Inside – [Gareth Donkin]

Musically, Gareth Donkin knows his sweet spot. It’s hidden in a flurry of soul-soaked melodies, and an impeccable ear for production, which he handles himself(!), might I add. Add this to the growing popularity of the R&B scene in the UK right now, and it becomes clear that there’s a feasible lane for Donkin’s heartful music to grow. Today, the man himself is here to take the next step on that path, continuing his hot streak with a new single titled “Inside.” Released right at the top of the year, “Inside” is a gorgeous offering to head into 2020 with. The production, smooth as can be and endlessly impassioned, seems to clear listeners’ skin with every successive drum beat, while Donkin’s vocals slide all over this apt backdrop of sound. Meanwhile, creating the emotional structure of the release, the lyrics yearn for a sense of genuine connection, hooked together with the chorus, “you oughtta see the side of me that hurts.” Gareth Donkin is making top-tier soul music out of his dorm room in the UK, and for that, I predict that 2020 might just be his year. Hop on the Donkin wave early and stream the beautiful “Inside” below!

DYK – [Gareth Donkin]

There’s something oddly compelling about Gareth Donkin. On one hand, he’s a random kid from the UK, attending school in Leeds and figuring things out like the rest of us. But on the other hand, he has a deeply soulful side, full of genius grooves and inexplicably funky instrumentals. And where does it come from? Well, some sort of intersection between a love for music and countless hours spent screwing around in his bedroom. Donkin is full of highlight musical moments, and “DYK” is his latest. Made in collaboration with two friends, Daniel Dessoy and Olly Livingstone, “DYK” is a bright burst of color as the weather turns cold, the days get shorter, and we patiently await the holidays. 2019 is coming to a close, but with a song like this to refresh the energy in the air, it’s hard to lose focus of what a wonderful year we’ve had. Donkin’s ear for music is more than a fuel for great songs, but also an explosion of beaming energy into our lives, one note at a time. That said, there’s not much to say about “DYK” other than the fact that this one speaks for itself. Gareth Donkin and co. …

Safe and Sound – [Gareth Donkin]

In music, nothing lasts longer than feeling. Any song can be catchy for a few weeks until it’s on to the next one, but rare are the records that make listeners feel exactly what the artist felt when they first sat down and made the song. These are the songs that stick with us, and furthermore, those that withstand the test of time. With Gareth Donkin and the incredible “Safe and Sound,” this is exactly the case. Stepping back for a moment, Donkin’s entire catalog thus far is a product of astounding soul. With every song, every note, and every idiosyncratic moment in his production, Donkin makes the most of his colorful character, and truly makes listeners feel as though he’s putting every ounce he has into a given song. This level of artistry, matched with the vocal and songwriting talents to communicate the message, is what makes Gareth Donkin so special. He knows what he wants to say, knows how to say it in the most impactful way possible, and knows how to keep listeners coming back, simply by being his truest self on every new release. “Safe and Sound” is all of this and more. Even supplied with a striking …