Unholy – [Collard]

Admittedly, I wasn’t hip to Collard until I was informed of the recent release of his debut album, Unholy. Not knowing what to expect, I delved into the project, and quite honestly, I was surprised, energized, and so, so impressed with what I heard. Especially considering that this my first listening experience with the London native’s music, it felt special to hear such an ingrained liveliness in each and every song, emphasizing the wonderfully impulsive notions of Collard’s music. On a sonic note, Unholy will throw everything at you and then retreat into an understated, smooth song without warning. This unpredictable versatility is a signature charm of Collard’s throughout the project, and if not anything else, it indicates the sheer range of his abilities. With this, on a complementary note, the invigorating songwriting here is just as impressive, keeping each and every song packed with emotion and ready to touch listeners with each successive line. Be sure to stream Unholy for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comments! By the sounds of it, London has yet another artist that we all need to be paying attention to!

Extendo – [Young Nudy] ft. [Lil Uzi Vert]

Just recently, Young Nudy blessed fans with two highlight moments of 2019 — the first, a surprise mixtape entitled Faded in the Booth, and the second, one of my favorite songs of the year and the lead single off of Slim’erre, “Mister” featuring 21 Savage. Today, Nudy is back, and he’s ready to make a splash yet again with the latest Slim’erre single, “Extendo” alongside Lil Uzi Vert. Considering how high Pi’erre and Nudy set the bar with “Mister,” I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the second single off of the project, but needless to say, the all-star combo impressed yet again. Between the ominous, almost disorienting direction of the melodies and the song’s remarkably mesmerizing sound, “Extendo” keeps things exciting and unique, all the while dropping some of my favorite work from Nudy and Uzi, alike. Each of the two works perfectly alongside one another, and what better producer for this momentous occasion than the legend himself, Pi’erre Bourne. “Extendo” is yet another reason why Slim’erre is gearing up to be one of the best projects of the year, so don’t sleep. Check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by Pi’erre Bourne

Watch Zombie Juice’s interview on The Smokebox

Zombie Juice is one of the core members in the Flatbush Zombies who have been featured on the Smokebox before if I am not mistaken, but this time around he made a solo appear on the platform! You will find B-Real asking Zombie Juice about plenty of things including being a trend setter, what he loves about the music industry, his favorite part about his live show, being independent, growing with his Flatbush Zombie brothers over the years, getting used to performing a new album on a new tour, using different sound guys over the years, working on a Beast Coast album, Rolling Loud and more. Check out this brand new conversation below.

OFFIT – [G2]

Following his last release titled “Cream”, LA rapper G2 returns today with his latest EP, OFFIT. Working directly with Southside, G2 delivered a very promising project that could be considered his best release thus far. I had the privilege of speaking with G2 a few weeks before it dropped and he gave a clear vision as to what this project was intended to do. He stated that he “has been working on this project for about a year. I took this long because I really wanted it to be the best work I could make. Once I felt that, I decided it was time to let my fans hear the music.” Between G2’s infectious energy and desire for stardom, it only takes one listen through to understand him as an artist and the direction that he’s headed. Throughout OFFIT, G2 was “expressing himself, his environment, and what he was going through” during that specific season of life. With ten undeniable tracks, G2 is slowly accomplishing what he notions as “bringing a new sound of music to LA,” and now having a very solid full project under his belt, G2 said he plans to tour and step on stage multiple times throughout …

Falling for the Wrong One – [Dreamer Boy]

When it comes to visual direction, aesthetic can be just as important as a song itself in attracting listeners. After all, the first interaction that we have with music is often the cover art before we click play, and further, music videos are often what makes good songs, great ones. Today, we see this on full display with Dreamer Boy’s latest set of visuals for “Falling for the Wrong One.” Taking on the Western-themed persona that best defines Dreamer Boy’s lovable, off-the-wall artistry, this offering brings fans right into the gorgeous palette of colors that make up a sunset in the desert. The song, dreamy as can be, perfectly complements the unwavering beauty of such surroundings, and the organic atmosphere of Dreamer Boy and his friends, simply dancing and singing along to the single, make “Falling for the Wrong One” just as beautiful visually as it is sonically. Needless to say, the in-tune creative direction that Dreamer Boy has displayed throughout his career so far will certainly lead to greater success in the future, so hop on the train before the budding star officially blows up. Check out “Falling for the Wrong One” below and peep our Q&A with Dreamer Boy here! …

Mad at the World – [FatKidsBrotha]

FatKidsBrotha has been a mainstay in the hip-hop world for a number of years now, and for good reason, as their undeniably consistent output always seems to leave listeners impressed without exception. Today, the Atlanta-based duo is back yet again, this time pushing forth their energetic styles with a notably solid new project, Mad at the World. As noted by the title, one main reason why this project works so well seems to be the chip-on-your-shoulder attitude that acts as a constant throughout. Whether communicated through the hard-nosed, thunderous production or the slew of strikingly vivid lyricism, FatKidsBrotha refuses to let up the pressure, maintaining an addicting sense of seasoned charisma from the first song to the last. In addition, over a duration of only 7 songs, Mad at the World achieves a solid balance of length and quality, constantly keeping things refreshing without overstaying their welcome. The result is a remarkably dense project, packed full of memorable moments that will certainly lead me to revisit this one again and again in the months to come. That said, FatKidsBrotha has set the bar high throughout their entire catalog, and Mad at the World not only delivers on this level of quality, but pushes …

For Christ Sake 2 – [UnoTheActivist] [Thouxanbanfauni]

If you’ve been reading Lyrical Lemonade lately, you might have noticed that we recently released a brand new interview with UnoTheActivist and Thouxanbanfauni. In the interview, UnoTheActivist promised that “For Christ Sake 2 is going to have even more styles that you’re going to see people run off with,” and now that the tape is finally out, we can confirm that this is certainly the case. 14 tracks long, this offering allows Fauni and Uno to build on the chemistry that they’re already well-known for, all the while displaying an explorative range of new styles, flows, and sounds that hammer home the fact that the two rising stars are always improving, one release after another. It goes without saying that the expectations are high for any joining of forces between these two, and just as we hoped for, the one-two punch has exceeded these expectations and then some, proving to be the incredible artists that we seem them as. That said, I could talk about this offering all day long, but the truth is, For Christ Sake 2 needs to be experienced by the listener to truly understand just how impressive it is. Stream this one below and let us know what your …

First Time – [BERNE]

Gaithersburg, Maryland crooner Berne makes his debut to the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his new single “First Time. ” I love the initial feeling of being blown away by the potential of a new artist. When I pressed play on Berne’s “First Time” I could feel my ears perk up and my mind marveling of the potential he has. Even when I heard his backstory I thought it was amazing. After a year of attending music school in Isreal, he moved back to attend Berklee Music School in Boston, Massesschutes. Around that time the young singer/songwriter underwent chemotherapy from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer this past year. After overcoming such a tough life obstacle Berne found a new drive to pursue his music career harder than ever. His story puts in perspective of how in the blink of an eye life can change, so it’s best to chase after your dreams as soon as possible. Stream Berne’s smooth single “First Time” below.

Proper Finessments – [Jefe Replay]

Few and far in between are projects that truly capture a moment in time, or a specific energy that refuses to be recreated. These are the projects that find longevity in their utter authenticity, and further so, these are the projects that we can deem important as they take the strides toward shared goals within a community of fans. Today, we have evidence of one of these projects as Boston’s own Jefe Replay hits the headlines with his long-awaited, highly-anticipated debut project, Proper Finessments. Several years in the making, Proper Finessments feels as though it perfectly captures the flourish and growth of Boston’s budding music scene over the past few years. It encapsulates a time and a place where the whole city refused to give up, creating their own infrastructure and finding their own resources to thrive despite never being known as a hip-hop city. Now, a few years removed from the beginnings of Boston’s current music scene, the city can look back and truly see how far they’ve come thanks to pure ambition and dedication toward brighter days. Jefe Replay has been instrumental in this growth that I speak of, and now that his debut project is out, it’s only right …

C.R.E.A.M – [G2]

Along with making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, 808 Mafia artist and Mudboy affiliate G2 offers a new visual for his single titled “C.R.E.A.M”. The song stands for ‘Cash Rules Everything Around Me’ and was inspired by G2’s desire for wealth and prosperity. The video is packed with high energy and fire transitions, ultimately creating an intense and appealing atmosphere for viewers. “C.R.E.A.M” is a very honest, relatable, and transparent piece of art that comes from a deeper place than one may think. When we spoke to G2 about the depths of this record, he stated that he “was in Miami just living life and if you really listen you can tell that I’m actually saying something. It comes from a point in my life when I was a lover boy, but the girl I was in love with was slowing me down and holding me back. This is me showing the world I’m focused.” To say the least, we are excited to see what G2 has in store for the coming months. Be sure to watch this eye-catching visual below and follow G2 on Twitter and Instagram!