My 17th Freestyle – [GRiMM Doza] [Luchii]

Luchii and GRiMM Doza are two names that you simply can’t escape in the underground right now. Each of the two have carved out significant lanes in their own pockets of music, and to say that their respectively broad palettes of sound are making waves in certain communities is an understatement. With this, it’s easy to understand why I was so excited to see Doza and Luchii pair up in the brand new “May 17th Freestyle.” Armed with a mesmeric, slow-burning instrumental, this track is just about as soulful as it gets. Doza floats right over Luchii’s profoundly striking production, and in a fitting manner, his rhymes soundtrack the struggles of life and the principles by which Doza navigates the world. This one may just be a freestyle, but the storytelling put on display here is definitely worthy of mention, as it marks the perfect cherry on top to a great beat. With that said, “May 17th Freestyle” is a brief but very entertaining listen, so be sure to peep this one at the link below! Luchii and Doza snapped. Produced by Luchii


Charlotte-based lyrical wizard, MAVI returns with his new offering, “BLOODBATH.” Produced by GRIMM DOZA, the pair of lyricist and producer come together beautifully for this lethal track. MAVI speaks directly to the listener going for two minutes straight utilizing his conversational style to transfix his audience. A grimy texture to his voice provides an authentic rind as he discusses his upbringing, resilience and aspirations. A ghostly set of keys plays in a loop setting the foundation for MAVI’s lyrical deconstruction that will have you running the track back several times to catch every metaphor. Hopefully this isn’t the last of MAVI”s offerings as he continues to level-up with each track that he releases. Check out the new song from MAVI below and make sure to show him some love on Twitter and Instagram.


In music, the best collaborations are always those that you don’t necessarily expect to happen, but you always hope for regardless of how likely it may be. Today, marking one of these perfectly-concocted joinings of forces, GRiMM Doza and the legend SPACEGHOSTPURPP are here to connect on a brand new offering entitled “GINSU”. Noted to be just the start of the ample supply of songs they have together, this track brings forth an immediate sense of chemistry between the two highly-talented artists. Their respective styles intersect in an ominous, slightly abstract fashion, which develops flawlessly throughout the duration of “GINSU”. GRiMM Doza and SPACEGHOSTPURPP are two artists that belong alongside one another, and this song is just proof that right off the bat, they’re already making some truly special music. Be on the lookout for more from the duo in the future and click play on “GINSU” at the link below!

Silverrr – [Lord Apex]

Less than a week after the release of his new S.O.I.L EP, UK artist Lord Apex is already back on our pages once again to keep the stocks rising with a brand new single entitled “Silverrr”. Produced by the widely-talented Grimm Doza, this track finds Apex dropping off an incredibly high-caliber of rhymes, so much so that it probably could have made the tape had it not taken a bit of a darker sonic direction. Contrasting the bright, sparkling energy of Apex’s new EP, “Silverrr” works in the shadows as a grittier, more aggressive look into the versatile artistry of the West London artist. His lyricism continues to ride out as remarkably dense in every way, and all things considered, this track reminds fans just how talented this budding star really is. Lord Apex is turning heads with every successive release, and it’s only a matter of time until you’re hearing his name everywhere. Listen to “Silverrr” at the link provided below and let us know what you think in the comments!

After The Verdict – [RetcH]

After unleashing a string of stellar singles throughout the past few weeks with “Wildin’ Out FR“, “Retaliation“, and “Throwin’ Sets Down“, RetcH is back in headlines today to deliver his brand new, full-length project, After The Verdict. The anticipation has been high for this one with the amount of heat that the NJ native has been dropping off all summer long, and over the course of 10 tracks, he makes sure the wait was worth it in every way. Entirely produced by fellow New Jersey artist GRiMM Doza, After The Verdict blesses listeners with the raw charisma of RetcH, paired with raunchy, gritty production that emphasizes the vivid detail of his chilling lyricism. In this way, the tape never overstays its welcome, as each song drops off a potent supply of compelling rhymes without any shortage of picture-painting bars that keep listeners engaged. RetcH is one of the most talented artists in the game right now, and After The Verdict is proof. Be sure to click play at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Remember The Daze – [Grimm Doza] & [Group Actions]

Making a well-deserved appearance on Lyrical Lemonade today are two artists by the names of GRiMM Doza and Group Actions with their brand new single, “Remember The Daze”. Surrounded by a cloud of hazy smoke, this track’s ethereal sound offers a certain degree of stylistic nostalgia as it slowly paces through each successive beat. Riding right alongside, the deliveries match this slower pace, and in doing so, work towards an increasingly hypnotic and effortless sound. That being said, “Remember The Daze” floats along by, marking itself as a relaxed single that clearly sheds light on the eclectic talents of both GRiMM Doza and Group Actions, all at once. Be sure to show this duo some love and give their newest offering a listen at the link below!

Throwin’ Sets Down – [RetcH]

For those who have been paying close attention to Lyrical Lemonade throughout the past few weeks, you probably recognize that RetcH is on an insane win streak right now with his last two singles, “Wildin’ Out FR” and “Retaliation”. Today, he’s back in the headlines once again to apply the full court pressure with yet another incredible new single, this time entitled “Throwin’ Sets Down”. Produced by fellow New Jersey native, GRiMM Doza, this track perfectly complements the sounds that we heard on RetcH’s last two offerings, as it explores the ominous energy that he brings forth to an emphatic degree. The confrontational, terrifyingly-vivid lyrics reinforce this sentiment, and all in all, RetcH is giving the rest of rap a serious run for its money right now. It doesn’t seem like he’s going to let up any time soon, so listen to “Throwin’ Sets Down” at the link below and be on the lookout for more from RetcH possibly coming soon!

U Already Know – [GRiMM Doza]

New Jersey is home to one of the more underrated scenes in rap right now, and representing for his home state is an artist by the name of GRiMM Doza and his brand new single, “U Already Know”. Self-produced, this offering takes listeners straight into the mind of such an interesting young mind, pointing towards his alluring personality and smooth sound to add fuel to the fire throughout each second of the song. However, this isn’t complete without the mesmerizing presence of the eclectic keys, which make up a spooky, nearly ethereal melody for “U Already Know” to follow along with. It’s unapologetically personal, and by holding up a certain level of confidence to maintain his effortless style, GRiMM Doza definitely has yet another incredible release to add to the long line of solid music under his belt already. Let this one spin at the link below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Prince of Darkness – [GRiMM Doza]

New Jersey rapper/producer, GRiMM Doza, shows us exactly why he is the Prince of Darkness on his most recent EP, a mostly self produced effort with some assistance from Camden, LordFubu, Shamana, and Csd. As for features, Doza recruited Booshido, Bzkt, and Indy rapper Drayco McCoy to lace the tape with gnarly bars. POD finds GRiMM Doza piecing together the sound he has been crafting since the beginning; a gritty, eerie style of production and villainous flow that bumps ever so heavily in any set of headphones or speakers. We have seen him produce hits for Wifisfuneral, Lucki, XXXtentacion, and among others in the past, but GRiMM demonstrates he is fully capable of being the ringleader when it comes to the ghastly style he has fathered. Enter the sonic depths of Hades by hitting play on Prince of Darkness below and follow GRiMM on Soundcloud and Twitter (@grimmdoza ) to hear more from the up and coming creative! Cover art by Davis7500      

Set It Off – [GRiMM Doza]

“Set It Off” is GRiMM’s latest offering from his upcoming project set to drop later this summer and it is accompanied by a wavy visual shot by code abi. The energetic production is courtesy of Camden which Doza’s earthy, cathartic flow floats so naturally over. The visual is full of unique, trippy effects and a lot of experimentation with color brightness levels that don’t follow any of the trends rampant in hip-hop videos at the moment, making it a very refreshing and visually appealing video from start to finish. Be on the lookout for more material from the New Jersey artist and be sure to follow him on Twitter (@grimmdoza ) to keep up with the latest news about his next project.