F.O.M.W – [Skodi]

I get sent more press releases and music to listen to every day than I can keep track of, so unless it comes from a consistently trusted source of great music, I really just have to look for some info that catches my eye to spend the time learning about an artist. I know that this means I have probably overlooked some great talents, unfortunately, but there’s just not enough time in the day to really learn about everything I’m sent, so I do my best with the time I have. A lot of music that is suggested to me might be something I write about out of curiosity, but I don’t always go back for another listen if I see that the same person dropped new music down the line, but there are a few exceptions, and one of the main exclusions is Florida’s very own Skodi. She has been on my radar for quite some time now, and as she continues to blow up, she seemingly gets even better as a musician while showcasing more and more abilities whenever she can. I missed out on her song “F.O.M.W” when it dropped a few weeks ago, but thanks to …

1984 – [Skodi]

It hasn’t been extremely long since Skodi came across my radar, but the impact that she has made since I first found out about her is absolutely insane. Not only has she amassed countless fans and seen immense success, but her performance videos have seemed to get me beyond excited for whenever she makes a stop in Chicago because that’s a show I would completely love to be at. This New Jersey-born, Miami-raised emcee has been a mainstay at Rolling Loud festivals all over the world, and even though Rolling Loud seems to be ahead of the rest of the industry in terms of discovering new talent, Skodi might just be one of their biggest gems yet. If you somehow haven’t tapped in quite yet, now is your opportunity because she just dropped a brand-new record produced by HeavyKev entitled “1984”, and it’s quite the spectacle that you’re not going to want to sleep on whatsoever moving forward. The instrumental for this record is riddled with infectious percussion and a mischievous melody that is as hard as ever, but Skodi wastes no time before getting to the action. As she spits, it almost sounds like she is lecturing those who …

Swarm – [PlayThatBoiZay]

The Denzel Curry co-sign is one that is highly respected. He won’t back just anyone, but he’s quick to show his support of PlayThatBoiZay, and for good reason. The Carol City-native is a menace on the mic and brings a vocal presence that is unmatched.  Zay showed up on our pages back in November with the visuals for the Denzel and Anonymuz-assisted destructive anthem, “Poison Klan”, from his Nocturnal EP. He’s back with new visuals for the blistering “Swarm”, another absolute banger from the project. The raw energy here can’t be denied, and the industrial instrumental that backs the vocals is a perfect fit. The beat switch towards the end of the track adds a whole dimension of versatility to Zay as an artist and only further proves he’s someone to keep an eye on. The visuals are shot in his hometown of Carol City, and are a perfect fit for the subject matter and sound of the track, with a consistently unique color palette, along with some eye-catching editing and shots that make this one for the books. Check out the video down below and stream the rest of the Nocturnal EP here! Directed by Fxrbes & Unklelu

Poison Klan – [PlayThatBoiZay] ft. [Denzel Curry] [Anonymuz]

Raw energy isn’t something every rapper can say they possess, and because of this, it never gets old. It isn’t as easy as just screaming into the mic, it’s about being able to hold you own over hard-hitting, noisy production. PlayThatBoiZay brings this much-needed energy to his songs and is able to bring the hard-core trap to the next level.  A perfect example of this is his new track, featuring Denzel Curry and Anonymuz, titled “Poison Klan”, from his new EP. PlayThatBoiZay was featured on the earth-shattering “P.A.T.” from Denzel’s most recent project ZUU, and here Zay proves he can bring that same energy to his own work. This track, in particular, is another meeting of the Florida minds, hence the title of the track, and proves how deep the talent in the Florida hip-hop scene runs. “Poison Klan” features a blistering, eerie instrumental, produced by Anonymuz, which makes for a tight knit, yet smoky, banger, and the visuals that accompany the track bring out its supernatural nature. The video is glitchy and distorted at times, and the forest backdrop makes sense, as this track has a hypnotizing nature that pulls the listener in and leaves them wondering exactly what …

Everyday – [Splash Zanotti]

Florida emcee Splash Zanotti killed his Rolling Loud Set over the weekend and today he graces the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his video “Everyday.” The song stems from his project Sz Canis Majoris that dropped back in December of last year. In these FXRBES directed visuals Splash Zanotti is seen tying up a victim and torturing him whiling crooning over the track. Other scenes include Splashing reminiscing on more lighthearted times spent with his family and holding his son. Compared to the other songs in his discography this would be considered a switch up in Splash’s soundscape. On the contrarey, this is far from a feel-good song from the Miami lyricist. The message of the song and the images of the video are meant to portray a message that people hurt other people to feel. Watch the video for Splash Zanotti’s “Everyday” after the break.