Paint the City – [Icewear Vezzo] & [DJ Drama]

If you’re already a fan of Icewear Vezzo, you should already know that there is certainly no shortage of music coming from the Motor City mainstay. He has been evolving from a street legend to a world-renowned icon over the past few years, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see him receive all the accolades and success that he has experienced in recent history. If anyone deserves it, it’s Vezzo, and I just feel like the more achievements he collects, the hungrier he gets. I say this because so many artists slow down once they see some upward trends in their notoriety, but I feel like he has put out even more music since becoming the industry force that he has become, and I am always here for more Icewear Vezzo music. Just last week, I was notified that he was gearing up to put out a mixtape with DJ Drama, someone who is no stranger to the hottest music in the industry, and I knew that it might just end up being one of Vezzo’s strongest efforts to date. Now that Paint the City is out for us to enjoy, I can confidently say that it certainly lived …

Detroit legend G.T. returns with “Money Counter Music Vol. 2: Born In It.”

Detroit legend G.T. tags Icewear Vezzo, Curren$y, Babyface Ray, Larry June, and more on his newest LP, Money Counter Music Vol. 2: Born In It. The 16-track project gives a vivid look into the genius of the storied MC in only a style that he can pull off. His unique delivery, top-notch production, and big-time features make for an impressive full-length album, one that’s only boosting his discography and status. With this nearly 40-minute project, listeners can only appreciate the consistency and hours put into its production, especially with a tracklist of this depth. Song for song, you can hear different creative deliveries, highlighting his versatility and ability to mesh alongside star talent while also killing the independent tracks. G.T. is already cementing his legend in his own city, though it seems his talent will undoubtedly reach far beyond the midwest with material like this. Listen to Money Counter Music Vol. 2: Born In It on Spotify below!

Blizzard – [Brill 4 the Thrill]

The Detroit sound has invaded every coast across the country as it has become the new de-facto style for shit-talking and flexing for all boisterous young artists throughout the nation and has indirectly helped give new-life to much of the West Coast scene, adding spellbinding and industrial production from the Motor City into the umistakable ‘Cali Bounce’ while the two areas share a common love of bragging. Bay Area artist and associate of G.T.’s Money Counter Music collective, Brill 4 the Thrill is one of the most captivating artists pushing through with this mindset and flow, taunting those who missed his wave while praising those who stayed down and helped honor his vision. The ominous but fast-paced instrumental comes courtesy of Noah Brabs and MykalFlippa and left Brill with a perfect backdrop to unload his braggadocios bars.  

Without It – [G.T.]

The hip-hop community in Detroit is doing something that I personally haven’t seen in my short time covering the industry. They’ve got a distinctive culture you seldom see, and (generally) a support system and network that provides artists with tools and resources to thrive. The motor city’s own G.T. is one of the pillars of that community, often serving as a connection. His newest visual to his track “Without It” is undoubtedly one that people beyond just Detroit will love. After touring with budding superstar Babyface Ray, G.T. got back to work, building off the thriving momentum that has his stream numbers multiplying. “Without It” shows just the type of product that comes with hard work and talent that’s beginning to get noticed far outside the confines of Detroit. Released just five days ago, the visual by Fastlifebolo boasts over 110K views, showing off G.T.’s insane car collection. The imagery of the whips is enough to garner attention, but the track and G.T.’s delivery — raw, stoic, and assertive — is what makes it pop. “All I could tell you is get that cake, you ain’t nothing without it.” This lyric is prevalent throughout the track and visual, as he …

Lock the Hood Down – [G.T.]

Many obvious names come to mind when considering who the best or most versatile artist from Detroit is, as numerous have innovated across a number of sounds and gone on to find major mainstream success, and while the subject of today’s article is certainly carving out a dedicated cult following despite not yet having an individual song cross over into the general public’s conscious. G.T. for one has been incredibly prolific over the last year or two, putting out a bulk of solo music but also blessing countless tracks as a featured artist who is able to unload his ambitious rhymes over instrumentals of any pace, but also has the vocal versatility to be able to transition between passages of rapping and melodic singing with ease, presenting a wrinkle in his music that many of his Motor City counterparts lack. His new visual for his track “Lock the Hood Down” was my favorite off of his new project Money Counter Music, Vol. 1 as he glides over a Michigan Meech produced instrumental which is driven by a fast-paced, spellbinding melody accented by frenetic drums but G.T. hops on the beat like a poised veteran point guard, not overly pressed to …

Used To Hit The Road / OG – [G.T.]

Detroit, Michigan’s G.T. continues to prove himself to be one of the very smoothest artists out of a city that is teaching the rest of the industry how to move and has been a model of consistency in the process, showing other young artists just how willing you have to be to see the process through and give your fans new material no matter what. His rise to the top has been slower than many other overnight sensations from his city, but rather than be skyrocketed into the mainstream overnight, his meticulous come-up has given him a dedicated cult-following as a by-product that is certain to support him for a long time to come. Over the past two weeks G.T. has unloaded a pair of new visuals with his ambitious track “Used To Hit The Road” where he chronicles the risks he had to take to get to his money and explains that the initial drive from how he first made his money influences his hustle now that he is in the rap game. His other visual to “OG” is more subdued and slow-burning in comparison but is still rife with the streetwise wisdom that his fans love so much …

Kill Bill – [G.T.]

Detroit rapper G.T. has been one of the most underrated figures in a densely talented and wildly popular rap scene that has birthed the careers of many of music’s newest stars in the past year or two, but G.T. is looking poised to elevate above his current position in his scene’s standings and establish himself within the mainstream alongside his fellow Motion Gang members. G.T.’s flow are just as effortless as his fellow Motor City artists and delivers his lyrics in a manner that is noticeably nonchalant while also very seasoned and well-informed, never ever sounding flustered or rattled. On his newest visual for “Kill Bill” we hear G.T. take on a stripped back and guitar laced instrumental that is slower than most Detroit songs but still has a noticeable Detroit tempo that makes it easy for him to walk on the beat with such style.

Call Me GT – [G.T.]

Detroit rapper and Motion Gang member G.T. has been setting his city on fire alongside his Motion Family affiliates Babyface Ray and Veeze and is back with a new project that follows his project Merciless that initially put him on the radars of many, but Call Me G.T. is still without a question a coming out party of sorts and could not have released at a more opprotune moment with the momentum of Babyface Ray who is looking like he will be the next artist to explode from the Motor City on a mainstream scale. G.T. is getting closer to his goals with this latest project and standout tracks like “Chosen,” “Joe Montana,” and assisted “Fade Away” help document his constant growth as a musician. Call Me G.T. shows the Detroit rapper at his most vulnerable. The passion in his voice bleeds through over some of his most advanced production so far. Consistency is what separates G.T. from the rest of the pack. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who wants to succeed more than him. In typical Detroit fashion G.T. recruited a very solid list of features for the project including hometown guests own Icewear Vezzo, Veeze, Babyface Ray, the freshy freed Peezy, Baby …