Disa Pack Vol. 1 – [Dontae Adisa] x [Scotty LVX]

Making their debut to our pages today, rising artists Dontae Adisa and Scotty LVX team-up to deliver two incredibly powerful records titled “Pull Up” and “Free Agent”. Growing up listening to everything from Marvin Gaye to The Arctic Monkeys, Dontae’s versatility in musical influences plays a direct roll in his less common style of Hip-Hop. Dontae chooses live instruments over electronic ones, as well as lyrics that form an overarching story versus singular situations and a refined maximalist musical tone over a hyped minimalist one. Originally from rural Leesburg beginnings, Scotty LVX’s humble Florida upbringing laid the foundation for what is now a seasoned and complex mixture of melodic tones. His musical depth and educated production reveal the desire to further push the envelope in genre blending. These two songs showcase exactly that as the two came together to deliver hard-hitting instrumentals accompanied by melodic flows and enticing lyrics. As both artists have plenty more on the way, I’m very excited to see what they have in store to follow Disa Pack Vol. 1. Be sure to stream “Pull Up” and “Free Agent” below as well as follow Scotty and Dontae on Instagram!

Patience – [COTIS]

COTIS is a pop vocalist from Victoria, Canada with a lot of promise, with a new project out one of the singles I expect to emerge from the pack is “Patience.” This EP is overall has a really eclectic sound and it’s a switch up sonically compared to COTIS’ Blame! EP which dropped earlier this year. Personally, I enjoyed the first EP more, but that’s not to say there weren’t any bright spots on Patience. Songs such as “Control Freestyle” and “Timeless” are tracks I found myself revisiting. COTIS gave me some insight into the creative process on the project overall via email. He states “‘Patience’ was made during the last year of my life with Andrew in his apartment studio in Hollywood. Every time I took a trip to LA we just kept chipping away at it and it turned out to be a very reflective and youthful sounding record. I feel like I’ve grown so much since starting this record and really feel like it represents that last year of my life perfectly. It’s nice to finally be able to drop the project and say goodbye to that chapter of my life and start a new one.” Stream …

Pull Up – [Mikey100k]

Most artists find a niche in one certain aspect of music, whether that’s producing, singing a certain genre, songwriting, or something else of the sort. However, North Carolina artist Mikey100k has built his reputation as a multitalented creator as both a singer and songwriter – a rare talent that not many possess. His latest single “Pull Up” is a beautiful track released in response to his followers continuous support while they wait for a project from Mikey. He has all the talent and traits of a successful R&B artist; with smooth and rangy vocals, consistent romantic themes, and catchy hooks. “If you need a hand baby slide on me, brand new watch that only mean that I got time on me.” Mikey expects more singles to be released soon in preparation for the completion of a new project in the near future. The Raleigh native continues to gain an audience as his consistent supporters keep coming back for more and new listeners are entranced by his work. Stream “Pull Up” below!

HONDA – [KYRIE] ft. [Black Ro$e]

2019 seems to be the year of the female rapper. With new artists such as Tierra Whack, City Girls, Rico Nasty, and Megan Thee Stallion on the rise, the game has never been as diverse as it is at this moment. Up and coming rapper KYRIE definitely deserves to be put in this bracket as well. Coming straight from Baltimore, KYRIE has released several remixes and short clips displaying her unique lyricism and flow on her social media outlets. The rapper has been doing her thing since she was only 7 years old, and that is very evident when listening to her recently released single, “Honda.” Moving from Baltimore to Los Angeles just a few years back, the combination of East Coast lyrical ability and West Coast bounce creates an original, confident sounding banger. KYRIE shoots down the men taking their shots, saying, “I need a boss, ain’t talkin 6 figures / If you steppin to the plate, gotta be a heavy hitter.” Produced by Vikaden, the song possesses the natural and familiar groove of a Los Angeles summer bop. KYRIE recruits fellow artist Black Ro$e for her single, providing an incredible dynamic for the message being delivered by the two …

All To Myself – [Baby Rose]

Atlanta native Baby Rose makes a massive return to our pages today with the release of her new single titled “All To Myself”. For the past few weeks, Rose has been on tour with Dreamville’s Ari Lennox, taking on the direct support role for over 20 dates. Shortly after finishing those shows, Rose and her team decided to drop one of the first singles from her upcoming project, which is scheduled to release sometime this year. Throughout “All To Myself”, Baby Rose delivers exceptional lines that are accompanied by her unbelievably captivating voice. The piano-based production creates a special place for the message that Rose is pursuing and allows listeners to feel as if they’ve been through similar situations, even if they haven’t. Furthermore, Baby Rose recently announced her debut headline show which will take place in Atlanta on August 5th at Aisle 5. Starting in September, she will be joining Snoh Aalegra on a small international run to finish off a year full of highs for the young artist. Lastly, be sure to stream “All To Myself” below and follow Baby Rose on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with what’s to come!

Wolf Who Cried Boii – [Lil Boii Kantu]

Being a product of your surroundings is inevitable. Living in Los Angeles, Lil Boii Kantu is a true rock star on the rise. Fusing punk rock and hip-hop, the young artist has crafted a magnificent album titled, Wolf Who Cried Boii. From the jump, Kantu flaunts his ability to do damn near anything with his vocals. His ability to draw in listeners with his gushing passion is inspired by artists ranging from Blink-182 to Nirvana and Green Day to Lil Peep. Throughout the project, the LA-based emcee gives insight on what it is like living with the pressures of fame and having high expectations. Front to back, all 7 songs on ‘Wolf Who Cried Boii,’ are uniquely produced and contain the raw emotion only a true rock star such as Lil Boii Kantu can provide. Well on his way, Kantu has a lot more coming in the near future. Stay up to date with the young legend in the making here and make sure to stream Wolf Who Cried Boii here: Words by Barry R

Believe in the Tree – [Reek] x [Sage]

San Antonio bred rapper Reek and producer Sage have combined their talents to share an album that showcases their individual skill and collective greatness. Believe in the Tree, the nine-track album proves Hip Hop is alive in well in the Lone Star state. This may not be their first collaboration but it surely ranks as one of the most exciting thus far. Comprised of laid-back production and entrancing lyricism, Sage and Reek deliver a clear and present sign of their chemistry as a tandem. The opening track, “Wings,” sets the groundwork for the project’s overall sensibilities that resonate for the 22-minute duration. Focusing on each contributor individually, Reek showcases his abilities as a rapper on songs like “Jigga Man,” “925” and “Barry White” artfully controlling the inflection in his voice to create a varied effect with each bar. Moments when we get to hear the gifted wordsmith sing only fuels our curiosity into the future sounds to come. Producer Sage is a master behind the boards, contributing a malleable production on tracks like “P” and “Wake Up” that can keep the mood relaxed or amped. The replay value of the pair’s latest offering is off the charts, especially when you blare it …

stay – [marcos g]

Hialeah, Flordia native marcos g is back with another soulful single in “stay.” Marcos has been laying low and working since the release of his hit “Single (on the weekend)” which has amassed nearly 2 million plays across the streaming platforms. “Stay” is the next single up at bat and is the next track that will be on his forthcoming EP “another late night” which is set to drop next month. What’s even more impressive is that marcos has only been making music for about a year now. “Stay” is a slight switch up from “Single” with the track’s clever use of autotune in certain areas. This provides a sound that we haven’t heard from marcos before and he executes it flawlessly. Marcos stated to via email “I only started making music about a year ago, and really just for my friends at home. I never imagined that people would actually hear it, let alone even like it – but I’m so glad they do! It’s completely changed my world! I’ve spent the last 9 months working on tons of new material, and I’m so excited to finally share them with you guys. So much more coming soon.” Stream marcos …

Unholy – [Collard]

Admittedly, I wasn’t hip to Collard until I was informed of the recent release of his debut album, Unholy. Not knowing what to expect, I delved into the project, and quite honestly, I was surprised, energized, and so, so impressed with what I heard. Especially considering that this my first listening experience with the London native’s music, it felt special to hear such an ingrained liveliness in each and every song, emphasizing the wonderfully impulsive notions of Collard’s music. On a sonic note, Unholy will throw everything at you and then retreat into an understated, smooth song without warning. This unpredictable versatility is a signature charm of Collard’s throughout the project, and if not anything else, it indicates the sheer range of his abilities. With this, on a complementary note, the invigorating songwriting here is just as impressive, keeping each and every song packed with emotion and ready to touch listeners with each successive line. Be sure to stream Unholy for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comments! By the sounds of it, London has yet another artist that we all need to be paying attention to!

Extendo – [Young Nudy] ft. [Lil Uzi Vert]

Just recently, Young Nudy blessed fans with two highlight moments of 2019 — the first, a surprise mixtape entitled Faded in the Booth, and the second, one of my favorite songs of the year and the lead single off of Slim’erre, “Mister” featuring 21 Savage. Today, Nudy is back, and he’s ready to make a splash yet again with the latest Slim’erre single, “Extendo” alongside Lil Uzi Vert. Considering how high Pi’erre and Nudy set the bar with “Mister,” I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the second single off of the project, but needless to say, the all-star combo impressed yet again. Between the ominous, almost disorienting direction of the melodies and the song’s remarkably mesmerizing sound, “Extendo” keeps things exciting and unique, all the while dropping some of my favorite work from Nudy and Uzi, alike. Each of the two works perfectly alongside one another, and what better producer for this momentous occasion than the legend himself, Pi’erre Bourne. “Extendo” is yet another reason why Slim’erre is gearing up to be one of the best projects of the year, so don’t sleep. Check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments! Produced by Pi’erre Bourne