AJ Tracey – [AJ Tracey]

When it comes to UK rap right now, specifically coming out of London, one artist that you simply can’t ignore is AJ Tracey — an absolute flamethrower of a talent who is here today to push things to the next level with his self-titled debut album. 15 tracks long, this well-executed offering is certainly a long time in the making, and naturally so, it becomes clear quite quickly that Tracey put his all and then some into the project. AJ Tracey is an honest account of life, both in its ups and in its downs, using reality as a fulcrum point in order to display the life and times of such an exciting rising emcee — and to this function, it absolutely exceeds any expectations I could have set. Not only is the album versatile, but it’s also relentlessly captivating, making sure that no matter where Tracey decides to venture in a sonic sense that his listeners will follow right behind. Further so, equipped with features from Not3s, Jay Critch, and Giggs, this one certainly has an abundance of talent on it, so without further ado, I present AJ Tracey: available for streaming at the link below!

Bebey – [Theophilus London] ft. [Giggs]

Just recently, bringing forth a wave of positive energy and music will make you dance without even trying, Theophilus London decided to bless the world with an anthemic record entitled “Bebey“. Today, revisiting the song with an accompanying road mix featuring Giggs, new life is being breathed into London’s newest as he refreshes us on why he’s one of the most talented artists out right now. At heart, “Bebey” is impulsively happy and tropical-sounding in every way. The fun-loving melodies are nothing short of infectious, and with both Theophilus and Giggs making sure to perform their absolute best, we receive a gem of a song and a perfect soundtrack to any functions you may be throwing this fall. Check out “Bebey” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Sensei – [Outlaw]

The U.K. born MC, Outlaw, is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with his fresh single Sensei. Grime music is still working its way across the Atlantic, although huge advances in American interest have been made in the past few years with Drake’s connections to and spotlighting of Grime superstars like Skepta and Giggs. Due to his thick British accent, Outlaw will forever be classified as a grime artist, yet Outlaw’s approach is notably influenced by his time spent in NYC. He is lyrically complex and packs an absolutely lethal blow with his incredibly quick flow. The beat, produced by Icekream and King Leeboy, is a nod to Japanese culture that sets the tone for the aptly named thumper, Sensei. Karate chop your speakers with Sensei below: