Pain Made Me Numb – [Fredo Bang]

Fredo Bang has appeared on our website in the past as a featured artist but today he is making his own solo appearance on our website with his brand new mixtape titled “Pain Made Me Numb”. I have heard a ton about Fredo Bang over the past few months but this new mixtape was the first time that I sat down and took time out to give his material my upmost attention, and after listening to the sixteen songs provided a couple of times through I was very pleased with the final product. When you listen to Fredo Bang you can hear the grit & will to succeed in his voice, he never wastes a bar + often times will reminisce about the hardships he has gone through in the past, the best example of that being the title track. Although Fredo Bang can get more in-depth & introspective on some of his songs, don’t for a second think that he doesn’t have bass knocking slappers on this tape, because he really excels in that category & provided plenty of bops on this project. Fredo Bang is very talented and he is someone who I am going to keep a …

What You Say – [Lil Mexico] x [Fredo Bang]

A few weeks ago one of my good homies suggested that I give a listen to Lil Mexico’s brand new record called “What You Say” featuring Fredo Bang, since that point I’ve been listening to the track nonstop so I was glad I took the time out to do so, because he really introduced me to two new dope talented artists! There’s a variety of different reasons you could enjoy this one; the soothing production, the way that these two emcees meshed flawlessly with the beat, the story telling, the crispy clean visual, it’s really the total package. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this brand new music video below! directed by Benny Flash

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2017

If you recall we released our “Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2016” list on the 31st last year, so it we had to bring it back this year due to the insane amount of talent that is coming out of Chicago. Each & every one of the artists included created something special this year for the world, but especially for the city, so it’s only right that we acknowledge their efforts. Please remember that this is in our opinion, & our opinions really don’t mean shit. Thank you to our terrific writing staff for all of the hard work they have put in this year, I will be linking their socials below so be sure to contact them about getting featured on the website in the future. Jacob Lusted • Lane Cowherd • Seamus Fay • Mike Del Ro • Jake Millan  • Miguel Alfaro This year has been a year of massive growth for Lyrical Lemonade as a whole: from getting our own HQ, to selling out shows in other cities, being featured in the Chicago Reader, working with some of our idols, growing our overall presence and much more. All of us here at LL would like to thank our supporters, whether …

Go Live – [Fredo Santana] x [Chief Keef] x [Tadoe] x [Ballout]

Them GBE boys are back with their latest and hottest track titled, “Go Live.” For this song, they brought the whole gang with to the studio and that included, Fredo Santana, Chief Keef, Tadoe, and Ballout. The Chicago rappers all went dummy on this upbeat, hype beat produced by none other then Southside. This whole song goes hard, but it seems like each guy that comes up with the next verse is even hotter than the last. Check out this new banger freom Fredo and the rest of the GBE boys.  

LL Presents: The Kush Worthy Q&A

Kush Worthy is certainly no stranger on our platform, as he has been making some noise in the Chicago music scene for about a year now. As he continues to get better and better with each & every release, I knew that I had to bring him in for our latest Q&A segment! We spoke about everything from his come up & influences, to his 2k skills in our conversation, check it out below & make sure you give him a follow on Twitter here! — EM: First things first, give a brief introduction of yourself for our readers who may not be familiar with you. KW: First off s/o to the gang 223. My name’s Kush Worthy rep Ace League. Product of the Southside of Chicago. I’m Gucci’s long lost son & a new example of Atlanta’s “trapper turned rapper mold” from the Go. After some convincing from my youngins I put the scale down to try this shit out. — EM: When did you first start creating music? KW: About a year ago, last summer I was on some features under a different moniker with Ace League. — EM: How would you describe your sound to someone who had …

My Pistol Make Ya Famous – [Chief Keef] & [Fredo Santana]

Fredo Santana & Chief Keef joined forces for a new record titled “My Pistol Make Ya Famous.” The two rap veterans hopped over some banging production and absolutely tore it apart. It’s refreshing to see these two finally link back up on a track again, hopefully we see more of this soon, but until then click play below!

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2016

As we are only a few hours from entering the new year, we here at Lyrical Lemonade decided to put together a list of the best Chicago projects IN OUR OPINION! Each and every of the artists included created something special this year for the world, but especially for the city, so it’s only right that we acknowledge their efforts. I want to shine some light on our writers Lane Cowherd & Jacob Lusted really quick, they really helped me a ton on this Top 50 project, thank you guys for being dedicated & for all the assistance, I truly appreciate it! Also, I want to thank all the supporters out there. Lyrical Lemonade has grown tremendously in 2016, we have gained a few thousand followers on our Twitter in the past few months alone! So to all of our supporters, whether you just came across Lyrical Lemonade or if you have been showing love since day 1, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I promise we have some exciting stuff in store for the fans in 2017. To Cole & the rest of our writing team, let’s keep improving & getting better every …

Maybach – [Chief Keef] ft. [Fredo Santana]

Chief Keef and Fredo Santana link up to give us this banger called “Maybach,” which will be off of their upcoming collaborative album Blood Thicker Than Water.  Fredo tweeted about the joint project in February of last year, and the cover of the album includes an interesting Dragon Ball Z theme.  Check out the track below, and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Me & @ChiefKeef coming out wit a album #BloodThickerThanWater Glo Gang / SavageSquadRecords who ready ???? — FREDO SANTANA SSR (@FREDOSANTANA300) February 28, 2014