when it popped into my SoundCloud feed, and thankfully so. Needless to say, I stumbled on one of my favorite discoveries as of late and without a doubt, Glizzy F Baby has a new fan in me. His music finds itself weaving in and out of mesmerizing melodies and nonchalant yet wildly addictive flows, only to be doused in a sense of self-confidence that keeps myself and other listeners clicking replay again and again. Glizzy’s hitmaking abilities are down to a science, and with that, he’s ready to be a star. Hop on the wave before he blows up and check out “Dell Curry” at the link below: