Not Waving, But Drowning – [Loyle Carner]

“His friends thought he was waving to them from the sea but really, he was drowning” is part of an excerpt we hear from Stevie Smith in regard to one her poems, as she speaks on the title track of Loyle Carner’s new project, Not Waving, But Drowning, a follow-up to his early 2017 record, Yesterday’s Gone. This album is a collection of tracks filled with introspection and storytelling as Loyle reflects on the ups and downs of his life thus far, touching on feeling lonely and feeling like he doesn’t belong throughout this emotionally dense album. He keeps his head on straight for the entirety of the record, however, approaching problems in a positive and inspiring way. Not Waving, But Drowning starts off with “Dear Jean”, which acts as a poem by Loyle addressed to his mother, looking back on the past, looking forward to the future, and thanking his mother for everything she has ever done for him. It serves as a solid foundation for the rest of the album’s content. Following this are a variety of easy-going, sharply produced, and catchy tunes featuring great underlying melodies with some fun bass lines, coming together for a solid project. For …

Akari – [Anwar]

I am always on the lookout for new talent coming out of the midwest, and St. Louis native Anwar is a name that I have been hearing every now and then for damn near a year now, most recently from the homie Matty Wood$. Many people have spoke very highly of Anwar to me so that generally led me to being curious about his music, and although I have peeped a few of his loosies in the past, this brand new project titled “Akari” was my first time sitting down and truly experiencing his music. This six track effort is easily one of the best tapes I have listened to this week, it has the perfect blend of hard hitting beats, abstract flows + well put together bars to keep me and many other listeners entertained. Anwar seems to be more of a free spirit / creative thinker than most of the artist you hear nowadays, his subject matter at times can be grown in the sense of most young adults just don’t touch on some of the topics he speaks on. However, don’t think that he is so abstract that he will go over your head because that is not …

LL Presents: The Matty Wood$ Q&A

Matty Wood$ is a creative out of St. Louis who I have been covering here on our website for some years now, but when he was recently in Chicago I brought him to the Lyrical Lemonade office for our first conversation face to face, and in turn we now have a dope new Q&A for the fans! Not only is Matty a super talented artist who creates great music, he has the overall look & charisma of a superstar and he just might be one of the funniest rappers I have ever met, and I am sure those traits will help him down the road. Most importantly, Matty has a great group of solid individuals around him in his 2200 crew that are going to keep him improving at all times, the sky is truly the limit for this young legend. Stream his latest album I’l Be Fine below while you check out the Q&A, and after you’re done be sure to follow Matty on Twitter here! — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself.   MW: You know who it is, Tony T, Matty …

Cowboy Talk – [Donald Grunge]

With “Old Town Road” climbing up the charts and taking over the conversation on social media, the music world is beaming with Western-influence and trends right now. For Massachusetts native Donald Grunge, this trend is nothing new, however, as his cowboy-themed mixtape entitled, well, CowboyTalk, came out over 4 months ago. Even before then, Grunge had been headed this direction for quite some time throughout the project’s creation, and today, we see this vision come full circle as MA’s own hits our pages with the spectacular new visuals for CowboyTalk‘s title track. Dressed in a Toby Keith shirt, jeans, and his very best cowboy boots, this music video is a perfect representation of the off-the-wall, unapologetically true-to-self creativity that I’ve come to know and love Grunge for over the years. Yes, it’s an odd sight to see the rising artist dance around in this outfit on the top of a mountain and even ride a horse, but it’s as Grunge as it gets, eccentricities and all. The uncontainable energy of the song soars to new heights when translated onto the screen, and the Western theme, as a whole, finds new life thanks to this music video. Donald Grunge and his wild Western image …

Rotation – [NateTaylorr]

NateTaylorr is a rising crooner based out of New Jersey with an intriguing new single in “Rotation.” NateTaylorr gained a lot of traction and notoriety at first when he released his single “Famous” back in 2016 so he’s been grinding for a good while. If we fast forward to 2018, that’s when the Jersey vocalist released a short but impactful extended play with 4 For 1. After a couple of singles which dropped earlier this year, he’s back with a brand new offering in “Rotation.” If you’re into or accustom to the “trapsoul” sound that‘s become so prevalent in R&B now then “Rotation” will satisfy your musical needs. In all honesty, the hard-hitting 808s mixed with the autotune on the track this is similar to something that I’d hear from Travis Scott or even Bryson Tiller. This could be a downside in the future because to some people it could come off as derivative, but it’s still early in Nate’s career where he can still tweak and fine-tune his sound and might I say, he sounds promising so far. Stream NateTaylorr’s new track “Rotation” after the break.

Stay – [Vory]

Vory is an artist who has been making some serious strides as of late. He possesses the ability to bounce back between singing and rapping, a skill few utilize as well as the Kentucky native. As soon as Vory comes in on his latest offering, the song is kicked into 5th gear as he uses all aspects of his vocal range. “Stay” is a melodic single that I think most listeners can relate to, falling for somebody and being a little too upfront after some drinking. The signs are clear that Vory has been putting in work, releasing an impressive slew of singles in 2019 and killing any feature he finds himself on. It’s likely we will get a full-length follow up to his 2018 EP Lucky Me, a project that made it clear Vory is an extremely talented artist looking to become a headlining act in the near future. Stream the new single below and be on the lookout for new music from Vory in the coming months!

Best – [Swelly]

If you are a frequent visitor of our pages then the odds are that you have come across Swelly at one point or another, but incase you haven’t Swelly is an artist from Chicago who is finding himself back on our site with his new track called “Best”. Swelly has only released a few records to date but this one is by far his best to date in my opinion, and I only see him improving from this point so the future is bright for him. Listen to this brand new tune via Soundcloud and if you like it don’t forget to give him a follow here. Produced by CEO Beatz

Watch Roddy Ricch on BigBoyTV

Roddy Ricch is undoubtedly one of the biggest new artists in the game, so it’s only right that he stopped by the neighborhood for a conversation with Big Boy and his crew! You will find them speaking about plenty of things including creating his own sound, the passing of Nipsey Hussle, never being heavy on social media, when he first started rapping, doing his first song over a Rick Ross beat, being inspired by Future, his tattoos, west coast music, OT Genasis giving him game early on, his jewelry, what inspired “Die Young”, working with Hit-Boy, touring with Post Malone, people making negative comments and more. Take just over thirty minutes of your time to check out this dope new interview below.

FEEL! – [Zero McKenzi]

Monte Booker is one of the music’s most sought-after producers right now, and for good reason, as his otherworldly style isn’t only worlds away from what everyone else is making right now, but it’s also levels ahead in sound, feel, style, and everything in between. Needless to say, hopping on a Monte Booker beat is a  daunting assignment, but an artist named Zero McKenzi has successfully done so with his latest offering, “FEEL!”. Noted by the cover art, which features a definition of the word “feel,” this offering is all about making listeners feel something. Zero certainly succeeds at this mission, as the heartbreaking beauty of lines such as “my home doesn’t feel like home” take listeners to a dark place, using the electric production as a cathartic backdrop for such honest, candidly depressing lyrics to take place. “FEEL!” isn’t simply a canvas for Zero to dump all of these thoughts, however — rather, he takes this introspection to another level by describing the ways in which we, as humans, tend to pick ourselves up and keep moving, even as the sadder things weigh us down. Being that this song is my first introduction to Zero McKenzi, I must say that …

Pop Out – [ILLYMINIACHI] & [Eva Shaw]

On occasion, there will be a beat that within mere seconds you know what follows will be nothing short of incredible. As soon as the strings begin on the Eva Shaw produced single, the tone is set for an action-packed track that’ll amp up anybody who presses play. ILLYMINIACHI provides the vocals to this song and utilizes his signature wordplay, all leading up to a hook that keeps the momentum rolling between verses. “Pop Out” is a single that would play well in any club or an intense workout, any venue that needs the energy turned up a notch. Over the past few months, ILLYMINIACHI has been releasing increasingly greater projects that show his growth as an artist. After a single like this, ILLY is making it known he’ll be delivering nothing but quality music for the rest of 2019. Ideally, we’ll get to see this pair work together in the future as the collaboration played to the best of both of their talents. Stream below. Stream the single below or find on all platforms here.