Believe in the Tree – [Reek] x [Sage]

San Antonio bred rapper Reek and producer Sage have combined their talents to share an album that showcases their individual skill and collective greatness. Believe in the Tree, the nine-track album proves Hip Hop is alive in well in the Lone Star state. This may not be their first collaboration but it surely ranks as one of the most exciting thus far. Comprised of laid-back production and entrancing lyricism, Sage and Reek deliver a clear and present sign of their chemistry as a tandem. The opening track, “Wings,” sets the groundwork for the project’s overall sensibilities that resonate for the 22-minute duration. Focusing on each contributor individually, Reek showcases his abilities as a rapper on songs like “Jigga Man,” “925” and “Barry White” artfully controlling the inflection in his voice to create a varied effect with each bar. Moments when we get to hear the gifted wordsmith sing only fuels our curiosity into the future sounds to come. Producer Sage is a master behind the boards, contributing a malleable production on tracks like “P” and “Wake Up” that can keep the mood relaxed or amped. The replay value of the pair’s latest offering is off the charts, especially when you blare it …

Bad Idea – [YBN Cordae] x [Chance The Rapper]

If you are an avid fan of Lyrical Lemonade then you know that all of us here at LL have been big fans of Chance The Rapper for years now, and you also know that we love & support YBN Cordae a ton, so you can only image the excitement around here when this new joint titled “Bad Idea” by the two emcees dropped earlier today. I couldn’t find who produced this record but the first thing that caught my ear was the soulful, feel good production that paved the way for the two, and as soon as I heard the instrumental I knew it was about to be something special. The way that these two bounced off of each other was impressive to say the least, they displayed great chemistry and I hope that we see them work together more in the future. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like it then be sure to share it with a friend!

4 Sons of a King – [NBA Youngboy]

Yesterday was Father’s day, and unfortunately the Louisiana rapper NBA Youngboy spent it in jail – though it didn’t stop him from releasing a single. Youngboy has four children, hence the title of his new track “4 Sons of a King,” which has already reached the #2 trending spot on Youtube in less than 24 hours. Youngboy cries out lines of strength and sadness to his children, with reminders to keep his head high through his toughest times. “I just talked to Kacey through an iPhone, I could’ve cried, I knew that look up in your eyes.” Youngboy has always been diverse through his music, but personally it seems he reaches his most heartfelt songs when it comes to his children, and you can tell it hurts him not to be there with them on Father’s day. Youngboy’s unmistakable melody encompass a slower, piano dominated instrumental that adds to the sorrowing theme of his desires to be there for his four sons. Though the depressing reality of NBA Youngboy sitting incarcerated on Father’s day lingers with this track, the meaningful, positive messages toward his children provide a sense of hope and optimism for the future. Stream “4 Sons of a …

Spaceships Demoh – [Elujay]

Sure, it’s always great to hear new music from our favorite artists, but in many cases, it feels even more personal and intriguing to hear the music or the drafts that didn’t make the final cut. Demos, half-finished snippets, and even throwaways tell us so much about the creative process, and for this reason and more, they’re always a great way to get fans engaged in the magic that goes down behind the scenes. Today, providing us just this, Elujay is here to drop off the demo for one of my favorite songs of his, “Spaceships.” Coming straight off of his new album, this demo is certainly odd to hear considering that I’m used to the song taking on an entirely different style, but nevertheless, it’s a fantastic listen. Elujay has developed himself into a must-watch artist of today’s age, and to hear the progression that this song, in particular, took to reach its final form is absolutely fascinating. Needless to say, Elujay is killing it even on his demos, and for this reason and more, I can’t help but be ecstatic for future releases from the budding star. In the meantime, however, we can stream the album and check out Elujay’s …

Man of Many – [Lil Gray]

Every once in a blue moon, I’ll stumble upon a project that just feels like it’s up next. There’s an innate feeling that comes with hearing music that either pushes the boundaries or introduces a new sound/style to the scene, and this feeling is exactly what I felt after clicking plan on Lil Gray’s latest project, Man of Many. At its core, Man of Many is a self-assured project full of knocking production and vivid, braggadocious rhymes. Where Gray separates himself, however, is in the tape’s individualistic tint, as the budding talent hops and skips over a wide palette of production without losing any hint of his confident stature and effortless cool. From the fast-paced chaos of “Back Then” to the otherworldy sound of “Captain Morgan” and even the soul-sampling glory of my personal favorite, “Had To,” Man of Many has something for everyone. Lil Gray is a natural entertainer, an in-your-face leader of trap’s latest sonic mutation, and more than anything, a widely-talented artist, so I wouldn’t recommend sleeping. Peep Man of Many below and get ready to hear a lot more from Gray in the future — all signs are pointing up for the “Man of Many,” himself.

White Flower Oil – [Ren Haze]

Ren Haze is the exact kind of artist built to stand out in the current condition of the music world. From the simple fact that he truly cares about his art to the individuality that we see all throughout this current catalog of music, Haze’s outstanding authenticity makes him a promising act for the future. Today, he brings this to the light with yet another stellar release” a brand new project entitled White Flower Oil. 7 tracks long, this project doesn’t need a whole lot of time to makes its impact known. Rather, the atmospheric, almost mesmerizing qualities of Haze’s sound work quickly and impactfully, enchanting listeners both sonically and lyrically with each and every song. That said, I’ve only had the chance to listen through this project twice so far, but considering how clear-minded and refreshing it feels to go all the way through this one, I’ll certainly find myself listening more and more throughout the days and weeks to come. Ren Haze is ready for the spotlight with some of the purest music out right now, and White Flower Oil attests. Stream the project at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Mami – [Kali]

Listening to up and coming rapper Kali’s new single, “Mami,” will immediately give any listener a bit more confidence in their strut. Two extremely noticeable aspects of the single jump out the speakers right off the bat: attitude and bounce. Produced by Texas’ very own Cas7800, the simple yet satisfying beat can easily be compared to OG Maco’s “U Guessed It.” With the emphatic delivery of a true rap queen in the making, Kali proves herself to be a female emcee with the potential of dethroning Nicki Minaj or Cardi B (whoever your queen is) in the near future. All in all, “Mami,” is a summer smash. Follow Kali on Twitter here and stream the song below:

Fall Hard – [Key!]

If you’re anything like me, Key’s heartbreakingly hilarious single, “Miami Too Much,” has been on repeat ever since its release. From the overdramatic croons to the slippery deliveries, “emotional Key!” is one of my favorite forms of the Atlanta legend, and today, he’s back in full form yet again with a fantastic new record, “Fall Hard.” Not only does this song follow along with the emotional blueprint of some of Key’s recent music, but the production is also handled by none other than Oogie Mane of Working On Dying — a must-watch name from Philly whose gone from underground legend to a producer for Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, and several others in the past year or so. Needless to say, this one-two punch of talent is sure to impress, and “Fall Hard” obliges, soundtracking Key’s natural tendency to “fall haaaaaaaaard” whenever he falls in love. That said, I’m sure that many of our readers out there won’t just love the song in all of its sugary, energetic glory, but will also connect on a personal level with Key’s confessional rhymes, so don’t sleep on this one. Stream “Fall Hard” below and let us know what you think in the …

Vault – [Allen Wilder]

A creative that goes by Allen Wilder is making his debut appearance on our website this afternoon with his brand new release titled “Vault”. However, I suppose I should add that this is his first solo appearance, because he was included on our platform before because he played a pivotal role in King Art’s tape that dropped earlier this year. Allen is an interesting cat because he does so many things very well, everything from his rapping, singing and even his adlibs are all on point. He rhymed circles on this joint and I even caught him paying homage to Future on this one, it was all around a solid listen and I think you will enjoy it, press play below. produced by Ricky Vela

Freestyle | The Cave [Maxo Kream] x [Kenny Beats]

One of my new favorite series on YouTube comes from Kenny Beats in which he posts a 10 minute clip biweekly of him devising a beat in front of and for one of his rapper friends. This particular episode (released June 7), he hosts the Houston legend Maxo Kream. Maxo is known for his unique flows and vocabulary which makes him a perfect visitor on the show. Kenny lays down a wildly creative beat in which he uses his own voice, and Maxo immediately feels it. This sparks a dance off, adding even more energy to the feel in the studio. Kenny finishes the beat, and Maxo hops in the booth and goes nuts for roughly a 16-bar verse. He shows his versatility, switching up his flow multiple times and obviously going off-the-top for its entirety. I tend to gravitate heavily toward Maxo’s work, and this freestyle just further fueled my desire for a new project – and how ironic, he sneakily included in the video that he’s got one coming in the very near future. Watch KENNY BEATS & MAXO KREAM FREESTYLE \ THE CAVE EP. 8 below!